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[Beautylicious Review] - Nail it!! With Bloop

Hola Beautylicious!! In this post I am going to do my first beauty review everrr!!! When I was contacted by Mabel to do a product review from Bloop, I was extremely excited. Bloop is not new in Malaysia market!! 

"Bloop is known for its colorful, smart, young, independent, balance and outgoing. Bloop is the spirit of the rainbows, appearing to bring smiles and happiness into lives. Bloop is amazing and Bloop is you". 

So in this post I am going to do two product review from Bloop which are:-

1/ Nail Polish -  clear nail polish with silver glitter
2/ Nail Strip - Sailor design

Want to know how I feel about these two products? keep reading yaww!!

1/ Nail Polish - with clear silver glitter
Bloop Nail Polish is design for Quick Dry, Ultra Glossy and Long Lasting. I was provided a clear nail polish with silver glitters in it. To enhance the colour, I decided to paint my nails with base colour (nailfinity - max factor). Then I applied two coats of Bloop Clear Nail Polish with silver glitters. The glitters element are so tiny and it made every coat application much easier compared to other brand. Generous amount of glitters would enhance any plain colour. 

Before apply the Bloop Glitter Nail Polish - Plain and dull

After the Bloop Glitter application. Its Christmas in town!!
It turn out amazing!! Bloop Nail Polish dries fast and it leaves sparkling glitters to my nails. I love how it gives life into the dull base colour. Its Christmas for me!! 

I would rate this product 4/5 because it does dry fast and the tiny generous amount of glitters element made it easier to apply on my nails with lesser coat.

2/ Nail Strip - Sailor Design
To be honest I never apply nail strip before. I received some from few beauty boxes before but never keen to apply it myself. But when I receive Bloop Nail Strip with sailor design, I was so excited. Maybe because it remind me of Summer. lol. 

Bloop Nail Strip is design for fast & Easy to use. It has sheer protection to avoid nail from breaking. No chemical & Alcohol Content. It super thin & the design look realistic on Nail and most important is No Drying Time!!. 

Let see whats inside the packaging yeah?

It came with nail file!! Complete set!

I went through the packaging and read carefully how to apply. On the packaging, it stated step by step the procedures how to apply the nail strip with illustrations. Much easier to understand right? It also guide us how to remove it. Normally this strip would last for 4 to 5 days.

How to nail it?
1. Make sure your nails are clean. It is better to use nail polish remover for effective cleaning.
2. Choose the best strip for each nail. If the nail strip too big for your nails, you might need to trim according to your nail

3. Remove the transparent protective layer

4. Align and place the nail strip on to the nail. (Note: the rounded ends should be facing the cuticle)
5. Rub the strip over nail starting from center working it out towards to side.
6. Press the excess nail strip across the edges of the finger nail

7. Using a nail file, file off the excess nail strip facing downward motion

8. Rub again the strip over nail to remove excess bubbles, if any
9. For longer lasting wear, apply a layer of Top Coat nail polish.

After applied all the design

I seriously love how fast and easy the application. It did not take too much time. If you are first timer like me, yup you will take time bit especially while choosing the right strip size for your nails. Most of my nails are small so I need to trim some of the design to make it fit to my nails.

I added Bloop Glitter on top of it for Glitter effect!!
Since that this is my first time using nail strip, I would't be able to compare it to other brands. However, for the sake of application and product itself, I would rate it 4/5.

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Until we meet again in my next post Beautylicious!! xoxo  

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