Thursday, 30 October 2014


JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® unveiled the exciting new campaign with international artist, Mattia Biagi, as part of the JOHNNIE WALKER® CHARACTER series. This fresh direction celebrates the individual taste and personality profiles of the different JOHNNIE WALKER® variants.

Mattia Biagi, famed for his powerful black artworks, partnered with JOHNNIE WALKER® to find the perfect expression of the character of BLACK LABEL and show the powerful beauty of black. The scene is of dramatic transformation, as items symbolising classical luxury are turned strikingly black and intense with the use of paint and fire, and consumers are inspired to “HAVE BOLD TASTE AND INTENSE CHARACTER”. 

JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® launches MAKE IT BLACK, a series of events designed to bring to life the boldness and intensity of the new campaign for fans to enjoy. Following two successful club level events, JOHNNIE WALKER® is taking MAKE IT BLACK to a new level, hosting the largest and most exciting event the campaign has seen this 31st October in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By invitation only, so as to ensure it is the biggest fans of the brand who are seeing the beauty of black come to life, this event sets to redefine how whisky is perceived. 

The MAKE IT BLACK campaign serves as a significant milestone for the brand as it evolves away from the classic image of JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® into an edgier, more vibrant personality. Inspired by Generation Y, the young, independent risk-takers, MAKE IT BLACK aims to inspire consumers to leave lasting impressions through making bold decisions.

“MAKE IT BLACK is a very literal celebration of the incredible drink that has brought us all together today,” said Natalie Harley, Senior Brand Manager of JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia. “However, expect the unexpected this Halloween, as we have a lineup that is going to blow everyone away. We have been working with numerous local talents, people who have mastered their craft and share the same passion and creativity that we do, to create a showcase performance. We wanted to bring something new and exciting to fans of JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® and hope they join us on the 31st October as we set the night on fire!”

“Fans know the instantly recognisable smoky, complex yet balanced flavours of JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® but some have forgotten the progressive and inspirational spirit that John Walker bottled when he created this iconic whisky. We hope to re-ignite their passion and inspire our fans to start thinking differently about JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL®. We’re taking a huge risk with the elements in this performance but we wanted to honour our core ethos. We hope that guests leaving MAKE IT BLACK, 31ST October, see that making bold statements and having courage in your convictions leads to amazing results and go on to feel inspired to express their individuality with their own bold statements,” she added.

Join me for the Make It Black Event at the following:-

Date: 31 Oct 2014
Venue: One City, SkyPark USJ, 
Time: 8PM

For more information on the MAKE IT BLACK events and campaign, visit the JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia Facebook page:

For the new JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® advert, visit YouTube:

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

MUFE Aqua Range - so Aqualistic!

The revolutionary for waterproof make-up is a never ending process. Every year, new technology and innovations would leads to a new discovery. AQUA Range by MAKE UP FOR EVER was created in such for achieving not only limited for a waterproof efficiency, yet it also for long wearing, the consistency and the pigments of the colours, sweat proof and durable in hot humid weather!

Since it was launched in Summer 2013, Aqua range by MUFE has gotten its interest into most of Water Sports Industry and that includes Swimming and Water Aquabatic dancers. Everyone deserves to look beautiful including while underwater. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER is a makeup professional creator for reasons! The best part about the Aqua Range is you do not have to be underwater just to wear this range. Suitable for our Malaysian weather, i.e. Summer and Rain through the year, this Aqua Range is also wearable for our everyday climate. The intensity of the colours is very strong, depending of the colours selection, it can be bold and daring depending how you apply it.

How Aqua Range by MUFE works. This all thanks to Dany and her scientists for creating such technology to makes it happen. For each and every product in the Aqua Range consist the following:-

1. Volatile Oils and Synthetic Wax
2. Filmogen Polimer
3. Mother of Pearls and Pigments

The combination of these three elements creates the marvelous waterproof product by MUFE.

So how it works? 

As you can see in the diagram below, the products once applied to the skin, would triggered the Volatile Oils and Synthetic Wax to ensure the Pigments and Mother of Pearl to set on the skin. The Polymer Film once it dry, it would create one protection layer that would avoid any penetration  of element (this includes water) into the product.

The drying process would take seconds and it is best to blend the product quickly to avoid any harsh look.


It is best to keep the container of the product remained close and intact. As mentioned earlier, the drying process would take seconds and it is important to keep the consistency and moisture of the product. Example for the Aqua Cream Shadow, in between application, you may turn the product up side down to avoid any contact with the air.

2014 Summer Collection

For 2014, MUFE has launched their new products for Aqua Range. The selections of colours were madness with strong and bold colours. Neon is so in this year and it still look chic by wear it alone!.

Although Fall is approaching in many countries but hey, there is no snow in Malaysia. The monsoon season even makes the more reason to wear the Aqua Range by MUFE.

2014 MUFE Summer Collection Aqua 
The new 2014 Summer Collection introduced the following:-

1. Three new colours for Eyeliners; Grey, Cobalt and Pink
2. Mascara - Aqua Smoky Extravagant
3. Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil, 6 new colours
4. Aqua Rouge - In shade 03 Light Rosewood
5. Aqua Cream - Waterproof cream colour - in shade 23 Acidics Green

At the introductory event, I tried myself with the colours and was totally amazed with the results.

To be honest, I am totally satisfy with the intensity and the stay of the products. If you want to view all the range, you may visit at the MUFE Pro Boutique located at Level 2, Starhill or check more at

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Selfie with Kiss Me

What are you gurls doing over the weekend? Stand a chance to win and get rewarded by dropping by at the Kiss Me Selfie Booth/station at selected Watson Stores:-

1/ Watson Pavilion
2/ Watson 1 Utama
3/ Watson Mid Valley

Get yourself rewarded for the following:-

1/ Take your selfie with Kiss Me product and post it on FACEBOOK at the Selfie Booth located at the selected Watson outlet named above and GET a Kiss Me Voucher. There are about 4 vouchers in total and you can purchased Kiss Me product with the voucher. This promotion includes discounted items by Watson!!!! 

2/ Make a purchase on the spot by using the vouchers that you get after you take the Selfie and you are entitled for for a lucky draw, to win Kiss Me product worth RM100 (10 winners/per week). It is better to purchase with separate transaction in order for you to make use of all the vouchers. 

3/ Register on the Selfie App at the Selfie Station and you are entitled for a Mystery Gift. This Mistery Gift will be delivered directly to your home.

4/ If you have MOST LIKES for your Selfie Photo, you could win yourself a Sony Selfie Smart Phone Sony Xperia C3, 1 Year Supply of Kiss Me Product and 100K Watson Point!!! Woahhh this is the Grand Prize!!

5/ If you have MOST SHARED of your Selfie Photo, you could win a 1 Year Supply of Kiss Me products!!!

OMG - the prizes are breathtaking!! I was so tempting with Prize no. 4!!! 

My Experiences

Last Saturday I had my chance to try the Selfie App which located at the Watson Midvalley. To use the apps is very easy and now I am going to guide you step by step how to do it, then you get the chance to get rewarded!!.

Step 1 : Go to any selected Watson Outlet with Kiss Me Selfie Booth / App. 

They are: a. Watson Pavilion     b. Watson 1 Utama        c. Watson Mid Valley

Step 2: Choose your favourite Kiss Me Products.

Step 3: Face the Selfie camera app, get your right angel, pose and snap together with your favourite Kiss Me products that you chosen earlier. If you don't like the result, you can re-take again and again!

Step 4: After you satisfy with the picture, Get the picture code. It is best if you take picture of the code for easy reference. Then with Barcode scanner app, scan the barcode and head straight to the Kiss Me website to retrieve your Selfie with the code provided from the selfie booth! Register yourself at the website and you are entitled for the REWARD No. 3.

Step 5: Grab your voucher and buy your favourite Kiss Me product at discounted rate on the spot. This is your Reward No. 1. When you purchase the Kiss Me product with the voucher on the spot, you are entitle to nominate yourself for a Lucky Draw!!! This is the REWARD No. 2.

Step 6: Once you retrieve your Selfie in the website, it will automatically posted on your Facebook. Gain More LIKES and SHARES and stand a chance to win and get rewarded No. 4 & 5.

See? Thats so easy like munching gummies!!! I hope you could stand a chance to win the prizes mentioned above and do share with me which Kiss Me product that you love the most!


There are about 3 chances to win the GRAND PRIZE!!!

Round 1 - Post your Selfie to Facebook and gain likes and shares within 01 October until 31 October 2014

Round 2 - Post your Selfie to Facebook and gain likes and shares within 01 Nov - 07 Dec 2014

Round 3 - Post your Selfie to Facebook and gain likes and shares within 01 Dec - 07 Jan 2014

How cool is that!!! Do not wait no more!! head straight to the Selfie Booth and boost your Selfie expertise at KISS ME!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Revolutionary Artisan Brushes by MUFE

It took 7 years of research, hardship, endless discussions and development to build this technology. It has taken most of the Scientist and beauty consultant specialist time to combine all the ideas to produce not only 10, but 76 types (including Kabuki Brush which was in retail much earlier) of Revolutionary Artisan Brushes (RAB) all the way from Paris, exclusively by MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Recently I had in-situ experience with these brushes and I was so amazed how these brushes works. Make Up For Ever Malaysia flew in Ms Erika Saenz, the MUFE Regional Educational Manager all the way from Philippine to share with us the awesomeness of this brushes.

Ms. Erika Saenz shared with us the newly improved technology of the RAB 
What so special about this brushes? Why it took them 7 years to produce such? Well, the RAB was created in such way for perfections, define, durable and artistic at the same time. The bristles were made by varies type of engineered fibers to create almost perfect brushes not only closer to the natural hair, in fact better!! Can you imagine that each and every brushes were handcrafted and hence you would find that each and every type of these brushes is non identical to each other. Whichever brushes that you own is personalized and hence it would be only yours - truly.

Every RAB portion is divided into four sections:-

A.   Bristles
The bristles were made by Engineered Bi-Colour Fibers. They came in three types:-

1/ Straight – perfect for liquid product for better pick-up. Not only that, the application of the product is  more tense.

Straight type Bristles
2/ Wavy – perfect for powder, soft touch and subtle finish.

Wavy type bristles
3/ Straight & Wavy – this type of bristles is perfect to create either both of the above depending on the needs.

Combination of Straight & Wavy Bristles
To identify the types of bristle, it stated at the wood handle. Each and every line of fiber was planted into its ferrule according to its shape.

B.   The Gun Metal Ferrule

The gun metal ferrule was created to hold the bristles at its best. The grip was carefully done to avoid the bristles to loose. Then the bristle would last up to 10 years!! (i.e. disclaimer: this is depending how hardcore user you are) 

C.   The Dark Brown Wenge-Inspired Wood Handle

The brown handle wood is made by beech wood. It is a type of wood which is durable and also can stand with water damage and heat. The handle shape was created for a perfect hold. Gives you an extra control of the brush while applying the product on the surface.

D.   Beveled Tips

Slight angled tips at the end of the wood handle.  For multiple usage eg. you may use this angled tips to mix two different foundations shades, or you also can use it to pat your eye lashes.

To see how effective these brushes works on the products, she did a demo and made a comparison for the application between fingers and brushes. She also shared with us some tips the perfect ways to use the RAB.

The RAB is divided into 4 different codes and these codes represents it's unique usage for our face/body parts.

Code no 1XX - FACE Brushes
- These brushes designed for FACE. Consist of 7 different types for foundation, 8 types for Powder, 4 types for Concealer & 11 types for Blusher.

Code no at 2XX - EYES Brushes
- These brushes designed for eyes. Consist of 4 types for eyebrows/Eyelashes, 7 types for Eyeliner and 24 types for Eyeshadow.

Code no 3XX - LIPS Brushes
- These brushes designed for lips. Consist of 4 different types to choose from.

Code no 4XX - ARTISTIC Brushes
- These brushes consist of 8 different brushes for artistic effect. These unique brushes was designed and mainly use for body art/paint. The design of the bristles was created in a unique way to achieve desire effect on the body surface.

I asked Stanley (the former MUFE Educational Manager, Malaysia), why Dany created 76 brushes? Stanley said, "we human are unique and carry our own personality in our own way. Dany realised that and thus the 76 unique brushes were created in such way to cater everybody's need. In regardless whether you are in professional make-up line or just a normal user, for every part and inch of your body, there is a specific brush for it and all of this you can get at the  MAKE UP FOR EVER!"

The New Revolutionary Artisan Brushes available in all Sephora outlet in Malaysia. The price range varies from RM75 up to RM235 per piece depending on it's type and usage. You wont be able to view all brushes in Sephora i.e. Code 4XX. Sephora only carries selected brushes that use for domestic customer. However, if you are interested to view all 76 brushes, do check them at the MUFE Pro Boutique at Starhill Gallery, Level 2.

More info on the brushes do check them at

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Monday, 6 October 2014

The Splashes of 210 MUFE Artist Shadow

To celebrate 30 years anniversary, Make Up For Ever (MUFE) has launched their newly improved 210 selections splash of Artist Shadow this Fall!

The revolutionary of the colours begin with of over more than 4 years of research and development to achieve the desirable bold, pigmented and striking colours of choice.    

Recently, I was among the first to experience and to also to had in-situ approach of these amazing colours. To share the knowledge of the colours and its journey, Ms. Erika Saenz, the MUFE Regional Training Manager all the way from Philippines shared with us the specialty of these colours.

MUFE is a brand that makes make-up and that is their specialty. They are innovative, creative and never fail in finding great ideas to create and develop new technology for its line. When it was founded 30 years ago, of course MUFE was meant to cater for the professionals. However, over the years they are also expanding their journey for us, user.

To cater everybody needs, these 210 colours selection is divided into 5 different effects. They are:-

1. Matte - The texture is non-shiny, dry, little bit powdery and light. 
2. Satiny - Then texture is soft, little bit of shine, and light.
3. Iridecence - The colours so pigmented, bit shiny, strong and bold.
4. Diamond - The texture full with sparkle, shiny, light but the diamond sparkle easily to fall off. So, its best to apply with eye primer 
5. Metallic - The most bold and strong colours among the above. The texture bit creamy, very pigmented, strong and bold. normally available for neon and striking colour range.

To understand better the differences between these type, I did some swatches on my hands and you can view them below:-

The best part about this colour range is, it can be applied to any part of the body. As MUFE is very well known for its specialty in body art, this colours could act as a pigment to work on any skin surface. After the swatches on my hands, I leave it for the whole day and surprisingly some of the colours still intact (more than 24 hours), especially for Iridecence and metal type.

Each colour can be purchased separately and you can customise your colour template based on your selection up to your choice. You may keep the colours either in the ready made pallette (i.e. single, double, triple or magnetic pallette - that can store up to 15 colours).

On the day itself, Ms Erika created two looks with the Artist Shadow. She created Look 1 - smokey eyes from blue shades and it looks sparkle and beautiful! most of the colours used was from Iridecence and diamond effect.

As for the second look, it was called ombrey look and its a shading created from the lightest shades from the inner corner then turns darker to the outer part of the eyes. As you can see below, both looks amazingly stunning and the colours turned out great!

Since that I was there, its incomplete if I did not experience myself with the MUFE 210 Artist Shadowss. With Eugine assistance, she changed me beautifully!!!

I love how intense the colours turned out, daring and brave, perfect for night outing!
Just now, you saw the making of the Artist Shadow commercial, now lets see its actual commercial:-

210 MUFE Artist Shadow can be purchased at all Sephora outlet around Malaysia or at the MUFE Pro-Boutique located at the 2nd Floor, Starhill Gallery.

For more info do check them out at

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