Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Beauty Resolution for 2014 – New Year Party with YADAH and Butterfly Project!!

Hola Beautylicious!!! 2013 has coming to its end. Sob Sob.. :’-) Through 2013 I have experience massive adventures in my life through blogging. From this WORLD I met and made new friends, learn new things and develop more the inner me.

So in conjunction with the upcoming year 2014, I would like to share with you MY BEAUTY RESOLUTION for 2014.


 1.     Drink More Water – I am well known for my very dry skin condition. Every time I go and see beauty specialist, the Beauty Assistance will always comment about my dehydrated skin. So for 2014 I am aiming to drink more water (at least 8 glasses a day) to keep my skin hydrated, fresh, healthy and young!

2.       NO more LAZY BUM!! – Well, this is embarrassing!! I am a late 20s’ woman and I am still not consistent with my skin care routine!! Sometimes I skip the night cream, I have tonnes of masks but end up never use. I have few eye products and skip this product too!!! Stupid me!!  That’s why my skin never get better. So, I have decided to give and pamper my skin more for 2014 and be more discipline with my beauty routine. “There is no ugly woman, only the lazy ones and it’s me!!!” I know!!

3.    No more impulsive buying – YES!! No more last minute purchases and save more for overseas trip. I went to Paris and London last April and it was totally awesome!!! So, for 2014 I want to control myself for not to get influence with my surrounding that would affect my judgement in buying make-up and skin care products. I better think thoroughly and carefully before end up buying things.

4.     Finish up all the products sample/deluxe sizes through Beauty Boxes – Yeah!!! I need to focus and try to use all the beauty samples that I’ve been collected through beauty boxes/bags purchases. To be honest the samples are too many!!! Overflowing weii..  If I am not able to use it I should do a Giveaway yeah? Do let me know if you gurls would love me to arrange a giveaway. =) You know I love you all, Beautylicious!

5.    Look forward to engage myself with YADAH – I was introduced to YADAH through Cosmobox in December 2012. This cute little girl is a spoke person for this brand originated from Korea. I bought three boxes and gave it all as a Christmas present to all my friends. I did ask their feedback about YADAH and overall they love it. YADAH is known for its natural, botanical, natural plant ingredients, organic, chemical-free, no artificial colouring, and gentle yet effective products. These three friends of mine have these type of skin care:-

a.       Sensitive skin – her skin is very sensitive. She experience varies break-out and it left scars and uneven skin condition. She used the YADAH BB Cream and she love it. It does not cause itchiness and the coverage was awesome!

b.   Clean and young skin – This friend of mine really take good care of her face. She very consistent with her facial routine. Although YADAH is quite new in Malaysia that time, she gave a try the cleanser, toner and moisturiser and guess what, she didn’t experience any changes and break-out to her face. She have confidence with YADAH
c.       Pigmentation skin – She has some pigmentation to her skin due to UV light. When she use the YADAH BB Cream, her is more even, no itchiness and she love its smell too!

Conclusion: Since that these three friends of mine have had marvellous experience with YADAH, so it is my time to experience the same too!! I really look forward to engage myself with YADAH.

Well Beautylicious. I am sharing with you my Beauty Resolution is to enable myself to be one of the lucky Bloggers for YADAH party with The Butterfly Project. It is going to be lots of fun (mainly because it’s the Butterfly Project) and I really hope (finger cross) I’ll get selected. =) YADAH ~ please choose me!! I love you!!

If you would love to know more about YADAH, do check them out <here>.
Trimas to the Butterfly Project for marvellous never ending beauty PARTY!! – I love you TOO MUCH!!! Wanna be the Butterfly Blogger? Do check and support them <here>.
High appreciation and special thanks to SASA Malaysia for their contribution towards the event!! 

Until we meet again in my next post Beautylicious!! xoxo