Sunday, 18 January 2015

[Beautylicious Review]: SHIZENS Lips Tattoo

Having lips tattooed of course is something new for me. But if its for temporarily and in a good way - why not? So I took the challenge by Butterfly Project to do a review of this product called "Lip Tattoo by SHIZENS". This product is one of the main featured product in Xmas Christmas Box.

Little bit info about SHIZENS. SHIZENS is a skin care and cosmetics brand originated from Korea. Their products were made by natural and botanical ingredients. For them it is better to enhance your beauty naturally instead of having tonnes of makeup on your skins which would not last. 

This product contains Water, Mineral Oil, Caprylic / capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Bees Wax and many more. The contents are mainly botanical and natural and hence it is safe to use.

Let me share more about this product. The product came in liquid form which looks similar like other lip product but in white colour. The consistency of the liquid is quite thick and moisturising. Once applied, it will gradually change into pinkish colour and the stain would last for couple of hours. I gathered that the pinkish stain would change depending on your body temperature. Means, the warmer your body is, the pinkish your lip colour will turn to be. So imagine when your have a fever. With this product, you will look more prettier instead of sick and pale ~ okay now I look forward to see myself with this product when I got sick!!

I've been having chapped, dark brown and dry lips since small. That is why I was never a huge fan of lip glosses as it never helps to enhance my lips colour. Some of the lipstick with lighter and sheer shades never works on me due to my lips pigmentation.
Let see the result before and after

This is my lips before and after the application. As I mentioned earlier, my lips were uneven, dark brown in colour, chapped and dry which not beautylicious at all. But miracle happen right after the very first application, as you can see my lips turn more pinkish, bold and fuller. The colour is not as strong as expected and is more natural and sheer. 


It retails at RM168.00 for 8ml and you can purchase it at any SHIZENS stores around Malaysia.

My Verdict

Well, this product claimed to improves your lips condition such as fine lines, pigmentation, dryness and turn it into more healthy, rosy and moisture lips. I only use it for few weeks so I am yet to see any drastic changes to my lips. Guess I need to apply it everyday without fail to see its effectiveness.

Well do I like the product? For me its ok but for the price its bit pricey. If the result would gives the benefit as it claimed why not.

Well, thats all for this post. Do share with me your thought about this product. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo