Friday, 17 October 2014

Selfie with Kiss Me

What are you gurls doing over the weekend? Stand a chance to win and get rewarded by dropping by at the Kiss Me Selfie Booth/station at selected Watson Stores:-

1/ Watson Pavilion
2/ Watson 1 Utama
3/ Watson Mid Valley

Get yourself rewarded for the following:-

1/ Take your selfie with Kiss Me product and post it on FACEBOOK at the Selfie Booth located at the selected Watson outlet named above and GET a Kiss Me Voucher. There are about 4 vouchers in total and you can purchased Kiss Me product with the voucher. This promotion includes discounted items by Watson!!!! 

2/ Make a purchase on the spot by using the vouchers that you get after you take the Selfie and you are entitled for for a lucky draw, to win Kiss Me product worth RM100 (10 winners/per week). It is better to purchase with separate transaction in order for you to make use of all the vouchers. 

3/ Register on the Selfie App at the Selfie Station and you are entitled for a Mystery Gift. This Mistery Gift will be delivered directly to your home.

4/ If you have MOST LIKES for your Selfie Photo, you could win yourself a Sony Selfie Smart Phone Sony Xperia C3, 1 Year Supply of Kiss Me Product and 100K Watson Point!!! Woahhh this is the Grand Prize!!

5/ If you have MOST SHARED of your Selfie Photo, you could win a 1 Year Supply of Kiss Me products!!!

OMG - the prizes are breathtaking!! I was so tempting with Prize no. 4!!! 

My Experiences

Last Saturday I had my chance to try the Selfie App which located at the Watson Midvalley. To use the apps is very easy and now I am going to guide you step by step how to do it, then you get the chance to get rewarded!!.

Step 1 : Go to any selected Watson Outlet with Kiss Me Selfie Booth / App. 

They are: a. Watson Pavilion     b. Watson 1 Utama        c. Watson Mid Valley

Step 2: Choose your favourite Kiss Me Products.

Step 3: Face the Selfie camera app, get your right angel, pose and snap together with your favourite Kiss Me products that you chosen earlier. If you don't like the result, you can re-take again and again!

Step 4: After you satisfy with the picture, Get the picture code. It is best if you take picture of the code for easy reference. Then with Barcode scanner app, scan the barcode and head straight to the Kiss Me website to retrieve your Selfie with the code provided from the selfie booth! Register yourself at the website and you are entitled for the REWARD No. 3.

Step 5: Grab your voucher and buy your favourite Kiss Me product at discounted rate on the spot. This is your Reward No. 1. When you purchase the Kiss Me product with the voucher on the spot, you are entitle to nominate yourself for a Lucky Draw!!! This is the REWARD No. 2.

Step 6: Once you retrieve your Selfie in the website, it will automatically posted on your Facebook. Gain More LIKES and SHARES and stand a chance to win and get rewarded No. 4 & 5.

See? Thats so easy like munching gummies!!! I hope you could stand a chance to win the prizes mentioned above and do share with me which Kiss Me product that you love the most!


There are about 3 chances to win the GRAND PRIZE!!!

Round 1 - Post your Selfie to Facebook and gain likes and shares within 01 October until 31 October 2014

Round 2 - Post your Selfie to Facebook and gain likes and shares within 01 Nov - 07 Dec 2014

Round 3 - Post your Selfie to Facebook and gain likes and shares within 01 Dec - 07 Jan 2014

How cool is that!!! Do not wait no more!! head straight to the Selfie Booth and boost your Selfie expertise at KISS ME!!!!!!!

Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo