Monday, 16 June 2014

Duriana - Market in the Skies brought us to the sun!!!

Duriana ~ Its a female version of the "King of Fruits - Durian" and the intention is to bring the vibes, the originality and the exotic hue of the brand itself. For those who might not known of what Duriana is, It is an apps, where you can built your own platform in a business community and online shopping experience. Their intention is, everyone who owns a smartphone is able to be the entrepreneur. How cool is that!!!. If you have antique item, or vintage or maybe pre-love to sell-off, this is the right apps for you.

Duriana users and followers has been growing and expanding for the past 6 months ever since it was officially launched in December 2013. With more than 400,000 users and counting, Duriana is focusing more in building up a community that would beneficial all their users.

So how it works? Its easy:-

I foresee that Duriana is pretty unique. Despite on relying on the apps and letting the community to grow by itself, Duriana is also organize a community meet-up e.g bazaar between the vendors and their followers. Every event organised would focus at the theme and genre to attract the interest crowds. This would also given the young entrepreneurs to have the chance to meet with their followers, to gain more contacts and business opportunity in future. As a shopper sometimes your buying hunger is not fully satisfying if only to rely completely on pictures. You would prefer to have the items in your hand prior buying it. Nah ~ this is the place!!.

The recent event that I attended, "Market in the Skies" was more intended for the "Fashion and Style" freak. Talking about current fashion demand ~ OMG the vendors selections were so amazing!!! I would say that the style line and the selections of accessories and clothes, were so up to-date and most importantly was - the prices were so affordable. If you get lucky yeah you can bargain the price!!

Want to see what I spotted on?

Jewelries always caught my eyes

Cute pieces

Dream catcher - cute no?

Sequin clutches - so cuteeee...

More statement necklaces

This stall sells cute tops and bottoms.. =)

Its a chilling time - get your cold drinks and shop while listening to funky music! 
I went to some of the stalls and had my eyes onto few great items. The great part about this meeting is, you will still be able to continue the communication with the vendors through Duriana. Talking about ordering, choosing, counter offer - re-offer, negotiating its all here in Duriana.

So what did I gathered in the crowd? I wish to spend more here. The items selection were so mesmerizing. They caught my attention and I look forward to shop with them via Duriana. So what I got from this bazaar?

I bought this cute piece for RM20.. Its lovely right?
Duriana also has improved and revamp the apps to make it more friendly user. The genre of the items sell is divided into few categories for easy access. This would make your search engine more easier and faster. 

I had close contact with Amanda, one of the Duriana Co-founder and they are planning something BIG for Duriana in future. For her, Duriana is not only an apps. Its a community that helps each other.

Me with the Founder of Duriana - Amanda
You would not want to miss the shopping experience with Duriana. Click over <here> and its available for both Android and IOS users. I  would promise you that you will get what your looking for. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo