Monday, 30 June 2014

Wink Wink with My Samsung NX Mini

In my previous post <here> I have shared with you the amazing features that can be found in this amazing small companion i.e. Samsung NX Mini. Another great features about this Samsung NX Mini are the few "mode" for us to choose for Selfie shot. As for Selfie freaks like me, this features would enable me to take perfect selfies in regardless whichever situation I was in.

I am so into Selfies with My NX Mini

First let see the commercial:-

One of the features in Selfie mode is the “Wink Shot" which I believe that you are not able to find in other camera.

How to use this feature?

1. Change the mode to the “wink” mode

The "wink" motion
2. Look at the screen and wink – the NX Mini sensor will detect your “winked eye"

Give a "wink" for the NX Mini sensor 
3. Then the timer will start and capture your selfie.

This was how I look like!

How easy is that? 

Why would the "wink" shot would benefit you?

This feature would help you to get a better control of your pose and capture moment. Sometimes we were unable to press to capture button after we angled for selfie and it is really frustrating. Especially for group shot aka #wefie!!! Nah ~ This NX Mini is the perfect solution for you!!

Don cha think this is the absolute reason to own your Samsung NX Mini!


Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo

Monday, 23 June 2014

Raising Eyebrows with Benefit

Having perfect and raising eyebrows is every woman dream. Having your eyebrows trim and shape would frame your face and would gives some character to the face. That is why recently, Benefit Cosmetics all the way from Sans Francisco presenting Mr. Jared Bailey to shared with us the perfect way to shape the eyebrows!

Jared was giving us a guidance how to create a perfect raising eyebrows
Close-up view - Jared carefully showed us the perfect way to plot your eyebrows!
To achieve the perfect eyebrows is not that hard especially if you know the technique and ways how to create it. Benefit Cosmetics with their intelligence invented few products that would assist you to create the perfect raising eyebrows!

Products used by Benefit Cosmetics to create the Raising Brows!!!
First, of course you need to measure and plot the starting point of your eyebrows. By using the Benefit Brow Zings, you would start to plot the starting point of your eyebrows. Then plot the arch and finally the end of it.

For better illustration guide, look below:-
Use the Brow Zings to plot your brows - I started with wax

Take note, the closer your eyebrows to the middle, it will give you the sharper nose illusion.

This how it looks like after you done the plotting
Then start draw the outer part of the plot and filling in with the brow zings - the powder.  
Then to tamed the naughty hair with gimme brows. It helps to keep the hair in place.

This is my final look. What do you think?
Can you imagine, only with these two products, you are able to create amazing eyebrows yourself!! The guidance to create this amazing tutorial was taught by Jared Baileys all the way from Sans Francisco. He is the Benefit Cosmetics Brows Expert and he travels around the globe to share his knowledge on how to achieve amazing brows with Benefit! Thank you Jared!!.

With Jared after the makeover
Benefit products featured above available at the Benefit Beauty counter, Parkson and Sephora. The price list for above featured products as follows:-

Brows Zings: RM115 (available in 3 shades)
Gimme Brows: RM85 (available in 2 shades)

If you wanna try Benefit Brows Bar (the famous iconic beauty bar), the price list for wax service as follows:-

Eyebrows: RM55
Upper Lips: RM35

For more info and stores location you may check them <here>.

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Duriana - Market in the Skies brought us to the sun!!!

Duriana ~ Its a female version of the "King of Fruits - Durian" and the intention is to bring the vibes, the originality and the exotic hue of the brand itself. For those who might not known of what Duriana is, It is an apps, where you can built your own platform in a business community and online shopping experience. Their intention is, everyone who owns a smartphone is able to be the entrepreneur. How cool is that!!!. If you have antique item, or vintage or maybe pre-love to sell-off, this is the right apps for you.

Duriana users and followers has been growing and expanding for the past 6 months ever since it was officially launched in December 2013. With more than 400,000 users and counting, Duriana is focusing more in building up a community that would beneficial all their users.

So how it works? Its easy:-

I foresee that Duriana is pretty unique. Despite on relying on the apps and letting the community to grow by itself, Duriana is also organize a community meet-up e.g bazaar between the vendors and their followers. Every event organised would focus at the theme and genre to attract the interest crowds. This would also given the young entrepreneurs to have the chance to meet with their followers, to gain more contacts and business opportunity in future. As a shopper sometimes your buying hunger is not fully satisfying if only to rely completely on pictures. You would prefer to have the items in your hand prior buying it. Nah ~ this is the place!!.

The recent event that I attended, "Market in the Skies" was more intended for the "Fashion and Style" freak. Talking about current fashion demand ~ OMG the vendors selections were so amazing!!! I would say that the style line and the selections of accessories and clothes, were so up to-date and most importantly was - the prices were so affordable. If you get lucky yeah you can bargain the price!!

Want to see what I spotted on?

Jewelries always caught my eyes

Cute pieces

Dream catcher - cute no?

Sequin clutches - so cuteeee...

More statement necklaces

This stall sells cute tops and bottoms.. =)

Its a chilling time - get your cold drinks and shop while listening to funky music! 
I went to some of the stalls and had my eyes onto few great items. The great part about this meeting is, you will still be able to continue the communication with the vendors through Duriana. Talking about ordering, choosing, counter offer - re-offer, negotiating its all here in Duriana.

So what did I gathered in the crowd? I wish to spend more here. The items selection were so mesmerizing. They caught my attention and I look forward to shop with them via Duriana. So what I got from this bazaar?

I bought this cute piece for RM20.. Its lovely right?
Duriana also has improved and revamp the apps to make it more friendly user. The genre of the items sell is divided into few categories for easy access. This would make your search engine more easier and faster. 

I had close contact with Amanda, one of the Duriana Co-founder and they are planning something BIG for Duriana in future. For her, Duriana is not only an apps. Its a community that helps each other.

Me with the Founder of Duriana - Amanda
You would not want to miss the shopping experience with Duriana. Click over <here> and its available for both Android and IOS users. I  would promise you that you will get what your looking for. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo 

Samsung GalaxyLife Brought Starlight Cinema to live!!!

What would be your perfect getaway with your beloved once? Let’s go through this list shall we?

1/ GREAT Selections of MARATHON MOVIES to watch – checked
2/ HUGE Samsung Phone Screen and excellent sounds system - checked
3/ GREAT FOOD SELECTION from awesome Vendors – checked
4/ BEANIE BEAN to dig in – checked
5/ PICNIC style outing with family, friends and beloved ones – checked
6/ A place for a shopping spreeeeeee – checked

Can you believe that all the above you can get at one place ~ yeah one place and where is it???

Yeah baby ~ this is the place for you!!! Samsung GalaxyLife brought Starlight Cinema live near you. It is a MOVIES MARATHON Festival and It’s happening now at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club at Mont Kiara from 13th until 21st June 2014. Its the Malaysian Biggest Outdoor Movie evaa!. The selections of movies are awesome and it varies from the oldies to the latest and Box Office hits.

The entrance

This Outdoor Movie Screen - Don't you think Its Owhsome?!!!

Both of my Life Companion - together with me enjoy the Movie Marathon that day

If you are early, you can have the beanie bag for yourself all night long
With HUGE Samsung Phone Screen, and its arranged in the middle of the field – It is a great way to spend time with your beloved ones, family and friends. Did I mention that you need to bring Tikar Mengkuang, Blanket and Bantal Busuk for this outing? Yeah – bring yours from home and make yourself comfortable like home. This is a healthy festival perfect for a calm and relax getaway. Not only that, more selections of food to enjoy and you will get them for freeeeee. The food selections were specially curated for you from few Owhsome vendors perfect for this movies getaway through the night. If you want “MyBurgerLab”, “Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw”, “Gong Cha Tea”, “Coffee Coffea”, I just named few and if you want to know more, you need to go to this awesome event.

Selections of the owhsome vendors at the Starlight Cinema - Did I mentioned that the food offered is FREEEEE???? 

So, I have briefly mentioned how cool this event is. Now I am going to share with you how you can get in and enjoy this excitement FOR FREEEEEEEE!!! Yeah U heard me.. Its FREEEEEEE only for Samsung GalaxyLife users. Not yet download the apps? Don’t worry. You can download it at and you will not miss this owhsomeness evaa..

If you have downloaded the GalaxyLife apps in your Samsung Smart Phone you would noticed few vendors that would gives great offers and discounts. The way to use it is simple. Choose your preferred vendor and the offers and click redeem. Please be rest assured that once you click redeem you need to claim your offer within 1 hour. Once redeemed, you can only use once for a day. The offer will refresh the next day – subject to the terms and condition.

So what movies that will be on screen next? To checked the movie screening list you may refer <here> or as follows:-

And the Final Day:-

Few tips to share with you Beautylicious before you go for this awesomeness!!! 

Bring These...........

Some cash - for some shopping
Comfy floor mats - for lepaking
Small pillows (for more comfort!) - for lie down or rolling over (like Hindustan movie)
Inflatable beds (for even more comfort!) - For sleep entire nite
Umbrellas / Ponchos - in case the weather not being affirmative 
Mosquito repellant - if you have sensitive skin over insects etc.

So, what do you think Beautylicious?.. Have you decided to join the crowd? The show continue on Tuesday, i.e. TOMORROWWWWWW!!! Do download your GalaxyLife apps at and those whos already download - Welcome to the Galaxylificious.....

Until we meet again in my next post!! xoxo

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Vanity Trove 1st Mid Year End Sales is around the corner!!

Hey Beautylicious!!! Are you a huge fan for Kielh, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Loreal and Schwarzkopf?

Guess What!!! Its a Vanity Trove 1st Mid Year Sale everrrrr!!!

Get the details about the sales event below:-

How to attend to this amaaazing sales event? Well,

So, Beautylicious!! Its time for Shopping!!!! 

Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo