Sunday, 19 October 2014

MUFE Aqua Range - so Aqualistic!

The revolutionary for waterproof make-up is a never ending process. Every year, new technology and innovations would leads to a new discovery. AQUA Range by MAKE UP FOR EVER was created in such for achieving not only limited for a waterproof efficiency, yet it also for long wearing, the consistency and the pigments of the colours, sweat proof and durable in hot humid weather!

Since it was launched in Summer 2013, Aqua range by MUFE has gotten its interest into most of Water Sports Industry and that includes Swimming and Water Aquabatic dancers. Everyone deserves to look beautiful including while underwater. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER is a makeup professional creator for reasons! The best part about the Aqua Range is you do not have to be underwater just to wear this range. Suitable for our Malaysian weather, i.e. Summer and Rain through the year, this Aqua Range is also wearable for our everyday climate. The intensity of the colours is very strong, depending of the colours selection, it can be bold and daring depending how you apply it.

How Aqua Range by MUFE works. This all thanks to Dany and her scientists for creating such technology to makes it happen. For each and every product in the Aqua Range consist the following:-

1. Volatile Oils and Synthetic Wax
2. Filmogen Polimer
3. Mother of Pearls and Pigments

The combination of these three elements creates the marvelous waterproof product by MUFE.

So how it works? 

As you can see in the diagram below, the products once applied to the skin, would triggered the Volatile Oils and Synthetic Wax to ensure the Pigments and Mother of Pearl to set on the skin. The Polymer Film once it dry, it would create one protection layer that would avoid any penetration  of element (this includes water) into the product.

The drying process would take seconds and it is best to blend the product quickly to avoid any harsh look.


It is best to keep the container of the product remained close and intact. As mentioned earlier, the drying process would take seconds and it is important to keep the consistency and moisture of the product. Example for the Aqua Cream Shadow, in between application, you may turn the product up side down to avoid any contact with the air.

2014 Summer Collection

For 2014, MUFE has launched their new products for Aqua Range. The selections of colours were madness with strong and bold colours. Neon is so in this year and it still look chic by wear it alone!.

Although Fall is approaching in many countries but hey, there is no snow in Malaysia. The monsoon season even makes the more reason to wear the Aqua Range by MUFE.

2014 MUFE Summer Collection Aqua 
The new 2014 Summer Collection introduced the following:-

1. Three new colours for Eyeliners; Grey, Cobalt and Pink
2. Mascara - Aqua Smoky Extravagant
3. Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil, 6 new colours
4. Aqua Rouge - In shade 03 Light Rosewood
5. Aqua Cream - Waterproof cream colour - in shade 23 Acidics Green

At the introductory event, I tried myself with the colours and was totally amazed with the results.

To be honest, I am totally satisfy with the intensity and the stay of the products. If you want to view all the range, you may visit at the MUFE Pro Boutique located at Level 2, Starhill or check more at

Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo