Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Samsung GALAXYlife complete our memory in Penang

When I was offered for a 2 days and a night stay in Penang for Valentine, I never think twice. It’s a great place to chill and to divert all my worries here in Kuala Lumpur. Much gracias to SAMSUNG MALAYSIA, ROOMORAMA and Manoah Enterprise for giving me and Darren the chance to embark the weekend journey in Penang. It’s a short journey yet mesmerizing. Nothing grand but overall I really enjoy every moment we created.

The outing adventure begin when we both encounter this new Samsung Galaxy Life apps. When people was talking about how great this app helps their users in many ways, we both cannot wait to try it ourselves. Well, to book a room at a very last minute is not easy. Furthermore, finding a place to stay at a very last minute would burn our pockets too. But not with “Roomorama”.

Samsung Galaxy Life apps at Google Play
Selections of categories suggested by Samsung Galaxilife for their users. Great bargain and discounted coupon to be redeemed.

At the Holiday Travel app sections, Samsung Galaxylife listed few user friendly app for hotel booking and one of them is “Roomorama”. With selections over 150,000 properties for rent and stay in Roomorama, we would enjoy up to 25% discount and its valid until 30 June 2014!!!.

Roomorama app would assist us on the following:-

1/ Find the accommodation list for you at your preferred place at the very last minute

2/ Price range is listed for easy comparison

3/ Details of the place / hotel for your preference

4/ Unlimited selections for stay (i.e. Apartments, hotel, room, chalet etc)

5/ User friendly and easy

In my case, to make our Valentine week even more memorable, we decided to stay at the very historic and Cultural Hotel i.e. 1881 Chong Tian Boutique Hotel. This hotel is located along Jalan Pintal Tali, Georgetown, Penang. Despite of its main attraction over thousands amount of antiques and monuments from China, this place is also well known for wedding reception. During our stay, we witnessed a wedding ceremony where the groom visited the bride in one of the suites here. It’s a Perfect valentines week.

Chong Tian Hotel design exterior – historical building was built in 1881

The decorated wall panel located at the reception counter. Crafted figure painted in gold.

Interior inside the hotel
Me and Darren during our trip in Penang

Me and Darren have plan for another outing maybe in May. So we cannot wait to facilitate this app and enjoy the great discount offered. Fancy to create your own memory? Be part of Samsung Galaxylife and be “GALAXYlifecious”!!. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cellulite no more with the Face Factors

Hello Beautylicious. There are various ways to reduce fat and cellulite. At the age at 3 series I noticed dramatic changes to my body. I would like to be honest here that I am not that fabulous as I used too - Ouchh!..

Anyway put aside this age predicament as I have something more interesting to share with you!! The Face Factors has the "treatment" to eliminate this worry. Recently I was offered to try one of their best treatments called "Cryo Massage". This treatment is the latest technology in removing fat from your body.

Face Factors Clinic
The reception counter

The guest waiting lounge
How it works? Well it involves special massage that destroys your fat cells while you relax. Its like an alternative ways of removing fat from area of your body where sometimes exercise and diet may not give any results.

Me in treatment room - waiting for the treatment. 
I was attended by two lovely ladies called Ms. Mary and Ms. Joyce. I had myself measured to see the difference before and after treatment. For this treatment, two beauticians will attended to you to speed up the process. Mary would focus at my concerned area where the cellulite and fats need to be "treated" and Joyce gave me the relax massage at the other part of my body. The "Cryo Massage" techniques are more into pinching, rubbing, pushing and soothing the concerned area. I feel my skin was rolled like a cookie dough (if you can imagine how big my spare tyres there ~ OMG).  Of course before the treatment you can always advise your beautician the level of pain that you can bear. Guess what, the more pain you can bear, the better result you can see.  To be honest this was my first time to have two beauticians to gave me the massage at one time (p/s: I need to bear two pain points at the same time - Ouch!!).

Me was attended by Ms Mary and Joyce ~ feel like heaven!!
The product used for this treatment is originated from Spain. The lotion itself, once applied to the skin, would give you the cooling feeling sensation and after a while it will absorbs to skin and you would gradually feel the heat at the area. Well, its a good sign that the formula in the lotion is burning the fats. Well it's like a chemical reaction towards fat cells.

The product used for the Cryo Massage. 

This product smells like green apple - so yummy!!!
The overall process took around 1 hour and a half. The "Cryo Massage" itself was around 1 hour and after that your body will be wrapped into heat blanket to speed up the fat burning process. This process took around 30 minutes.

My body wrapped in heat blanket to speed-up the overall fat burning process

Are you ready to see the results? Well, I am so embarrass to show you the ugly truth of my body but sharing is caring, so why not!

First half massage only at the back area. My thigh (left: after the massage treatment, and right: before the massage treatment
See the difference? My right thigh appears more slimmer and muscular compared to the left. This result was after complete massage (back and front of the body)
I was totally amazed with the result. Although the whole process caused me some pain that I barely bear, but as you can see its totally works. Of course with few times treatment, the result would be more convincing.

The Face Factors is located at Block D3-G4-2, Publika. They can be contacted at 03-6205 3508. They also have few types of treatment that you may interested to try for, such as:-

Few treatments offered in this clinic

After you see the result aren't you excited to try it yourself. The treatment itself is worth at RM320++. However, they are having a promotion for first timer as it's now cost at RM150!!. Great bargain yeahhh for first trial!!!.

Give them a call and book your session today. Until we meet again in my next post. Xoxo

Honeypot Wax - Its Hollywood Glam under your skirt!

Hola Beautylicious!! Recently I was invited for Honeypot's Hollywood Glam Waxing Party! virgins?!! Yes!! It has been two months since my first wax experience with BubbleGum Wax. So, since that my down there have turned to heavy bushes, I was so keen to try the waxing service at Honeypot wax. In this post I am going to share with you my experience had my waxing done with them!

Honeypot Wax Boutique was founded in 2010. They are available in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. In Malaysia, they are available at two outlets:- 

Honeypot@Bangsar is located at Bangsar Shopping Centre S123 2nd Floor, Bangsar. (03-2092 5598)

Honeypot@1U is located at 1Utama Shopping Centre, S119b 2nd Floor, 1U Old Wing, Call (03-77295598).

Operation Hours: Mon - Sun; 10.30am - 9.00pm

Honeypot Wax Boutique located in Bangsar Shopping Centre
What happened at the event? Well I was not able to perform the waxing activity on that day because I was having my menstrual month. So I decided to postponed my appointment to the following week.

One of the invited blogger had herself transform as a Marilyn Monroe.

The tip bits of the day ~ yummy

Me with one of the Blogger (JQ). This was before my makeover.
Nevertheless, on that day, we bloggers had our chance to transform ourselves to be the beautiful and sexy Marilyn Monroe. Our make-over was carried out by Temptu. I was amazed and totally impressed with their skills with air brush foundation. The makeup artist that day, Shahnaz she was so friendly and she explained to me how the combination of few foundation tones would match the skin tone. Well we sometimes find difficulties to find our perfect shades right?

The makeover session by Temptu.

Me with the fellow Bloggers at the Event

My experience with the Honeypot
The following week, I went again to the same outlet and had my braziliant wax done. The beautician who attended to me that day was ms. Trina. The wax used for the the procedures was in pink and its smell awesomely lovely. Trina attended to me with her few years experiences dealing with few customers. Through her she advised me few tips:-

1/ It is best to do your waxing a week before your period or a week after your menstrual. This as during time period, our skin are too sensitive and we would not be able to resist the pain. Unless you are under Influence of alcohol (which are no no too-lol)

2/ It is advisable to do your wax every month. This to avoid you to feel the pain like the virgins. The cool gel need to apply after the wax to help soothing the pain and the redness.

3/After three days of the wax, it is best to scrub the skin to avoid any ingrown hair. When the hair grows back, it will grow more evenly, the pores would be not too coarse that would also contributes to fine hair growth.

The cozy Treatment Room in PINK ~ so cute!
The tools and materials used for the waxing process. The wax is in Cherry Pie flavor and it smell owhsome!!!

Honeypot offered various types of waxing designs for their customer. You can choose for Playboy, Hoolywood, The Butterfly or L'amour up to your preferrence. Trina then added the most difficult shapes she ever encounter was valentines where the need to shape the hair into heart design.. so cool yeahh..

Type of shapes and design for brazilian choices - for great view for your lover?
I choose "Hollywood" as I wanted to have a baby look down there. My session took around half and hour. After the session my skin feel so smooth and soft ~ feel like a baby again!! After that Trina introduced me all the products featured for their customer. The products are from Australia and its with its best quality to ensure their customer satisfaction. The price range are affordable too.

Few of the product materials used for the waxing process
Gentle wash for our private area. Its gentle and smell gud too!

Another genital wash product with Aloe Vera ~ leaving cool sensation to our genital part!

The scrub ~ works best to remove dead skin that would disturb the hair growth. Perfect to avoid ingrown hair.
This product works wonder to lighten your skin especially at the stubborn area i.e. inner thigh, armpit, elbow just name it!! 

This is one of the best seller product here. This gel would leave cooling sensation to your skin after wax. It works best when you experience itchiness especially when your hair is about to grow again! 
Honeypot Wax Boutique is quite well known in market. Won few awards and also top recommendation from varies beauty magazines for their great service and skills in waxing.

To be honest I really enjoy had my wax experience here and I believe you Beautylicious would enjoy it too.. If you are looking for a waxing boutique, Honeypot would be the place for you!!

Until we meet again Beautylicious! Xoxo