Tuesday, 29 April 2014

MY Samsung NX Mini

But first, Let me take a #Selfies!!!

I know its a lot of my Selfies there. But guess what? All these photos were taken by Samsung NX Mini. Recently I was given a chance by Samsung Malaysia and Manoah to have hands on experience with this device.  

Last Sunday I was among the first 30 Bloggers to experience, to touch, to play and to feel the Samsung #myNXmini. The event commenced at 9.30 AM at Nu Sentral and we were each given Samsung NX Mini in Fresh White colour at the registration. 30 Bloggers were divided into 3 groups and my group was given a task to cover for "Historical Malaysian Building"

With Fellow Blogger Friends ; Credit: Taken with Hishamuddin MONOPOD!!! 
Before the task, a representative of Samsung Malaysia explained about features and basic how to use this device. Before you read further, you might wanna see this video first.

Samsung NX Mini is The World's Slimmest & Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera designed for our everyday life companion. As the world's Slimmest & Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera measures at 110.4 mm width x 61.9 mm height and the thickness of 22.5 mm. It weight at 158 g.
As you can see from the above video, the display can be flipped and its perfect for your selfie.

75.2mm (3.0") Flip Up and Touch Screen
With just a quick flip of the 3.0” touch display, your NX mini is on and ready to 
take the perfect selfie. The touch UI makes it so easy.

Wide Lens for Selfie
With the NX mini’s wide 9mm and 9 - 27mm lenses, you can take great selfies while taking in more of the scene around you. Now you have the freedom to capture the perfect you, and remember where you were.

The most exciting features for me is the Mobile link where you just "tag" your smartphone to the NX Mini and the photos taken from the NX mini will "go" immediately transfer to the smartphone. That so easy!!  another features is the "remote view finder" where you may connect the smart camera to your smartphone and take photo through smartphone with the lens from NX mini!


Select and send photos or albums directly to a smart device with Samsung MobileLink. And because the wireless connection is powered by NFC, you don’t need Wi-Fi. No texting or e-mailing necessary.

Remote Viewfinder Pro

The NFC-enabled Remote Viewfinder Pro turns your smartphone into a remote control. Adjust camera settings like shutter speed, exposure control, and more—all wirelessly from your smartphone.

Alright, lets continue to what happened at the bloggers event. Our task "Historical Malaysian Building" so from KL Sentral we travel by LRT to our next stop; Pasar Seni. After reach there, me and my fellow blogger friends went to KTMB KL station. KTMB KL station is consider as one of the Historical Building since it was in operation since 1886. 

KTMB Office Building: This photo was taken with #myNXmini Smart Rich tone feature

                     KTMB Train Station: This photo was taken with #myNXmini Auto feature

           Our Jumping Session at Train Station: This photo was taken with #myNXmini Smart                                                                       Continuouse Shot feature

After that we went to Central Market. This building was there since 1888. Another Historical Building yeah?

             Central Market Main Entrance: This photo was taken with #myNXmini Auto feature
We completed our task at around 12.00 pm. Then, we went to Johnny Rocket at Avenue K for lunch. I ordered a Chicken Grilled Sandwich.. Its soo Yummy...

             Side Dish; Coleslaw and French Fries: This photo was taken with #myNXmini Smart                                                                          Food feature

        The Grilled Chicken Sandwich: This photo was taken with #myNXmini Smart Food feature

At the restaurant, we were entertained by the Johnny Rocket waiters and waitress. They sang and danced followed the tone and its so catchy!! We Bloggers really had great fun that day.

The waiter and waitress performed dance moment; Taken with #myNXmini Auto feature
Alright Beautylicious.. what do you think about the camera? With its basic 1:3.5/9 lens, the price for this device is RM1,399.00.

For further info about this camera you may click <here>.


Until we meet again in my next post!! xoxo