Monday, 6 October 2014

The Splashes of 210 MUFE Artist Shadow

To celebrate 30 years anniversary, Make Up For Ever (MUFE) has launched their newly improved 210 selections splash of Artist Shadow this Fall!

The revolutionary of the colours begin with of over more than 4 years of research and development to achieve the desirable bold, pigmented and striking colours of choice.    

Recently, I was among the first to experience and to also to had in-situ approach of these amazing colours. To share the knowledge of the colours and its journey, Ms. Erika Saenz, the MUFE Regional Training Manager all the way from Philippines shared with us the specialty of these colours.

MUFE is a brand that makes make-up and that is their specialty. They are innovative, creative and never fail in finding great ideas to create and develop new technology for its line. When it was founded 30 years ago, of course MUFE was meant to cater for the professionals. However, over the years they are also expanding their journey for us, user.

To cater everybody needs, these 210 colours selection is divided into 5 different effects. They are:-

1. Matte - The texture is non-shiny, dry, little bit powdery and light. 
2. Satiny - Then texture is soft, little bit of shine, and light.
3. Iridecence - The colours so pigmented, bit shiny, strong and bold.
4. Diamond - The texture full with sparkle, shiny, light but the diamond sparkle easily to fall off. So, its best to apply with eye primer 
5. Metallic - The most bold and strong colours among the above. The texture bit creamy, very pigmented, strong and bold. normally available for neon and striking colour range.

To understand better the differences between these type, I did some swatches on my hands and you can view them below:-

The best part about this colour range is, it can be applied to any part of the body. As MUFE is very well known for its specialty in body art, this colours could act as a pigment to work on any skin surface. After the swatches on my hands, I leave it for the whole day and surprisingly some of the colours still intact (more than 24 hours), especially for Iridecence and metal type.

Each colour can be purchased separately and you can customise your colour template based on your selection up to your choice. You may keep the colours either in the ready made pallette (i.e. single, double, triple or magnetic pallette - that can store up to 15 colours).

On the day itself, Ms Erika created two looks with the Artist Shadow. She created Look 1 - smokey eyes from blue shades and it looks sparkle and beautiful! most of the colours used was from Iridecence and diamond effect.

As for the second look, it was called ombrey look and its a shading created from the lightest shades from the inner corner then turns darker to the outer part of the eyes. As you can see below, both looks amazingly stunning and the colours turned out great!

Since that I was there, its incomplete if I did not experience myself with the MUFE 210 Artist Shadowss. With Eugine assistance, she changed me beautifully!!!

I love how intense the colours turned out, daring and brave, perfect for night outing!
Just now, you saw the making of the Artist Shadow commercial, now lets see its actual commercial:-

210 MUFE Artist Shadow can be purchased at all Sephora outlet around Malaysia or at the MUFE Pro-Boutique located at the 2nd Floor, Starhill Gallery.

For more info do check them out at

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo