Tuesday, 29 July 2014


It is been a while since my last post. In this post I am pretty excited to share with you ma Beautylicious this awesome product from Body Shop. This new product just launched recently in early July and I had to say this product is one of my best eye cream thus far.

About the Product:-

Well, in Body Shop they have few ranges of beauty product from head to toes. This product is from "Moisture White™" range.is formulated with vitamin C, liquorice and shiso, some of the best natural skin brightening ingredients that nature has to offer. 

What is Shiso? Earlier I was wondering too why this product is named such. From Wikipedia, Shiso (/ˈʃs/Japanese: 紫蘇 or シソ, [ɕiso̞]) is the now common name for the Asian culinary herb, seed (spice), or entire annual plant of Perilla frutescens variety crispa, belonging to the mint family. Basically, shiso is a type of mint that broadly used in culinary in Japan.

This product is developed for, and tested by Asian women, the products are proven to deliver visible benefits of skin radiance, clarity and improved skin luminosity.

The Power of Moisture White™:

- Helps improve pigmented spots and freckles by inhibiting melanin production
- Reduces the appearance of existing dark spots
- Delivers intense hydration to enhance overall skin luminosity

The Body Shop® difference: At least 75% of our product range contains Community Fair Trade ingredients or accessories. Around the world, trade gives our suppliers a reliable income. It also brings benefits to their communities, such as medical care, education and sanitation.

How to use:-

- Squeeze the tube lightly until a small amount of formula appears on the Micro-Circulating Applicator.
- Massage formula into the skin around the eye area with the Micro-Circulating Applicator.
- Repeat for the other eye

The metal applicator help to ease the puffiness and also the fine lines. It works even better when the both the product and its applicator is chilled. I tried and love it since then
So, are you ready for the result? 

As you can see, the puffiness and dark circle was tremendously reduced after two weeks of usage. Not only that, it reduced my fine lines as well!!! My photo up there of course without any make-up on.


I am totally satisfied with the product outcome. I would say that this product totally worth of its value and the result was totally proven. The dream of having younger skin and healthy under eyes is not just an imagination and we can get it with  Body Shop MOISTURE WHITE™ SHISO 2-IN-1 BRIGHTENING EYE CREAM.

Retail at RM115.00, this product can be purchased at all Body Shop Counter in Malaysia. Not keen to walk outside? Well, you can purchase this product online too. Just log on at <here> and this product will be delivered directly at your doorstep!!

Until we meet again in my next post!! xoxo