Friday, 5 July 2013

Bag of Love - Summer Love, June 2013 edition

Hola Beautylicious, how are you guys doing. In this post I am going to do a Beauty Bag review from Bag Of Love for June 2013 edition – Summer Love. Similar like other Beauty Boxes, Bag of Love is also part of a Beauty community that provide beauty products (samples in deluxe or full size) in a bag. Ever since I subscribed to Bag Of Love in March 2013 (their debut bag), I never miss them. Having their bags every month is like a must have item for me. Due to the products featured, I tend to purchased more than one bag for that particular month just for myself. Hahahaha.. I’m so greedy rite?

Before I proceed further on the Items featured in this month, let’s talk bit about Bag of Love background. The founder of Bag Of Love is a lovely lady called Mimi. She was a beauty writer at some of the top fashion & beauty magazine in Malaysia.  She is also a mother of two and due to the time constrain, she decided to quit her job and start this Beauty Bag community. With half of decade experience writing about beauty products, she is now sharing with us her love on this field thru this Beauty Bag Community. As it sounds as its name, Bag Of Love is the only beauty community which comes in bag (in Malaysia).  The bag designed by Mimi herself. So every month, Bag Of Love subscribers will be given the theme bag (i.e. make-up bag) and loaded with the featured products that Mimi has chosen with love. Sounds interesting aren’t? So if you subscribe to 12 months, you will get 12 different bags.

Ok, Now let’s see what is featured in their June 2013 bag shall we?

For June 2013, the bag comes in blue and white stripes (i.e. sailor theme). It portrays the mood in summer. This is the time when people love to hang out at the beach and have a skin tanning under hot sun. Well, we have summer whole year and we do expose to sun and UV rays. So we need extra care to protect ourselves rite? The bag comes in rectangular shape and it’s quite big. The bag is pinned with this cute little batch with Mimi illustration on it. That’s lovely!.

These are the items featured inside the bag:-

1.     Vaseline Healthy White Lotion with SPF24/PA++ – 200 ml. This is full size Item. It retails at  RM15.90. I love Vaseline lotion. It smells good and moisturize your skin too. This lotion contains Vitamin B3 which known to make our skin fairer. The contains of SPF24 would prevent our skin from getting burnt by UVB rays. Furthermore, the PA ++ element would prevents skin from becoming dark, uneven and blemished due to UVA rays. Wow - Perfect for Summer!!!

2.       Definite Foundation Brush – This come in full size too. Retails at RM118.00. We will never have enough with make-up brushes. Its one of must have accessories and we can have tonnes of them.Who can't resist brushes that comes from Definite Cosmetics. Definite Cosmetics was founded in 2006 by young Malaysian couple, Stanley Wong and Josephine Mook, the husband-wife team. It is a homegrown brand with professional Italian inspired makeup, developed by international and professional makeup experts. The high quality of products and many of its accreditation makes Definite a choice for all backstage makeup, fashion shows, makeovers, TVCs and photo shoots. "Definitely worth it". 

3.    Cremorlab Hydration Trial Set – 4 pieces which are Essence Tonic (8ml), Aqua Essence Water Fluid (3ml), Fresh Water Gel (3ml) & Sun Protective (3ml). Product price range from RM69 - RM169. This product originated from Korea. Now available at the newly open Muse, by Watson, Sunway Pyramid. (I am gonna finish the sentence by Bag Of Love "Hydration is the key of perfection?"

4.       Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honeysuckle EDT Spray. It comes in perfume vial (1.2 ml) – This is new debut perfume launched by Elizabeth Arden. Perfect for Summer. Like how its name sounds same goes to its scent. The "Green Tea". Got get me wrong. I love Green Tea, for drink. This fragrance is a combination of Green Tea family and Honeysuckle to give a fresh, young and so uplifting scent. Wow - What on Earth is Honeysuckle? Is it similar to Honey Bee? Well babes, Its a type of flower (Lonicera, /lɒˈnɪsərə/;[1] syn. Caprifolium Mill.) - Thanks to Wikipedia. Lol. So the combination of these both Green Tea and Honeysuckle makes me feel young again.

English Honeysuckle - example - Image Credit: Google

 Bag Of Love also includes this promotion voucher for their Exclusive Launch promotion set.

     Green Tea Honeysuckle Best Buy Set for RM210 (worth 253)
     consist of:- - Green Tea Honeysuckle 100ml
                        - Green Tea Honeysuckle Shower Gel 100ml
                        - Green Tea Honeysuckle Honey Drops Body Cream 100ml

Interested babes? do drop me a comment below. =)  

5.       Clairol Professional - Colour Radiant Shampoo and Visible Repair Intensive Mask - Retails at RM43/250ml and RM69/200ml respectively. In Bag Of Love it comes in 50ml and 30ml respectively. This Colour Radiant Shampoo helps to protect and instantly condition coloured hair for long-lasting and brilliant color. This Intensive Mask would instantly helps repair ans strengthen damaged hair. Woo, walla, who can never have enough with Hair Care products. Especially me. I color my hair quite often. Furthermore, the color range is lighter every time I re-dye my hair. It caused hair loss, dry and damages to its end. So, since that Clairol is introducing these Hair care range for coloured hair like me, I seriously cant wait to try this product and see the effect to my hair.

Wallaweh, look at these items. You get all these products at RM39.90. The Definite foundation brush alone is already retail at RM118.00. That’s so “untung” rite? 
The main reason that I like about Bag Of Love is the products featured diverse from skin care, hair care, body care, fragrance and accessories in their bag. Every month, Mimi always has something to offer for subscribers. I noticed that she always have the WOW impact to surprise us. That’s make me so loyal to you Mimi. LOL.

Anyway babes, if you interested to subscribe to Bag Of Love, do subscribe and taste the feeling loaded with beauty junkies at You will never know when to stop.
If you guys would also love to know what featured in her previous bags, do let me know as well. I would consider writing marathon post review only about Bag Of Love ever since it was launched in March 2013 (Debut Bag) until May 2013.
Do share your thought about Bag Of Love. I would love to read them. Until we meet again in my next post. 

Stay Beautylicious babes, xoxo.