Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Samsung GALAXYlife complete our memory in Penang

When I was offered for a 2 days and a night stay in Penang for Valentine, I never think twice. It’s a great place to chill and to divert all my worries here in Kuala Lumpur. Much gracias to SAMSUNG MALAYSIA, ROOMORAMA and Manoah Enterprise for giving me and Darren the chance to embark the weekend journey in Penang. It’s a short journey yet mesmerizing. Nothing grand but overall I really enjoy every moment we created.

The outing adventure begin when we both encounter this new Samsung Galaxy Life apps. When people was talking about how great this app helps their users in many ways, we both cannot wait to try it ourselves. Well, to book a room at a very last minute is not easy. Furthermore, finding a place to stay at a very last minute would burn our pockets too. But not with “Roomorama”.

Samsung Galaxy Life apps at Google Play
Selections of categories suggested by Samsung Galaxilife for their users. Great bargain and discounted coupon to be redeemed.

At the Holiday Travel app sections, Samsung Galaxylife listed few user friendly app for hotel booking and one of them is “Roomorama”. With selections over 150,000 properties for rent and stay in Roomorama, we would enjoy up to 25% discount and its valid until 30 June 2014!!!.

Roomorama app would assist us on the following:-

1/ Find the accommodation list for you at your preferred place at the very last minute

2/ Price range is listed for easy comparison

3/ Details of the place / hotel for your preference

4/ Unlimited selections for stay (i.e. Apartments, hotel, room, chalet etc)

5/ User friendly and easy

In my case, to make our Valentine week even more memorable, we decided to stay at the very historic and Cultural Hotel i.e. 1881 Chong Tian Boutique Hotel. This hotel is located along Jalan Pintal Tali, Georgetown, Penang. Despite of its main attraction over thousands amount of antiques and monuments from China, this place is also well known for wedding reception. During our stay, we witnessed a wedding ceremony where the groom visited the bride in one of the suites here. It’s a Perfect valentines week.

Chong Tian Hotel design exterior – historical building was built in 1881

The decorated wall panel located at the reception counter. Crafted figure painted in gold.

Interior inside the hotel
Me and Darren during our trip in Penang

Me and Darren have plan for another outing maybe in May. So we cannot wait to facilitate this app and enjoy the great discount offered. Fancy to create your own memory? Be part of Samsung Galaxylife and be “GALAXYlifecious”!!. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo