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I am at the beginning of the 3 series and I can feel so many drastic changes to my body. Obviously I need to encounter this changes and I discovered Eskayvie – Enriched your LIFE.

Founded in 2011 Eskayvie has expanded and developed more bio-tech products with perfect formula to create a nutrition supplement that would benefit our everyday life. Recently I attended the product conference by Eskayvie personnel, Dr. Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa AlQudri whom shared with us on the one of their best health product called Redianze. The time was just perfect for me.

Dr. Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa AlQudri sharing with us the key ingredients in the Redianze and i-Qids

Why Redianze? Redianze is formulated by anti aging experts utilizing only branded high quality ingredients at their therapeutic dosage to ensure the ability to successfully achieve the intended result within a shorter time span. Consist of four (4) main ingredients:-

1/ Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides (HMCP) - is ‘the perfected’ collagen that our body needs discovered from the deep ocean. Discovered by France Scientist, Professor R.Befarr in 1996, He noticed that the deep sea fish that live in more than 2,000 meters depth in the Northern Europe Ocean, remain the skin in a smooth and firm condition despite of the high water pressure and pull force. Usually in this depth, a car will be flattened, but this deep sea fish survived as their skin is rich in a material called collagen. Professor R.Befarr comment that if this kind of Human Like collagen (the structure similar to human skin) apply in cosmetology via the orally intake and absorb by the body, this can regenerate the collagen in our body and get back the youthful skin, hopefully when reach to 40 years old still able to have 20 years old skin.

In year 1997, the first extract of collagen from the Northern Europe Ocean Fish skin in a huge quantity was carried out. The discovery of Fish collagen bring the attention to the media from Europe, America and Asian countries and many people start to consume it. Fish collagen was a hot selling in Europe, America, Japan and Korea since 2000 and so the “marine collagen” came in trend. Produced in peptide particles as it  is even smaller than acid amino for better absorption into the cell and for effective result.

Benefit from Marine Collagen
What is “Collagen”? Derived from the Greek Words, “Colla” that means glue, it has the strong fibre that weaves throughout the body cell for strength and support. It is the most abundant protein that covered approximately 75-85% of skin, muscles and connective tissues. It would give the elasticity and firmness to the skin. As we getting older, the collagen contain is also reduces. In addition to its slow production over the years, we are losing more collagen in our body and thus resulting to vary condition to our body e.g. wrinkles, arthritis, osteoarthritis and may chronic diseases.

2/ AstaREAL® P2AF – a state-of-art natural ingredient cultivated in an ultra-clean BioDome™ system in Maui, Hawaii, and photobioreactors in environmentally friendly Gustavsberg, Sweden, assuring the product to be of the highest quality, purity and consistency. Approved as a dietary supplement in the USA, Europe and Japan, AstaREAL® P2AF is also the recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award.

AstaREAL® P2AF is the only Anti oxident which can penetrate through our brain Barrier and protect it from Free Radicles.

3/ Vitamin C - The infamous Ascorbic Acid. It is a collagen boosting ingredient as it stimulates the fibroblast cells of the human body to produce collagen. Also an anti-oxidant, Vitamin C plays the role of cancer protecting and goes against premature aging. 

4/ Prunus Persica Extract – This element found in peach and is packed with Vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, iron and potassium much needed to improve the skin’s vitality and complexion. In addition, it gives the flavour.

It taste like orange!!
At the event itself, I tried the formula and it does taste like Vitamin C supplement but better. Came in 20 sachets per-box, it can be consumed in morning and night to boost the body needs. It retails at RM160.00.

Mix a sachet with 200ml glass of water and stir well. Then consume it referable 1 hour before or after meal daily. 

At the event itself, we watched some testimonials from few people whom suffered some chronic conditions. After had Redianze for three months, the result can be seen and it is so breath taking. Redianze really brings radiance to these people.

You may check the video testimonial <here>.

Besides Eskayvie, Dr. Syid Ayob also shared with us another product called i-Qids. Contained Malt Extract, Memofortex™, Algalithe®, Colostrom, Omegalinol™, Vitaral™ and Co-isolate to support healthy growth, body, brain & immune function.

Retails at RM59.00 per box which contain 20 sachets, this supplement would boost the neuron connection in our brain. It came in chocolate flavour perfect for everyday consumption.

It came in chocolate flavour. Taste so Yummy!!!
Benefits of i-Qids:-

1/ Helps develop a stronger body defense
2/ Provides a potent array of immune factors
3/ Helps promote growth and development
4/ Helps support nervous system development
5/ Supports memory and alertness
6/ Helps promote brain power and intelligence
7/ Supports school performance and study
8/ Helps to control hyperactivity
9/ Helps to build stronger bone and teeth
10/ Helps promote bowel health by encouraging regular bowel movements
11/ Helps maintain a healthy, functional gastrointestinal tract and gut integrity
12/ Promotes better sleep
13/ Helps promote muscle relaxation
14/ Helps promote healthy joint and improve mobility

Aged 12 years and below:-
Mix a sachet with 150ml glass of water and consume immediately preferable before breakfast.

Above 12 years old:-
Mix  2 sachets with 150mll glass of water and consume immediately preferable before breakfast.

For more info, check their website at

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo