Monday, 30 June 2014

Wink Wink with My Samsung NX Mini

In my previous post <here> I have shared with you the amazing features that can be found in this amazing small companion i.e. Samsung NX Mini. Another great features about this Samsung NX Mini are the few "mode" for us to choose for Selfie shot. As for Selfie freaks like me, this features would enable me to take perfect selfies in regardless whichever situation I was in.

I am so into Selfies with My NX Mini

First let see the commercial:-

One of the features in Selfie mode is the “Wink Shot" which I believe that you are not able to find in other camera.

How to use this feature?

1. Change the mode to the “wink” mode

The "wink" motion
2. Look at the screen and wink – the NX Mini sensor will detect your “winked eye"

Give a "wink" for the NX Mini sensor 
3. Then the timer will start and capture your selfie.

This was how I look like!

How easy is that? 

Why would the "wink" shot would benefit you?

This feature would help you to get a better control of your pose and capture moment. Sometimes we were unable to press to capture button after we angled for selfie and it is really frustrating. Especially for group shot aka #wefie!!! Nah ~ This NX Mini is the perfect solution for you!!

Don cha think this is the absolute reason to own your Samsung NX Mini!


Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo