Saturday, 27 July 2013

Vanity Trove - Customize your beauty box at your fingertips!

Hola Beautylicious,

Have you ever felt frustrated when the items you received in your beauty box do not match with your beauty profile and your needs? There are at times, we receive Items differ from other subscribers and we feel not fair with how the beauty box provider arrange the products for us. Then, afraid no more as Vanity Trove has launched new smart system in personalized beauty box for us called “ALL NEW Customizable Vanity Trove!”

Vanity Trove would recommend few products which BEST SUITED for us based on our BEAUTY PROFILE and PREFERENCES. Then we are able to PICK AND CHOOSE up to 8 beauty samples from a very wide array of beauty samples selection. Then, we will receive this exciting Trove within 7 working days. Sounds fun right?

How it work? It is really simple. Just follow few steps below.

 Head on to: You will need to complete your Beauty Profile by answering few questions! 

Step 1 : Complete your Beauty Profile
We need to complete the beauty profiles so that Vanity Trove would able to choose the best sample products for us to choose from. 

Step 2 : Choose up to 8 items
Feel free to select up to 8 items for your own personalized Vanity Trove for RM50 only

Step 3: Receive the personalized trove arrange by yourself
The parcel will be delivered to your door step within 7 working days – Yeay!!

Step 4 : Enjoy discovering the beauty products which suits you best
Indulge the beauty products selected by you!

Apart from personalizing the beauty trove, Vanity Trove has more to share with us! Since that Vanity Trove has partnership with more than 100 beauty brands worldwide, they have more to offer for us. This exciting discovery can be seen in your Beauty Profile.

Have you ever eyeing on certain products and brand for so long but didn’t had a chance to try it yourself? Wait no more as you may now add them to the Wishlist, Like the Brand and the Product in your customized beauty profile and you may have the chance to unlock more samples. Then, you will be able to select these items when it released!! Sounds more exciting aren’t? 

Vanity Trove would love to know more on what we feel and how it works about the products that we have used. Do share them in the Beauty Table and Write a Review about it. Furthermore, Vanity Trove is also expanding their beauty community over 7 countries within one Beauty Social Network. Get in touch with other subscribers and share with them the latest reviews, brands, products and chat over beauty world!  

I have selected mine. Do not wait anymore. Head to and enjoy the beauty discovery at the end of your fingertips!

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Esse Gives Back 2013: Love Our Children Love Our Nature

Dear Beautylicious. Have you ever wonder how the real world is. Real world issues never ending thus affect most of child around the globe. Can you imagine how these children facing the reality everyday (i.e. child abuse, child labour, war, homeless) and live with it. We are blessed as our country (i.e. Malaysia) is safe from war and our government is still able to rule the country in peace. Despite of high cost of living, we are not enforcing our child for labour. Furthermore, a community and society in Malaysia are very active in providing shelter and place for the homeless and unfortunate child.
In conjunction with Ramadhan month i.e. ideal month to give, contribute and share with the unfortunate, Esse Organic Skincare (i.e. an eco-conscious skincare brand promoting a sustainable life) is organising an Art Exhibition. With “Nature” as the theme, the artwork is painted by children aged 16 and below. These paintings came from few countries i.e. Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Hong Kong and South Africa. With “Mother Nature” theme, you would notice that these paintings are more focusing on the beauty of nature and its surroundings. They are taught to be more aware with what we are facing now (i.e. pollution, trees cutting without control, green house, etc) and develop love towards our irreplaceable mother earth. I went thru all the artwork and was amazed with it. They are young and talented. Young Picasso.
These are some of the artworks that amazed me:-

Birds of a Feather, Hannah Steyn, 15, South Africa

Happy Frog, Aaron Lam, 5, Hong Kong

In the World Trees Become Pencil, Alice Lim Sze Yuan, 8

Spring Blossom, Kyra Pope, 15, South Africa

Our feathered friends, Pia Steyn, 12, South Africa

The 12 Days of Winter in My Country, Cynthia, 10, Myanmar

The Only Home, Ellyna Choi Jia Yern, 9

Tree of Dream, Charmaine Ng, 14, Malaysia

Whimsical Tree, Charmaine Ng, 14, Malaysia

Every artworks sold in this event will be donated to SHELTER – Home For Children in Malaysia. 

SHELTER is a registered, voluntary welfare organization for children and teenagers who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused. Guided by the vision to give children at risk a childhood and future by protecting, guiding and healing them, and by building strong communities and loving families, Shelter’s services and initiatives are aimed at:

i) Providing care for children at risk through our residential homes, counselling, therapy and other services
ii)Proactively raising public awareness on child abuse, child protection, parenting and youth issues, and equipping individuals with relevant skills to detect signs of abuse and to take action. 

There are many ways to help these children. One of the ways is by joining this campaign and support these young artists and SHELTER. The event will be hosted as follows:-
Date: 19 July 2013
Time: From 11 am until 7 pm
Place: ANNEXE Gallery, Gallery 2, Central Market.
If you are interested with the artworks that you seen above, you may booking them at:-

            RSVP: Camy Ling | +6012-976 5737 |
            Sales: Maria Yap | +6012-212 0371 |

Make yourself available this Friday and if you require further info, do check them at

Anyway Beautylicious, in order to gather more people and to be aware about this event, there are 3 ways to help them:-

1. Are you are blogger? you may blog about this event and request your fellow members to blog about it too. Do join The Butterfly Project Community to raise awareness via social media. 

2. Sharing is caring - Do share about this event via any social media / internet channel

3. Change the Facebook Cover - In order to make people alert and aware about this event, 

Hopefully by doing all these three ways or any of it, it could help to bring people to the fund raiser so that the children's painting would be seen and maybe bought for a good cause! Proceeds of the painting will be going to the SHELTER, a shelter home for abuse children.

Until we meet again in my next post. Stay Beautylicious inside out.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

SA SA Fragrance Fair & Awards 2013 - Giving and Sharing

Hola Beautylicious. Recently I was invited by SASA to attend to one of their event, SASA Fragrance Award and Fair 2013 launch. The event took place at Delicious, located at G floor of Dua Residency, Jalan Tun Razak. At the registration, guests were ushered to complete a personality test to indicate which perfumes suits them best. Then, guests were given small cards with type of scent and its personality. There are about 5 based scents which are; FLORAL, FRUITY, WOODS, CITRUS, & SPICY.  Can you guess which one is my scent and which one is yours??

5 scents based on personality test. Which one is yours?. Image Credit: SASA

The important guest launched the SASA Fragrance Fair & Award. Image Credit: SASA

The Fragrance Stage. Image Credit: SASA

There are about 24 nominees divided into 5 categories which are:
List of nominees. Every votes you do, you will receive RM20 rebate.
Best Men Fragrance Award: 
Best Women Fragrance Award:

Best New Fragrance Award:

Best Couple Fragrance Award
Best  Most Popular Fragrance Award 

The winner will be chosen based on votes by customers. The Award ceremony will be held in September 2013.

Besides the annual Award and Fair programme, SASA will continue their support to the society. So for every bottle of nominated fragrance sold during this period, RM1 shall be donate to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association", with the min of RM10,00 whichever is higher. Sounds good rite? You shop for your favorite fragrance, votes and at the same time contribute. =)

The event was hosted by Elaine Daly. Besides, Amber Chia which also the official Fragrance Ambassador was there and sharing with us her tips wearing fragrance. It appears that in total she has about 50+ perfumes. She loves to collect perfumes and sometimes she purchases them because of bottle design.

Amber Chia sharing with audience her tips wearing perfumes. Image credit: SASA
Had my chance snap snap at the Fragrance Stage.. With Wiida Ribbon. =) Image credit: SASA
Have you spotted which fragrance are your favorites? Do not wait any longer, vote now and you may have a chance to win RM10,000, if your favorites perfumes are the winner. Not only that, SASA is also having a MEGA Sale at their branches. Do head your feet to their nearest branch and votes and you will get RM20 rebate and complimentary umbrella worth RM49 if you purchase any of the nominated perfumes. You may also votes at their facebook page at

Well Beautylicious, until we meet again in my next post. Don’t forget to votes now and you may the lucky ones. Stay pretty and Beautylicious!!! xoxo 


Monday, 15 July 2013

The Butterfly Project – Massage & Chillax Party with Amante

Hola Beautylicious!!! We meet again in this post. =)

In my previous post I did mentioned why we need a massage/spa. Thanks a million to The Butterfly Project Community for extending the invitation to me to experience myself massage journey at Amante. This is my first event encounter with The Butterfly Project Community. I really appreciate The Butterfly Community for welcome me to be part of the family. Love you guys!!!  =) 

Little bit info about The Butterfly project; this is a Beauty and Lifestyle Community for Independent Bloggers. The mission is to design monthly blogging project to inspire people. Every month, The Butterfly Project will organize some activities for their members aka butterflies for get to know each other, exchange ideas and at the same time have fun and enjoy the activities provided. Together with them are the collaborators which are; Amante; who sponsored the venue, massage and manicure service, Teaffani High Tea, whom prepared our mini lunch for that day, Ask From Joey, who sponsored lovely dessert and deco theme for the party and last not least; Photobooth who captured all the blogger moments here at Amante.  

The event was held at Amante, Seri Petaling branch. I heard about Amante before and I knew Amante is a great place for chillax. Furthermore, it offers few types of massage services and also pedi-mani. Great place for us who wants to have own time, far from hectic life. I do have a free manicure voucher from May 2013 Bag Of Love but did not have the chance to experience myself. Sob sob. =,(  

Deco Deco by Joey - so green and white =)

I came around 2.30 pm and was warm welcomed by Ayna and Tammy. To be honest I was bit nervous caused it was my first time meeting them. But I was happy and excited at the same time. Tammy and Ayna welcomed me with a BIG SMILE and I feel home. =) Then, they introduced me to the Manager of Amante,  Maggie who later asked me to experience the massage myself.  Big WOW came out from my mouth!!

Amante outlet in Seri Petaling is quite big. They occupied two floors; first floor locates the reception counter, waiting room and mani-pedi room. The upper floor locates rooms for massage services. I love the interior as well. Its so modern yet calming with slow background music. I went to their upper floor and went to one of the massage room. I was attended by Nurul. Nurul performed two types of massage which are i.e. Aromatherapy and their signature, hot stone massage. This is a preview massage, for me to experience and have a feeling and compare these two massages. For Aromatherapy, she used lemon grass essential oil. Aromatherapy massage makes me feel calm and relax. After half an hour, she then proceeded with the hot stone massage. The stones were heated. After reach at certain heat, she then started pressed and ran the warm stones to my body with white oil. The white oil is used to smoothen the process when the stones glide on my skin. This is my first time experience hot stone massage and I love it. It gave me a warm and soothing feeling at the same time.  After that, I experienced complimentary manicure at their mani-pedi room.

Check out little bit of snap-shot on that day:-

Registration book and welcome note by The Butterfly Project and its Collaborator

Massage theme cookies prepared by Joey - from Ask Joey, one of the collaborator =)

Relaxion party? This way please.

Inside the massage room - spacious
Stone used for "Hot Stone Massage"
The Pedi-Mani Room - Owh - so cozy!!

Selections of nail polishes to be choose from - I wish I have this at home, lol =)
Scone and chocolate donut prepared by Teaffani High Tea - Nyum Nyum!

Red velvet and Cream Puff - nyum nyum!!
From Left: Joey, Farisha, Tammy and Me.. =)

Well Beautylicious, Amante have GREAT news for all of us. They are inviting all off us to their  “Open House” from 19 July 2013 until 21 July 2013. This "Open House" invitation applicable to all their 11 Branches as follows:-

Bangsar (03-2287 9089)
Kepong (03-6259 0884)
Klang (03-3323 6404)
Petaling Jaya (03-7803 4664)
B. Times Square (02-2141 0777)
Cheras (03-9130 0121
Kota Damansara (03-6141 7613
Mont Kiara (03-6203 0221)
Puchong (03-8062 2652)
Subang Jaya (03-5621 3922) 

So, on these dates, Amante is offering free of charge for one of the following services for first time customer:-

1.       Aromatheraphy Massage
2.       Hot Stone Massage
3.       Manicure
4.       Lympathic Detoxification Treatments 

Arent you tempt enough? Not only that, they are also offering a discount up to 70% for the following services only for these three days.  

- Nailtek Spa Manicure / Pedicure at RM68 (Np: RM228)
- Aromatherapy Body Massage 90 mins (Women and couple only) at RM38 - WOW!! (Np: RM127)
- Bellewave Switzerland Instant Radiance & Brightening Facial Treatment at RM71 (Np: 238) 

What are you waiting for babes. Head your feet to the nearest Amante branch and book whole day with them. They open from 10 am to 8 pm. Call it a self pamper day. I personally have my chillax moment at Amante. Thank you again to The Butterfly Project for giving me the chance to be part of the program. I hope you Beautylicious enjoy reading this post. Make sure to book these three days and have a pamper day session with Amante.

Check here Beautylicious for more info about the sponsors:-



Till we meet again in my next post. Xoxo

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, it never affects my review on the services and event hosted.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Bag of Love - Summer Love, June 2013 edition

Hola Beautylicious, how are you guys doing. In this post I am going to do a Beauty Bag review from Bag Of Love for June 2013 edition – Summer Love. Similar like other Beauty Boxes, Bag of Love is also part of a Beauty community that provide beauty products (samples in deluxe or full size) in a bag. Ever since I subscribed to Bag Of Love in March 2013 (their debut bag), I never miss them. Having their bags every month is like a must have item for me. Due to the products featured, I tend to purchased more than one bag for that particular month just for myself. Hahahaha.. I’m so greedy rite?

Before I proceed further on the Items featured in this month, let’s talk bit about Bag of Love background. The founder of Bag Of Love is a lovely lady called Mimi. She was a beauty writer at some of the top fashion & beauty magazine in Malaysia.  She is also a mother of two and due to the time constrain, she decided to quit her job and start this Beauty Bag community. With half of decade experience writing about beauty products, she is now sharing with us her love on this field thru this Beauty Bag Community. As it sounds as its name, Bag Of Love is the only beauty community which comes in bag (in Malaysia).  The bag designed by Mimi herself. So every month, Bag Of Love subscribers will be given the theme bag (i.e. make-up bag) and loaded with the featured products that Mimi has chosen with love. Sounds interesting aren’t? So if you subscribe to 12 months, you will get 12 different bags.

Ok, Now let’s see what is featured in their June 2013 bag shall we?

For June 2013, the bag comes in blue and white stripes (i.e. sailor theme). It portrays the mood in summer. This is the time when people love to hang out at the beach and have a skin tanning under hot sun. Well, we have summer whole year and we do expose to sun and UV rays. So we need extra care to protect ourselves rite? The bag comes in rectangular shape and it’s quite big. The bag is pinned with this cute little batch with Mimi illustration on it. That’s lovely!.

These are the items featured inside the bag:-

1.     Vaseline Healthy White Lotion with SPF24/PA++ – 200 ml. This is full size Item. It retails at  RM15.90. I love Vaseline lotion. It smells good and moisturize your skin too. This lotion contains Vitamin B3 which known to make our skin fairer. The contains of SPF24 would prevent our skin from getting burnt by UVB rays. Furthermore, the PA ++ element would prevents skin from becoming dark, uneven and blemished due to UVA rays. Wow - Perfect for Summer!!!

2.       Definite Foundation Brush – This come in full size too. Retails at RM118.00. We will never have enough with make-up brushes. Its one of must have accessories and we can have tonnes of them.Who can't resist brushes that comes from Definite Cosmetics. Definite Cosmetics was founded in 2006 by young Malaysian couple, Stanley Wong and Josephine Mook, the husband-wife team. It is a homegrown brand with professional Italian inspired makeup, developed by international and professional makeup experts. The high quality of products and many of its accreditation makes Definite a choice for all backstage makeup, fashion shows, makeovers, TVCs and photo shoots. "Definitely worth it". 

3.    Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set – 4 pieces which are Essence Tonic (8ml), Aqua Essence Water Fluid (3ml), Fresh Water Gel (3ml) & Sun Protective (3ml). Product price range from RM69 - RM169. This product originated from Korea. Now available at the newly open Muse, by Watson, Sunway Pyramid. (I am gonna finish the sentence by Bag Of Love "Hydration is the key of perfection?"

4.       Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray. It comes in perfume vial (1.2 ml) – This is new debut perfume launched by Elizabeth Arden. Perfect for Summer. Like how its name sounds same goes to its scent. The "Green Tea". Got get me wrong. I love Green Tea, for drink. This fragrance is a combination of Green Tea family and Honeysuckle to give a fresh, young and so uplifting scent. Wow - What on Earth is Honeysuckle? Is it similar to Honey Bee? Well babes, Its a type of flower (Lonicera, /lɒˈnɪsərə/;[1] syn. Caprifolium Mill.) - Thanks to Wikipedia. Lol. So the combination of these both Green Tea and Honeysuckle makes me feel young again.

English Honeysuckle - example - Image Credit: Google

 Bag Of Love also includes this promotion voucher for their Exclusive Launch promotion set.

     Green Tea Honeysuckle Best Buy Set for RM210 (worth 253)
     consist of:- - Green Tea Honeysuckle 100ml
                        - Green Tea Honeysuckle Shower Gel 100ml
                        - Green Tea Honeysuckle Honey Drops Body Cream 100ml

Interested babes? do drop me a comment below. =)  

5.       Clairol Professional - Colour Radiant Shampoo and Visible Repair Intensive Mask - Retails at RM43/250ml and RM69/200ml respectively. In Bag Of Love it comes in 50ml and 30ml respectively. This Colour Radiant Shampoo helps to protect and instantly condition coloured hair for long-lasting and brilliant color. This Intensive Mask would instantly helps repair ans strengthen damaged hair. Woo, walla, who can never have enough with Hair Care products. Especially me. I color my hair quite often. Furthermore, the color range is lighter every time I re-dye my hair. It caused hair loss, dry and damages to its end. So, since that Clairol is introducing these Hair care range for coloured hair like me, I seriously cant wait to try this product and see the effect to my hair.

Wallaweh, look at these items. You get all these products at RM39.90. The Definite foundation brush alone is already retail at RM118.00. That’s so “untung” rite? 
The main reason that I like about Bag Of Love is the products featured diverse from skin care, hair care, body care, fragrance and accessories in their bag. Every month, Mimi always has something to offer for subscribers. I noticed that she always have the WOW impact to surprise us. That’s make me so loyal to you Mimi. LOL.

Anyway babes, if you interested to subscribe to Bag Of Love, do subscribe and taste the feeling loaded with beauty junkies at You will never know when to stop.
If you guys would also love to know what featured in her previous bags, do let me know as well. I would consider writing marathon post review only about Bag Of Love ever since it was launched in March 2013 (Debut Bag) until May 2013.
Do share your thought about Bag Of Love. I would love to read them. Until we meet again in my next post. 

Stay Beautylicious babes, xoxo. 


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cosmobox First Unboxing Party by Box Culture

Hello Beautylicious. We meet again in this post.

I am so excited to share with you my experience attended one of the event for Bloggers. Do take note this going to be a long post. Happy reading !! =)

On 23 June 2013 Box Culture has organized their very first “ Cosmobox Unboxing Party”. Thanks a million to Sze Yong and Lee Yen for extended the invitation to me. The Event was held at “Cupcake Chic” at The Curve. The dress theme was “Pink and Black” which also the theme colours for their Beauty Box i.e.  Cosmobox. I personally love the colours combination including the metropolitan look at the box cover. I have been subscribed to their box since December 2012 since it was featured in Female Magazine (in December 2012 edition). However, I missed the June 2013 box (never realized that my subscription has come to an end in May 2013). So, when I was invited for this very first unboxing event, I was extremely happy. Box Culture, you guys are really thoughtful. Love you!!
Cosmobox by Box Culture. Picture Credit: M.J.K photography

For those of you who are still new, Beauty Box is a beauty subscription that comes via box or bag. It contains few sample/deluxe size products (sometimes in full size). There are vast beauties products in market not only limited to skin care range, make up range, accessories range, hair care etc.  Beauty Box offers their subscribers to try and indulge new products/brand in market. Reason being, there are at times we are bit uncertain to purchase the full size products due to the price and size. We also worried if the particular product or brand does not fit to our skin, it would end, wasted. So by subscribing to Beauty Box, it is one of the alternative ways for us to experience the compatible of the products in market. I personally feel that this Beauty Box provides the following:-

1.   Save Money, Time and Energy – With low subscription fee every month, you are able to enjoy and try few items in one box. Sometimes the products featured include full size items and it worth more than the subscription fee. Furthermore, you can save time and energy from wonders in malls to gather samples from beauty booth.  That’s awesome rite?

2.    More knowledge about trends and products in market – This Beauty Box is also educating their subscribers by introducing the new brands/products in market. Not only that, the description of products on what and how is very useful for users as well. We are no longer wonders how this or that products works.

3.   Chances attending Beauty Workshops/Events – From the products and brands featured in the box, the Beauty Box provider then would collaborate with the participating brands and arrange some workshop or events to provide more knowledge about the products to their members. 

Ever since this beauty box concept was introduced and popular in States, I could not resist getting one for myself. But one is never enough and I ended up subscribed to few beauty boxes. In the end I become Beauty Junkie addict. Every month must subscribe one at least for myself, LOL. 

Before we talk further about the event, let me just talk little bit about the main organiser of this event, i.e. Box Culture. Box Culture was founded in July 2012 by two lovely ladies named Sze Yoong and Lee Yen. They introduced their beauty box (concept box) called Cosmobox. Their mission is to share their love and passion to subscribers towards beauty thru Concept Box. With subscribers fee of RM33.00 permonth, we can embark ourselves into the journey of discovering beauty inside out. 

From Left; Sze Yoong and Lee Yen - the founders of Cosmobox

The Event started with a welcome note by Sze Yoong (one of the Box Culture Co-Founder). She introduced the collaborating sponsors which are; “Cupcake Chic”, “Juice Works”, "Bake by Joelle", Loreal Professionnel and “Think Party Thought”. Then Sze Yoong requested Swee San (blogger from Sweet Spot), also one of the host to explain further about the Cupcake Chic background, the venue, the menus (which tempting and yummy!). We later found out that Swee San is also working with CupCake Chic.

Check out little bit of sneak peak of the event:-
Our guilty pleasure for that day ~ so yummy!!
Left; Swee San was sharing with us something exciting about Cupcakes Chic with Sze Yoong.
Cupcakes with Cosmobox theme - the topping was prepared by "bake by Joelle". Aren't they lovely?

Me with sweet Swee San of (Check out her blog babes)

Me with the Box Culture founders - Sze Yoong and Lee Yen
Its The Sweetest Party Ever!!!

With my new beloved blogger friends; From Left; Kay, Sharon, Samia and Carolyn
I am a bunny
With more Blogger friends and Sze Yong - sorry babes - I cant remember your names.
With my new beloved blogger friend - Jolie - check out her blog babes - Jolie Diary

Now let’s move to the list of products featured in the June 2013 Cosmobox shall we? These are the snapshot for overall products featured in June 2013 box. =)

June 2013 Cosmobox

Lets go thru each products:-

1.       Maybelline New York - Volumn Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara - When I opened the box, the first product that catches my eyes was this mascara. This mascara comes in full size. At retail it sells at RM33.90. Before I switched to Benefit There Real, this mascara is my must have mascara in my make-up pouch. It really curls my eyelashes and opens up my eyes. I love how the consistency of the liquid holds my eyelashes and keep it steady. 

2.       L’Oreal Professional - Liss Ultimate Masque – This is super-smoothing masque that would provides hydration, polishing its surface and provide humidity protection to our hair. I love this hair product range. In May 2013, Cosmobox featured the shampoo from the same range. I love the smell and how it works to my hair. It keeps my hair silky and smooth and easy to comb. With this masque, these two combinations will works even better to my hair. I received in deluxe size (75ml). Full Size retails at RM67/200ml.

3.       Murad - Essential-C Day Moisturiser SPF 30/PA++ - This moisturiser would protects and strenghtens skin against enviromental  aging from UVA/UVB Rays. It comes in Travel Size (10ml). Cool! - I can bring it everywhere I go and keep my skin protected. Full Size retails at RM330/50ml.

4.       Murad - Resurgence Hydrating Toner - Refreshing, hydrates and neutralize surface impurities. With this toner - spray and pat, it makes my facial routine more easier. Since that this also comes in Travel size (15ml), it make my life better. Full Size retails at RM128/180ml.

5.        Collistar - Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate "Mesotheraphy" effect. Cool!! Its anti cellulite product. Collistar is a product from Italy and was brought by SASA. It appears that in Malaysia, Collistar can be purchased at SASA outlet. You could also find Collistar products in nail range (polishes), skin care.  I cant wait to try this product. Full Size retails at RM185/200ml.

6. b.liv by Cellnique - Off with those heads - This products removes white & blackheads without violence or pain. I hates heads. It clog your pours and causing skin to irritated. I cant wait to try this product either. Full Size retails at RM139/30ml & RM179.90/45ml.

7. Complimentary from Box Culture - Natural Looking False Eyelashes. We gathered that Lee Yen choose this false eye lashes especially for the subscribers. To be honest I am a dummy when come to false eye lashes. Its very hard for me to put it onto my eyelid. but hey, practice makes perfect rite?. So I need to practice poke my eyes so that I can wear this false eye lashes (hihihi, kidding)

8. In the box also includes "Kado New Hair Studio" with discount of 50% for all hair chemical services. The branch is at Subang Jaya. Anybody interested to have this voucher? Please comment at my post below. =)

List of Organiser/sponsors of the event:-


If you are interested and want to feel the excitement like how I feel every month, do subscribe to Cosmobox by Box Culture. Sign up and get your very first beauty experience with them at

If you are aware, I did post about Cupcake chic earlier. I went to one of their branch at The Curve and redeemed 1 free cupcake. Thanks to Box Culture (Complimentary from May 2013 box). Well, do you know that we can also throw a party for children at their outlet? With starting fees of RM500 (for 8 pax), you may organise your own party. This package comes with the following:-

- 1.5 hours party (in a reserved area) - located at The Curve
- Cupcake Chic Party Ambassador
- Two Cupcakes for each guest to decorate and take home
- A fun Craft
- Age Specific party games and activities
- Photobooth session with dress up activities
- A personalised Livin' Large Cupcakes
- Goodie Bags full of surprises
- Party Snacks and Refreshment.

Well, you are interested to throw "gurl gurl" party, they can arrange it for you as well. Do check their website at or you may email them at

Address: Lot GZF-4, Ground Floor,
               No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara
Phone: 03-7733 7075

Their booth at Sundays, Bangsar Village II

If you need an advisor to throw the  Party, do check "think party thought" at  

Did I mentioned about the lovely cupcake design with Cosmobox featured. It was made by "baked by Joelle".  She is very talented. If you need your cakes/cupcakes to be customised into your taste, you may check her at (Facebook) or email to her at


"Juice Works" is a chain of fresh juice outlets in Malaysia, with a growing number of outlets in various key shopping locations in the Klang Valley at present. Their mission is to create healthy alternatives to fast food and to educate the public about the importance of healthy food choices.Do check their website at

Loreal Professionnel sponsored the mythic range for the best dressed for the day. Congrats to Sabrina Tajuddin. She is very talented. She sew her dress herself. Anyway, if you are interested with Loreal Mythic range, do check them at

Most of the photos uploaded here were taken by Jason and colleague. If you are interested with his work, do check them at 
contact:+6019-326 0268 or Email:

We are coming to the very end of the post. I hope you beautylicious enjoy reading it as how I enjoy writing them. Do share with me and comment below.

 Stay Beautylicious babes, XOXO

Disclaimer: The Cosmobox June 2013 were sponsored by Box Culture for review purposes. However, this would not effect my judgement on the items featured.