Thursday, 27 June 2013

Decleor Workshop - by Vanity Trove

Hello Beautylicious, 

On 22 June 2013, Vanity Trove collaborated with Decleor Paris and organized the signature Decleor Aromatheraphy Facial Workshop for their members. I signed up for the program for RM120 and attended the afternoon session. The event took place at one of the Decleor outlet at Publika, Mont Kiara. There were about 15 pax in total who attended the event. 

The event started with an introduction and little bit of history about “Aromatherapy” by Ms. Vernice (the Decleor Trainer). Then it proceeded with the origin of Decleor, Paris. Decleor was founded in 1974 in Paris. At that time it was known as CLEOR (The Clé en Or or Golden Key that opens the Temple of Beauty), and its philosophy was "Be more than skin-deep" and each initiative was designed for the wellbeing of the body, the skin and the spirit, an astonishingly holistic and cutting-edge approach.  After various research and creating fabulous-plant-based treatments products, the Team which consisted of a beautician, a doctor, a shiatsu teacher, aromatherapist and physiotherapist latter introduced  a range of novel treatments associated with a line of unique products with 100% pure, 100% natural without colorants or preservatives known as AROMAESSENSETM

After 35 years, DECLEOR is known worldwide as the largest aromatherapy cosmetic brand. The popularity of professional treatments of AROMAESSENCETM range continued to grow rapidly in their network of beauty salons & flourishing spas.

These are the sneak peak during the event.

All the participants were listening to the input given by Ms. Vernice. can you spot me? Photo Credit: Decleor Malaysia

Ms. Vernice were telling us about Decleor, Aromatherapy, Products Range etc etc. There are Q&A as well. Photo Credit: Decleor Malaysia

All the Participants were getting ready for the DIY facial using Decleor Signature Aromaessense Range. Photo Credit: Decleor Malaysia

My face after the DIY session. Meet my new friend Shamala of Checkout her blog babes.

Each of the participant did not left home with empty hand. Look what I received in Vanity Trove box. =)

List of Decleor products used during the DIY workshop. Yeay.. I can do it at home now.

I answered 1 question correctly so I received 1 masque extra. =)

Here are the list of products:-

1. Aroma Cleanse - Cleansing Milk Face & Eyes - 75ml
2. Aroma Cleanse - Tonifying Lotion - 75 ml
3. Hydra Floral - Ultra-moisturising & Plumping Expert Masque - 5 ml x 2
4. Aromaessense Neroli - Essential Serum - 5 ml
5. Hydra Floral - 24hr moisture activator light cream 1 ml x 2 (sachets) 

A complimentary Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial Voucher worth RM230. I cant wait to experience the Decleor Aromaplasty Facial myself.
From this workshop, I learned the power of the essential oils. They also taught me the correct way to clean, to treat and to touch my skin/face. Well, I was bit rough tho. From the tips given, it helps to correct my normal facial routine. After the DIY session with Decleor products , I feel fresh and relax. 

I cant wait to try the Decleor Signature Aromaplasty Facial. I will share with you how it feel  and its result yaa. Till we meet again in my next post.

Stay Chick and Beautylicious. XOXO


"Bloggers Massage Party" at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care - by Butterfly Project's

Hello Beautylicious!

Butterfly Project's is organising a "Bloggers Massage Party" at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care. This Party will be held on 6th July. Wow!! I love Body Massage. I love to be treated like a king or queen (king sounds impossible rite?). Anyway, I would love to participate the programme. I hope I can be part of the family. 

So, in order for me to join the PARTY, I need to share with you guys why why why and why we need a massage.

Body Care - Do you love to get your body “pampered”? The trends of having a Body Massage and Spa are no longer a “luxurious” activity. Nowadays people tends to do it as part for healthy lifestyle. Since that it will give benefits to our body inside out, there are so many types of body massage and spa in market to choose from.This is one way to care and love our skin and body that we looove so much!!. I love to get my body scrub to remove dirt and dead skin. I hate cellulite and I would love to have a great body. Lol. So by receiving these treatments, its a way to care our body and have a bodylicious. Yum Yum..

    Relaxation physically – Do you ever feel your body numb and bit heavy to perform duty at work? Have you ever encounter tiredness and sleepy although you sleep early night before. These are some of the symptom that your body need to be treated and massaged. Well, we need body massage to relax our muscle. It has suffered with excessive amino acid which caused stiff and strains from our hectic working life. Little bit of strokes at shoulder and head would reduce the pain and release the stiffness of the muscles there. Body massage is one way to relax the muscle, to loose it up and make it more ready for further activities. Due to our hectic life at work, sometime we have not enough time for some exercise. So by having a body massage, it is part of way to train our muscle.

     Relaxation mentally - After being pressured at work, it is best to treat your body sometimes with body massage or spa. The aromatherapy scent would relax your mind and body. This is the best time to escape from our daily life. Feel great when been treated like a queen. Not only that, some massage place would treat you with the aroma from flower tea. This aroma would relax your mind too. It appears that the aromas from different types of flower would treat some illness. The greatest of Aromatherapy effect!!!

    Maintain Health/To Cure Illness - Instead of depending on medications/drugs to treat some illness, there are also so called medical spas which are not new in market. Boasting Acupuncture, Cupping or "berbekam" and Ayurveda are some of the example of medical spa treatments. The method of these traditional treatments has been upgraded to customise with our lifestyle.

     Well babes, that part of the reasons (which I can think of now) as why we need a massage. I hope Butterfly Project Committee would consider to choose me. Until we meet again in my next post.

     Stay Beautylicious Babes, xoxo

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

"I love L'oreal Professionnel" - CosmoBox Contest - L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Couture by Dilek Hanif - More info at

Hello Beautylicious,

L’Oréal Professionnel has launched the new Limited Edition Mythic Oil Couture. Ever since it was launched in 2011, it has been a must have product to hair stylist and consumers alike. With It's unique blend of two powerful oils in the original Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil – Avocado and Grapeseed Oil, that provides hair with legendary shine and long-lasting frizz-protection, without weighing the hair down. 
“Mythic Oil is a complete collection of customised oil blends & oil-enriched haircare, which leaves hair looking shiny, feeling supple and smelling divine. The Mythic Oil journey began in 2011 with the launch of our amazingly versatile Original Oil. Before long, the range expanded to include Mythic Oil Milk, Colour Glow Oil and Rich Oil – each of which is designed to target specific haircare needs.  The award-winning Mythic Oil haircare range launched last summer and comprises a luxurious shampoo, conditioner & hair masque.  And now, L’Oréal Professionnel are delighted to unveil the dazzling new Souffle d’Or shampoo and conditioner duo,  which are infused with Argan Oil & Safflower Oil, and golden shimmering sparkles to leave your hair looking incredibly shiny with an airy touch”. (Source by L’Oréal Professionnel website).
Few types of Mythic Oil range by L'Oreal Professionnel
Knowing for its unique blend and powerful nourishing oil, L'Oreal Professionnel has collaborated with Couture Designer, Dilek Hanif whom originated from Turkey to design and create the Mythic Oil Couture Edition which only available at a limited time. The luxurious transformation were based on her distinctive aesthetic approach of merging the elegance of her Ottoman culture and the glamour of contemporary style. The new couture bottle also comes with Dilek Hanif Custom Design Bracelet. This "Signature Bracelet" represents the combination of ancient and modern world. Dilek Hanif said "by offering a bracelet, I would also like to create a kind of Mythic Community".

Dress designed by Dilek Hanif with a collaboration with L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Couture - resembles each other rite?
Ok, thats my introduction about L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Couture by Dilek Hanif. The reason I am posting this blog is to win a bottle of this Limited Edition luxurious nourishing oil. Hey Beautylicious!, Box Culture is now collaborating with L'Oreal Professionnel!!!.

Here are the requirements;-

Win yourself a full size L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Couture by Dilek Hanif worth RM75. We're giving them away to 6 lucky winners!

Contest runs between 17-21 June 2013.
1) Post a creative picture of the L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Couture by Dilek Hanif onto your Facebook, Blog, Instagram or Twitter.
2) Subtly include a "I love L'oreal Professionnel" and our website address
into your comment.
3) Email a print-screen and the link of your participation to with the Subject Title: CosmoBox Contest by L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil
*Pictures can be downloaded or print-screened from Box Culture's Facebook Photo Album

Easy rite?, Do check at their Facebook Page, for more details.

Anyway, I have created mine and ta daaaaa.....

"I love L'oreal Professionnel" - CosmoBox Contest - L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Couture by Dilek Hanif - More info at

Hurry Beautylicious!!!. Stand the chance to win this marvelous Mythic Oil!!!. Xoxo

Monday, 17 June 2013

Benefit Party - Organised by Box Culture and Plasterdolls

Are you a Benefit fan? Because I am and I can’t wait to share with you guys my experience attending to one of their event called “Lets Fake Up – It’s a Party!!!”.

When I received an email invitation from Box Culture on the Benefit Party event, my heart was thrilled with excitement. In order to reserve the seat, we need to make payment about RM20 and this amount is refundable at the event. I was the first who confirmed to attend.

The event was held on 01 June 2013 (It’s Saturday baby) at Benefit Boutique located at 1 Utama (New Wing). The Theme is “Fake-Up”. At first I was bit uncertain what to wear on that day. So, that morning I grab cute floral pink dress (because its summer), Trench Coat (that I got from Primark – during my trip in London), a hat (that I got from Melaka), a pink stripe heels and my beloved Mini Tanner.
My dress of the day - dressed as a Spy for the "Fake-Up" Theme. This gorgeous lady also dressed for the event. She is so Daring. (picture by Box Culture)
When I reached at the 1 Utama lobby area, I noticed few people were looking at me suspiciously and I knew why. But I don’t want to bother so much because I dressed for the theme. And I pretty sure there are few girls that will dress-up more funky and havoc than me.

So, I reached at their Registration Counter at 10.45am. That was my first time encounter with the two lovely ladies, Ms. Lee Yen and Ms. Sze Yoong, the founder of Box Culture. They also introduced me to the owner of Plasterdolls, Ms. Jessica Wong. I loved their Cosmobox April 2013 Edition when they collaborated with Plasterdolls (Its their Bumper Month). At the registration counter I was given the RM20 benefit voucher (see, I told you its refundable) for me to shop around. 

Before the event start, I mingled around and look at their collections. I am so adore with their make-up palettes. There are varies to choose from and It has been my all time favorite. Not only that, I’ve tried their brow and upper lip wax service at their brow bar. It was bit hurt (it was my first time). All this while, I am so used to threading (so traditional, rite?). I felt little bit of tingling sensation (cheewah!!). It appears that their Brow Bar service is their signature service. Do take note that the service is not only limited to brows and upper lips. You may extend to wax whole body (if you want). Well the price for wax service for brows and upper lips is RM55. Since that they have a promo that day, lucky me they charged for both services at RM38 (I have the RM20 voucher ~ yuhuuu (> . <)).
I had my chance tried their Brow Wax Service at the Brow Bar. I look funny rite? I know. (picture by Box Culture).
The event then started with an introduction and history of Benefit Cosmetics. Then they proceeded with a make-up demo for summer and not to forget the tips and tricks how to apply their latest arrival; “Fake Up”. It is a crese-control hydrating concealer with Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract which hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines. Have you come across any concealer with hydrating ring surrounding it? Well, it was my first and I have gotten mine when they launched it in early April 2012.

The moment when I was announced as the "Spy Girl" of the day. Yeayy!!! Picture post with two lovely ladies, founder of Box Culture. (Picture by Box Culture)

Then come to the fun part.  At the end of the event they announced who is the winner for the best dress of the day. And guess who? Yeay!!! It was my happy day. I received Benefit Hamper worth RM325. Besides, I received a complimentary door gift by Benefit and Box Culture. Not only that, I purchased the lip and cheek stains (posie tint, cha cha tint and sun beam) for RM65 and I received cute speaker by Benefit. (Its my best buddy in office now).

These are the items that I received for being the Spy Girl of the day. From left, Hoola Ultra Plush Lip gloss, See & Bee Seen Sasha EDT and Big Beautiful Eyes - eye contour kit.

And these are some of the items that I received as door gift. The cheek and lip stain trio (Posie Tint, Sun Beam and Cha Cha Tint) was purchased for RM65.
I hope you beautylicious enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoy writing it. See you guys at my next post. XOXO

Disclaimer: “This is not sponsored post. The Items were purchased myself (except for the hamper and door gift) and the reviews are based on writer’s personal thought. As for photos, some are taken from Box Culture Facebook page. You may review more at their facebook page at


Sunday, 16 June 2013

CupCake Chic - The Curve

Yesterday I had my outing at The Curve and redeemed the "CupcakeChic" from the curator card that I received from Cosmobox by Box Culture. It was the last day of the promotion so I decided to give it a try.

The Curator Card from Cosmobox by Box Culture

The outlet at TheCurve - Located at G floor, facing road side, near McD and Secret Recipe.

Look at the selections that they have. Aren't they looks yummy and tasty? There are few flavours to choose from and its about RM5.50 each. Not only cupcakes, they do sells macaroons too.

Look at the packaging (for 6 pieces) - cute rite? I love the combination pink and brown.

The flavours from top left; "Marble", "Choco Dough", "unknown" (the name was not displayed), below from left; 'Tiramisu", 'Red Velvet" and "Black Forest'. There is another one that I got for free called "Double Choc" and me and Darren end up ate that while browsing stuff at Ikea. LoL.

If you need more info, do check at their website at

Disclaimer; This post is not sponsored and reviews are based on writer's personal thought.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Lunch Outing On Friday - TGIF (official debut blog post)

Hye there.. This is my official post. To be honest I am very nervous typing this now as I never write anything about anything before. But after been asked few times by my beloved friends, so I try to be brave enough to post it.

This afternoon I had my lunch outing with my beloved friend Jenny Marie and it was so so great outing eva... This was our first actual meeting as all this while we were chatting on FB about beauty stuff, beauty boxes, events, products, brands, make up, perfume and etc etc etc. I am totally blessed to have her as I have someone to talk to. We share same interest and I really appreciate her advise on the products.

So we had our lunch at Dome, then went to Kinokuniya and browsed Japanese Magazines with goody goody stuff but nothing interest me.  We also went to Chinese magazine section and saw ELLY magazine (Hong Kong Edition) with Coach stick Post (not one but two, babes!!!). It only cost at RM27 and I end up did not buy it. Anyway, should I buy it??? apa kata survey??~!! Well at the end we went to Malaysia Magazine section and bought Women's Weekly and redeemed the following:-

1. Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion (30 ml) - buy one free one - RM30 each. I got myself the "Gardeners" and "Iris" scent. Thanks to Mimi bag of love cause introduce this brand to me.
2. Shiseido 360 Urban Environment UV Protector Extra Mild

After we got the magazine, we went to Parkson and I got myself the LANEIGE Snow BB Soothing Cushion for RM120. (Promotion for new customer till end of June 2013 ~ Hurry guys!!!). I was so excited to get this BB Cushion since it was launched last month. hohoho... I will do product review soon...

Till next time babess...

Stay Beautylicious