Monday, 2 December 2013

Where does the VIXEN eat!! - 1 Utama Wonder food festival

Hola Beautylicious. In this post I am going to divert a bit from my norm post. Its about FOOOD!!! Why Food? Well, recently I was invited by The Butterfly Project and collaboration with 1 Utama Shopping Centre to do a project review about 1 Utama's Food Street. This food adventure is in conjunction with 1 Utama's Wonder Food event with was held from 4th until 24th November 2013.

Wonder Food Adventure

The First objective of this event is to promote 1 Utama's Food Street which offers wide variety of local delights. We may satisfy our craving for authentic local street food instead of traveling to Penang or Malaka! For this food adventure, there are about 14 participating cafes and restaurants as named below:-

LG Promenade 
1/ SS2 Goreng Pisang
2/ Ninja Joe
3/ Seaweed Club
4/ I Love Yoo
5/ Eat & Happy Yong Tao Foo
6/ Oyster King
7/ Bisou
8/ Mr Cendol
9/ Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh
10/ Ko Hyang Korean Country Delight

 LG Highstreet
11/ Lammeeya
12/ BBQ Chicken
13/ Food Box
14/ Viva American Pizza and Panini

The second objective of this event is to promote 1 Utama's Loyalty Card. It is a ONECARD with its privileges through shopping and dining.

What is ONECARD?

- ONECARD is a 1 Utama privilege card where you can get rewarded with endless shopping facilities. For every RM1 spend at the participating outlet, you will earn 1 Upoint for then to be accumulated and redeem Upoints like cash to pay instant purchases, meals, services and entertainment!!

- Not only that, ONECARD can also be used as a prepaid parking ticket for hassle-free parking. Something like Touch & Go but better!! Why? well, ONECARD members would gain exclusive entry to member-only parking at ONECARD preferred parking and Platinum Parking areas at cheaper rate!!! WOW!!

My Wonder Food Journey

"Where does the VIXEN eat??" Yup thats right!! But, why VIXEN? 

Hohoho.. what happened was, on that day I decided to disguise as a VIXEN (female version of fox). Well you know "what does the fox say" song by "Yves" kinda hit right?.. So I was doing their parody in food hunting version.

Me the Vixen!! Image Credit: CP

Alright, lets flashback to what happened on that day. On 16th November 2013, at about 11 am, me and fellow blogger friends (CP, Shivani, Aliza and Claudine) registered at The Butterfly Project Booth. The registration counter is located at the LG floor (near McD Restaurant).

Me with Shivani, Claudine and CP. Image Credit: CP

Each of us were given a passport with the details of the restaurants and map (5 of them were coloured in pink) where its a compulsory for us to visit these stores. Not only that, we were also given a goody bag full with stuff - courtesy by 1 Utama Shopping Centre!! So many things inside and its so heavy but Trimas very much!!! I was the happy VIXEN!!

The passport.

The map - for our guide to locate the participating restaurant.

After went through the name of the restaurants at the passport, we immediately taken our immediate steps to the nearest restaurant. Well. we were so hungry and yet had breakfast earlier. Furthermore,  some of us even skipped their dinner a day before. So you can imagine how starves we were and we hunted the food like a wild.. hohoho!!

We took our first stop at the BBQ Chicken!! They provide varieties selection of chicken dishes that originated from Korea and was founded in September 1995. Their specialty? BBQ Chicken is the first brand that uses 100% Olive Oil from Spain for frying. Because of this, the chicken are healthy, not oily and the original taste of the chicken is well preserve.

BBQ Chicken

Welcome - how many of you?
Nyum2 - our fork & knife ready!! Image Credit: CP
From Left; BBQ Chicken Golden Olive Chicken, Korean Charbroiled & Jerk BBQ 
Latte - in 3 layers!!

Hot Hot Drum - OMG its so spicy weii!!!

Then we went to our second store, Lammeeya which the name is originated from their famous dish; "Lam Mee". They offered an authentic chinese crusine.This is non-halal restaurant.

"In the 1950’s, the noodle “Loh Mee” which was very popular among the Chinese in Northern Malaysia was slowly becoming famous in Ipoh and KL. There were many Cantonese in the central and southern part of Malaysia. To suit their taste, the chef improved and modified the thick broth to a lighter taste and at the same time keeping to its original taste. It is named “Lam Mee” based on the Cantonese dialect. Other than having the strong aroma of “Lam Mee”, the “Lam Mee” also have a smooth texture which causes one to hunger for more. It has become one of the favorite noodles dishes among the Chinese in central and southern part of Malaysia."

Me at the front restaurant. Image Credit: CP

The menu. Image Credit: CP

Some of the menu on the wall. Image Credit: CP

Interior. Famous Lamm Mee (on the wall left). Image Credit: CP

Then we went to our 3rd stop; Food Box. Food box serve an Asian Chinese cuisine at affordable price.This is a non-halal trestaurant.

Me at the front restaurant. Image Credit: CP

With its menu!!

Some of the dish served that day.

Then, we preceded further to our 4th stop. Its called Molten LAVA Cafe. its located at Lot LG312B, (opposite Cold Storage) Lower Ground Floor Oval, One Utama Shopping Centre. Tel : 03-7725 1777; Email : This Cafe provides dessert type of dish. Their specialty is churros. We had our chance to try their specialty churros in cinnamon sugar flavour!! so yummy!!

I didn't know what I was doing!!!

Welcome; please come in!!

Me tried the Churros. Yummy. Image Credit: CP

After tried the churros, we went to Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh. Unlike any other Bak Kut Teh, their "String Tied Meat" is more aromatic and taste far greater. The visitor will definitely savor how gently the meat dissolves in the mouth; followed with a concentrated explosion of great taste. This is non-halal restaurant.

Me at the front Restaurant. Image Credit: CP

Menu list. Image Credit: CP

Some of the dish on display. Image Credit: CP

After we went to the designated restaurants (highlighted in pink), we decided to paint our skin with paint brush tattoo.. Its temporary tattoo and I was so tempted to get one.

Me while getting my tattoo done. Image Credit: CP

Us with our tattoo - LOVE IT!! Image Credit: CP

As u know 1 Utama is the World's 4th largest Mall!!! For more info about 1 Utama, ONECARD and the 1 Utama's food street, do check them out as follows:-


Ai ai Beautylicious, The Vixen Journey has come to her end. Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo