Sunday, 29 December 2013

Artsphere 20/8ty totally explode The Atmosphere!!!

Hola Beautylicious! How was your weekend? Last weekend I attended the official launch of The Artphere 20/8ty that was located at The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan. With WAZE help, me and Darren managed to find our way there.

We wandered around and gazed at the artworks painted on the wall within the vicinity. I was totally amazed with the 3D effects. If you sit at the right angle, you may find the artworks alive. Its like you live in it!!

Since that we were there quite early, me and Darren had our sweet time capturing our best post for the 3D looks effects. Its the time for us to interact with masterpiece!

O ooo.. its about to fall on me!!!...

Lets ride babeh.. Vroommm!!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, The Artphere 20/8ty presented in total about 80 pieces of murals that were located scattered within The Atmosphere vicinity by 20 talented local and international artist. This made The Atmosphere as the only single place with highest collection of murals ever painted in Malaysia. Each and every mural piece would tell different stories and it would carry different ambiance depending on how you interpret it.

I love to do meditation post and I find it easier! lol
I love balloon candy

I am a puppet

I just reach at The Atmosphere!!!

I need to make a phone call. 

I wonder what time the train is coming
Owh no!!! I'm sinking!!!
Post on the car!!!
Well Beautylicious!! What do you think about the artworks? Looks so real isn't? Actually I captured more photos but to post all here its going to be long post only filled with photos. Hence, I would suggest you Beautylicious to go there, find your sweet time to locate all the paintings and have fun selfie with it. 

The guest during press conference.
The launching ceremony presented honorable guest which are:- 

1.       Mr Tan Meng Seng (Executive Director of Tempo Holdings)
2.       Ms Haze Long (Founder of Art Misfits)
3.       Tan Sri Datuk Amar (Dr) Haji Abdul Aziz Bin Dato Haji Husain (Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director of the Eksons Corporation Berhad)
4.       Mr Khoo Boo Hian (CEO of Tempo Properties)

The event commenced with an opening speech by Mr. Khoo Boo Hian (The CEO of Tempo Properties). He emphasized how the Malaysian nowadays would value the street arts concept nowadays. As one of the tourist attraction, The Atmosphere would become one of the main attraction for arts, events, entertainment and more.

The event then continue with a performance by talented violinist. Then the surprise continue with a Flash Mob!! so cool yeah..

The launching ceremony was completed by Tan Sri Datuk Amar. Then, 20 talented artists were requested to came on stage for photography session. A press conference was carried out afterwards for media and blogger. Then, the guest were ushered to the artworks all around the vicinity.

Flea market 

See how spacious this boulevard area - perfect for many activities
Well Beautylicious, what do you think about the place? Don't you think its fun to find the right angle and post for the photos? I find it as a great place for family to chill out.

Remember about the post and strike photo contest that I mentioned in my earlier post? How to join? it's easy peasy!! As I mentioned in my earlier post, go and blast The Atmosphere, look for the nice artworks that you love, strike a post, and upload your photos <here>.

What are you waiting for. Head there and get a chance to win the prize up to RM15,000. The contest end on 16 February 2014!!! I personally have uploaded mine!!! Do check it out!!

Until we meet again in my next post, Beautylicious!! xoxo