Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Beautylicious in Fashion: My Pink CRAVE for May 2015

Hello ma Beautylicious.. Its second week of May and is the most amazing month for me as it is my Birthday Month. Yup that’s right I am a Taurus born kid. I always obsessed with number “5” since little and I always think that no “5” is my lucky number. But nahh it was never true. LOL

Anyway in this post I would like to share with you my Birthday Splurge and Wishlist for this month. I convinced my other half to be part of the crime and so that I don’t feel so much hole burnt in my pocket.

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 Adidas Sport Watch in Hot Pink

-          I love this watch that came in variety of colours and design but I preferred the one in Pink. This colour was personally chosen by my other half and he said HOT Pink suits me better. This is just a normal sport watch where I can wear during casual outing or exercise day. I look forward to match this with stacked of bracelets!!! Its Summer and hell yeah more accessories to rock on.

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Ted Baker – Wallet in shocking Pink

-        The decision of buying this baby was so impromptu. That’s how ladies do their shopping kan? Just joking. To be honest I never own a proper wallet since 2012. Last wallet that I have was a gift from my ex-boss and he said it was my birthday present (aww..). But I seldom use it because I feel its bulkiness restrained my day to day activity. Furthermore, I was so in trend with wristlet back then.

-          Well I’ve been eyeing Ted Baker wallet since 2013. Their basic design for wallet did not change so much except for the diamond design claps and colours. Material wise Ted Baker always use either treated leather or the combination of leather and PVC like the one I have here. I look forward to use this baby so much and utilise it to the max. (considering I am a rough person, I hope this baby’s durability is high).

-          I choose striking colours as I love shocking beat for 2015. Furthermore its summer and it’s time to accessories with more fun colours.

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Kate Spade – Ivy Drive Loryn in Hot Pink (small)

-          I was looking for the RIGHT PINK bags since early this year and was unable to locate my preferred design until I bumped into this HOWT babe!!! It’s Kate Spade Ivy Drive in Howt Pink!!! It came in 4 combination colours of dual shades (i.e. beige-lime, black-nude, red-baby blue and Pink-red).

-          This edition came in two sizes (i.e. Medium and Small). I love the small one as it is more easier to carry and you can always wear it in multi-ways. BUT very sad that this bag is still OUT OF STOCKS in US and I am still waiting for the stock to come in. I hope I am able to get this bag in my hand.. Arghhh I really want this bag so badly!!! LOL

- This is REALLY my WISHLIST Item!! I really wish to have this PINK LORYN BAG for my Birthday this Year!...

That's all my thought about my Pink Crave for May 2015. I shall share more on my fashion or beauty essential from time to time.

Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

[Beautylicious Review]: Facial Cotton Puff ; Watson VS Guardian

Hola Beautylicious!!! This is a bit random but I feel like sharing my thought about this one particular beauty essential which is Cotton Facial Square Puff or Pad or whatever you call it.

Above: Facial Cotton Puff by Watson and Below: From Guardian

For the past few years, I've been using the facial square cotton from Watson that came in cute boxes in three. Sometimes the box design is either some cartoon characters (but the box mostly is in PINK colour). I call this their so called "Premium Product".

Well recently I ran out of it and was in rush to get a replacement. So, my boyfriend just dropped me at Guardian nearby and I gotten myself the facial cotton (which was in promotion; buy 3 free : Cost at RM10.70)  that I also think is their so called "Premium product".

The comparison between the Watsons' and Guardians'. Do you notice that Guardian's surface bit shining compared to Watson's?

My Experience

I tried the Guardians' one and I personally don't really like it. When I ran my toner or rosehip water over my face, I don't feel the softness and the puffiness of the cotton. Instead, it was dry, rough and the material was too dense. Due to that, it doesn't really pick-up so much of dirt on my skin compared to Watsons'. 

Another annoying part is, while I was applying the toner / rosehip water, I can feel few strands of cotton sticking on my face. I personally hate it. To be honest I never encounter this problem with Watson's brand.

As for the Watson's brand, the cotton feels more soft to the skin and it help to absorb and scrap away all the impurities. My skin feels more clean and the best part is, the effectiveness of the product is proven with the right applicator and for this case Watson's Facial Cotton Puff.  

On the Right ; Noticed few strands came off from the Guardian's puff? While much lesser from Watson's (Left).

My Verdict  

Did I regret of buying it? Yes and furthermore I have 3 more boxes that I haven't use. I might give it to my friends or my boyfriend's mother to avoid it gone waste. 

Tomorrow I definitely need to stock more of Watson's Facial Cotton Puff!! Well, let me know what is your thought about these two products. Which one is your preferred one. If you are using other brand and is really good, do share with me on the comment section down below!! Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo

Disclaimer: This is just a comparison review post based on my personal experience. Different people might have different view about this product depending on their preference.  I will share more of this type of post (based on my personal preference and interest of the products that I've been using) from time to time.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Pink & Proper is now on ZALORA!!!

Hello Ma Beautylicious!!! Summer is approaching and here in Malaysia, we are having Summer (and in between with raining season) through out the year!!! Great news is for those who are looking for a chick look and affordable bikini or beachwear, you may get it from Pink & Proper!!! 

Guess What? There are now available in ZALORA too!! How cool is that.. Look at their new collection. Its so pretty and some of them are Triangl inspired and they are amazingly affordable!!

Pink & Proper is always be my online shop platform when comes to Bikini and Beachwear. I always love their collection and its always up to date but yet it does not burn my pocket. Not to mention that it is in high quality too!! 

Lets go through some of the collection in their Website yeah?

I love this lacey top which came in many colours where you can dress up or down depending on your occasion. Both Design: RM65.00

Look at this cute beach coverall... Lovely design and yet affordable; Left: RM49.00 and Right: RM45.00

Look at the design!! it is a must  have for Summer!! Left: RM45.00; Right: RM65.00

Interested with the collection? Guess what I have more exciting news where you may get further 15%* off by using the following CODE: EDAZZ15

Just click at the banner and it will head you straight to the website and you may choose your favourite designs there. This code is available until 31 DECEMBER 2015!!!

But please take note Beautylicious, this code is only available when you make the purchase in their WEBSITE only. 

Terms and Conditions:

* The Code is valid from NOW until 31st December 2015
* Users get 15% off their purchases with code EDAZZ15, can be used for SALE or NON-SALE items, but NOT on campaign items (i.e. summer box, xmas box, bulk sale)
* can be used on apparels and swimwear. 
* Pink&Proper will have the right to change the T&C from time to time

Alright Beautylicious!! Until we meet again in my next post!! xoxo

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Korean Inspired Looks with The Butterfly Christmas Box

Hello Ma Beautylicious. It has been a while since my last post in January 2015. The post continue with more product review curated in Christmas Box by the Butterfly Project.

We were given few products from various cosmetic brands and were assigned to create a makeup look for 2015. I was totally madly deeply in love with Kim Soo-Hyun and Lee Min-Ho (1987) after I watched "My Love From Another Star" and "Faith". I was totally inspired with korean makeup styles especially with their fresh, dewy and simple makeup look. One of the element that quite obvious in their look is gradient lips. It creates an illusion of smaller and cute lips. You would tends to look more like baby doll with bigger puppy eyes. I wish I am 5 shades fairer than my tone now for this look. Never mind, when there is a will, there is always ways to make things happen.

From the Christmas Box, I identified the following products which I can use to create this look:-

1. Always 21 Aloe Vera Moisturise Soothing Mist (Retails at RM39/100ml)
2. Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop in Baby Shock (Retails at RM14.90)
3. Collection Cosmetics Hotlights Lip Gloss in shade 02 Dazzle (Retails at RM24.90)
4. Dolly Wink Black Liquid pen eyeliner (Retails at RM55.90)
5. Maybelline Colour Show nail lacquer in pink voltage  (Retails at RM9.90)

To be honest, I watched way too many makeup tutorials how to achieve this look and I hope this post would help you to achieve the same only with these products! Try to create yours and do share with me your looks! 

I learned that to create this look, you need to ensure your skin is fully prep with facial skin care routine. When my face is ready, I started with the very first product originated all the way from KOREA, i.e. Always 21 Aloe Vera Moisturise Soothing Mist. OMG I seriously love the scent! It is so refreshing and perfect for summer breeze. I spray it all over my face and its now fully prepared for the next step.

Then I conceal my under eyes with Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in shade light. This steps is to eliminate the dark circle under my eyes. To brighten up on certain part of my face, I also applied the same at the bridge of my nose, at my higher cheek bone, the tip of my upper lips, on my forehead and little bit on my chin. Then with foundation brush, I blend blend and press pat the product to my skin.

Next product, I use my favourite Chanel CC Cream. To achieve an even skin tone, I applied evenly all over my face with my foundation brush. Then I conceal my under eyes again with my favourite concealer, Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade light medium. Then to set all with my favourite powder by Anna Sui Powder Foundation. When apply my powder, I prefer to use a powder brush to give a lighter touch. Then your skin won't look too cakey with too much of product on the skin.

Next move on to my eyebrows. For this look, Korean brows is more straight with no defined arch. This would create a softer look. To create the brows, I use my favourite Brow stick from Daiso. Its a product from Japan and it only cost at RM5. I love Daiso product!

To create my eyes look, I use my favourite eyeshadow palette i.e. Girls On Film by Makeup Revolution. With the lightest purple matte shades in the palette and its called "One In a Million", I applied evenly all over my lids. Then with smaller brush, I applied matte brown colour (i.e. Give me Shudder) at the outer corner of my lids and bring it down to the lower corner of the eyes.

Then finish of with Dolly Wink Black Pen liquid eyeliner. The trick is to draw the line downwards and create a puppy eye look. I extend the liner by creating the wings downwards. This would gives an illusion of bigger eyes.

Again I reach my Girls On Film Palette and apply the lightest shimmery shades i.e. Walking Hand in Hand and Bridge at Midnight and apply it as a highlighter to my face. Only highlight at the best features to emphasis certain area example, cheekbones and at the bridges of my nose.

Next product from the box, I use Maybelline Baby Lips Electric Pop. This is a tinted lip balm that would gives a pop of colour to your lips. It enhance the the moisture level to keep your lips hydrated whole day. I only apply at the center of my lips to gives the gradient effect to my lips. then I apply the concealer at the outer corner of the lips to lighten the lip shades. This then would enhance the gradient effects to it. Then finish the looks with Collection Lip Gloss to gives a glossing touch.

With the same Maybelline Baby Lips Electric Pop, I applied some to the apple of my cheeks to give a hint of glows and rosy touch as a blusher.

There you have it. My Korean Look inspired for 2015. I hope you would create yours too and do share with me your Korean look at the comment section below.

Last but not least, you may apply the Maybelline Colour Show nail lacquer in pink voltage to your nails to complete the look. I forgot to apply mine so I hope you enjoy this look. Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo

Sunday, 18 January 2015

[Beautylicious Review]: SHIZENS Lips Tattoo

Having lips tattooed of course is something new for me. But if its for temporarily and in a good way - why not? So I took the challenge by Butterfly Project to do a review of this product called "Lip Tattoo by SHIZENS". This product is one of the main featured product in Xmas Christmas Box.

Little bit info about SHIZENS. SHIZENS is a skin care and cosmetics brand originated from Korea. Their products were made by natural and botanical ingredients. For them it is better to enhance your beauty naturally instead of having tonnes of makeup on your skins which would not last. 

This product contains Water, Mineral Oil, Caprylic / capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Bees Wax and many more. The contents are mainly botanical and natural and hence it is safe to use.

Let me share more about this product. The product came in liquid form which looks similar like other lip product but in white colour. The consistency of the liquid is quite thick and moisturising. Once applied, it will gradually change into pinkish colour and the stain would last for couple of hours. I gathered that the pinkish stain would change depending on your body temperature. Means, the warmer your body is, the pinkish your lip colour will turn to be. So imagine when your have a fever. With this product, you will look more prettier instead of sick and pale ~ okay now I look forward to see myself with this product when I got sick!!

I've been having chapped, dark brown and dry lips since small. That is why I was never a huge fan of lip glosses as it never helps to enhance my lips colour. Some of the lipstick with lighter and sheer shades never works on me due to my lips pigmentation.
Let see the result before and after

This is my lips before and after the application. As I mentioned earlier, my lips were uneven, dark brown in colour, chapped and dry which not beautylicious at all. But miracle happen right after the very first application, as you can see my lips turn more pinkish, bold and fuller. The colour is not as strong as expected and is more natural and sheer. 


It retails at RM168.00 for 8ml and you can purchase it at any SHIZENS stores around Malaysia.

My Verdict

Well, this product claimed to improves your lips condition such as fine lines, pigmentation, dryness and turn it into more healthy, rosy and moisture lips. I only use it for few weeks so I am yet to see any drastic changes to my lips. Guess I need to apply it everyday without fail to see its effectiveness.

Well do I like the product? For me its ok but for the price its bit pricey. If the result would gives the benefit as it claimed why not.

Well, thats all for this post. Do share with me your thought about this product. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo