Monday, 3 March 2014

[Beautylicious Party]: Spring Celebration with Yadah Yadah!!!

Hola Yo Beautylicious!! This post has been delayed for too long!! I know I know ~ my bad. I feel so guilty for not updating my blog for few weeks. But guess what? I am back now and I am so eager to share with you what I gathered in the Spring Festive Celebration with YADAH YADAH!! I don’t know why I tends to pronounce “Yadah Yadah” twice. Well, I find it more fun and cheerful that way. Anyway, if you remember in my previous post <here> as why I posted my beauty resolution. Guess what? I was selected as one of the lucky butterfly to join the spring event and I am so excited to share with you my experience hands on with Yadah Yadah!..

The Yadah Yadah event is also a collaboration with The Butterfly Project team. Million thanks to The Butterfly Project for the opportunities given!! As usual I had fun with my fellow bloggers, had in-situ approach with the Yadah Yadah and learned lots of advice and technique by the Yadah Yadah personnel. The event took place at “Little Wanton” located at Jalan Rahim  Kajai, TTDI.

Yadah Event at Little Wonton

Butterflies with their designated tables for in-situ approach with the products

YADAH is now introducing their new upgraded formula product to gain better results for their user. We had in-situ approach on the following products:-

1/ Foam Cleanser
For the Foam Cleanser, we put it for test as it was claim to be able to remove thick make-up even without the help of make-up remover. In order to prove so, we drew a line of waterproof liner on the back our hands and apply some amount of the foam to it. I personally adore its scent and to be honest I am a sucker for foam cleanser. I gently rub the foam to the liner and noticed the foam turning bit greyish after few minutes. After that I wiped with cotton pad and noticed the liner totally gone! WOW ~ that’s really really cool! Normally foam cleanser will caused your skin to be too dry because of its “too clean” effect. However surprisingly for this Foam cleanser, my skin didn’t feel too dry at all. You would feel clean but your skin moisture still there.

Look how powerful Yadah Foam Cleanser - It managed to remove the waterproof eyeliner without remover assistance. This is Owhsome!!
2/ Sunscreen
Then we put Yadah Sunscreen for a test. Yadah sunscreen has SPF 35, PA++ which can last up to 250 minutes. Perfect for our weather as for our high climate tends to expose our skin to the naughty uv rays that would damage our skin. Normally for high SPA sunscreen, the texture tends to be too oily. However not for YADAH as it blend well and absorb pretty fast to skin. Despite of its white colour, after you apply it to skin, it would then follow your skin tone! With its new formulated ingredients, i.e. Lavender, Flower Water, Aloe Juice and potato extract, the scent is more like lemongrass. No more bad odour.

At the event we were given three types of Sunscreen for us to test.

Container A; contain Yadah old formula - the SPF is higher; about SPF55, the liquidity very thick and smells like lab
Container B; New Yadah "Oh My Sun Block with its new formulated ingredients
Container C; Unknown brand; which the most expensive and most recommended in drugstore. Due to its high SPF, its smells strong too.

During this test we could tell that Yadah with its new formula would match our needs. If the SPF is too high, it tends to make our skin oily. However, not with Yadah Oh My Sun Block!

3/ Mascara
I am a huge fan of mascara. Especially the one that would lengthen and thicken my lashes. The new formula of Yadah Bloom Mascara and Highlash Mascara would gives more volume and curls to your lashes. It is also is a water-resistance, smudge-free mascara that embellishes the eyelashes without smearing and boosts the length and volume of your lashes. Can be cleansed with lukewarm water without using any remover. Sounds gentle to the eyes yeahh.. 

4/ Lip Balm
With their new 4 colours of tint lip balm to choose from its too cute to be ignored!!! It would offer your lips more vivid and moisturizing. It contain 3 free (paraben free, animal material free and benzophenone free) which are safe for our skin and health. It is enriched with cupuacu butter, to gives long-lasting colour and moisture all day!!

These are so yummy ~ I plan to collect them all!!

5/ Sweet Milky Tint
Lip and cheek stain product are so in nowadays. It can save our time and space with its multi usage for our daily make-up routine. Perfect for those who are always on the go. Apply few dots to your lips and cheek and rub it gently to give stain effect.

Yadah produced two  types of Sweet Milky Tint to choose from; Sweet Cherry and Sweet Pinky. Both colours are cute and suitable for any skin tone as it will eventually follow your blood type.

Beside having in-situ approach with all these goodies, we were given a tanglung paper for us to write our New Year resolution. Well, I've wrote mine like an essay.

"you may select your preferred design then write your resolution, I wanna read afterwards, hahahaha", said Mamasan Tammy
I was writing my resolution in essay form

With beloved Mieza Everdeen - shes my life savior as most of the picts here are from her!! thx dear!!
With my beloved Butterflies - I love them all!!!

With beloved Mamasan Tammy!!! =)

Do you know that these goody bags were flew directly from Korea just for us? shes cute right?

My OOTD on that day - splash of red, so I decided to wear this beautiful dress from H&M (via Pink&Proper), red belt (Brands Outlet), Red open toe heels (Primavera), chandelier earrings (gift from Butterfly)
Alright Beautylicious. We already at the end of my post. Yadah product can be purchased at few stores such as:-

5/ Parkson Counter

Hope to see you in my next post!! Keep Beautylicious and Happy Yadah Yadah!!!