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My Travel Diary! ~ The Lost World of Tambun - [PART 1]

Hello Beautylicious!! If you remember, in my previous post I did mention about The Lost World of Tambun Getaway for Blogger arranged by The Butterfly Project. Special thanks to The Butterfly SWAT team for selected me to be one of the lucky bloggers to join the getaway. So, to share the excitement from trip with you my beloved Beautylicious, there are going to be 3 posts which are:- 
~  Part 1 – My experience travel with ETS train and exploring The Lost World of Tambun
~  Part 2 – My experience with the Lost World Hotel
~  Part 3 – My experience at the Lost World Hot Spring & Spa

So, whatcha waiting for? Let’s share the excitement now shall we? But before that I need to inform you that this post is going to be filled with many pictures and elaboration!! So promise me to keep reading yeah ~ till the end!!!
22 September 2013

12.00 am
- After the long sleep (from 8pm day earlier) I woke up at 12 am and get myself packed my stuff for the getaway. I remembered that The Butterfly Project did mention about us butterflies will be getting a travel survival kit, so I packed light this time. Well, my packed light definition is equivalent to 1 medium trolley bag. Seriously I don’t even know what I put inside!! After two hours packed (so long yeah) – then, I went to bed.
6.30 am
– I woke up and got myself ready for the getaway. =) I choose to wear pink shorts, cute polkadot blouse, Justin Bieber Sneakers and a leopard scarf - just in case I catch a cold.

7.00 am
- I reached KL Sentral. Then met up my BFF buddies for breakfast at McDonald. Then I had myself mingle with The rest of Butterflies. It was so havoc filled with laughter!! Then, Ms Howt Illy then distributed the ETS tickets GOLD Class Yeahhh!!! – I was thrilled with excitement!!!

8.00 am
- Butterflies were ushered to the Train Platform. I was pretty much excited and feel the heat of the getaway. We managed to locate our seats. Then we took a group photo at the Platform. Wow!! We were so happy weiihhh!!

After that we sat at our allocated seat when the representative from KTMB En. Nordin Ahmad welcomed us with his welcome notes. He basically introduced us what they have in the coach. He then mentioned about timetable change starting in November 2013.

8.30 am
- The ETS begun its journey. ETS is very efficient! No delay and the journey would take about 2 hours. In the train me and butterflies were making some noise! Talking and dancing like nobody cares!! LOL. 

Inside ETS Gold Class, the coach is also equipped with small canteen for the guest to freshen up during the long journey! You may choose selections of Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng and hot drinks (i.e. coffee or tea) of your choice!

Cik Lily Putih had herself some munchies for that day!! =)

We watched Mr. Bean!!!
This Gold Class Ticket is cost at RM35!!

For further info about KTMB ETS do check them out at

After a while Ms Howt Illy mentioned about some surprises that they have prepared for us!! It’s the SURVIVAL TRAVEL KIT!! 

Woah!! I was really looking forward for this. Look at the front image of the bag! So sexy yeah? It appears that the bag is actually a travelling lingerie bag courtesy of One Utama Shopping Centre!! It’s really spacious and embedded with pouch inside to secure its content! Really great for travelling! Whats the content? Let’s go for a closer look at its contents!

-          Kinohimitsu “Freedom to live” – this is a beauty drink to protect our skin from the bad UV rays from inside. It helps to whiten and brighten our skin too!! Inside this box contains two bottles of the J’Pan UV-Bright Drink – made by Grape Seed Extract (OPC) and two sachets of J’Pan Pro White which contains Glutathione with Camu-camu & Berries extract!

-          Loreal Professionnel – Mythic Oil Shampoo & Mask – OMG!!! I was screaming with excitement when I saw this cutie inside the bag!!! I was longing for this range for ages and when I have this I was extremely excited.

-          Glasswort Facial Travel Set – For Dry and Mature Skin. It came with Delicate Cleansing Lotion, Comforting Toner and Moisturising Cream. This products is totally nature and Organic! I tried its cleansing lotion and its soap free!! This range is loaded with Essential Fatty Acids which promote skin health and prevent free radical damage related aging.

-          LUX Soft Touch – Body Wash – This body wash sure make me want to lock myself in the shower whole day. With its exclusive Silk Protein Extract, it smells great and nourishes my skin for more moisture and radiant skin!!

-          Maybelline – Baby Lips Pink “Glow”. This is the Next Generation of Lip Balm ever created! It has the Adult Strength Care for baby Soft Lips with a tint of PINK. Long journey can caused de-hydration to our skins and caused lips to be chipped. But worry no more with this lip balm!!!

-          Sunplay – SPF 130/PA+++ - This sunscreen sure protects our skin from the bad UV rays. With its high SPF it sure can protect our skins whole day long!! With its new Solarex-3 technology it would provides superior photostability, high moisture retention and anti-aging properties.

-          Lifebuoy – Hand Sanitizer – When we are in travelling mood, its best to keep us germs free. How to achieve it? Well, this lifebuoy hand sanitizer would kills 99.99% of germs without water!! Cool huh? Not only that, with moisturizer and Vitamin E it would makes our skin soft and look young too!

-          Bisou – Mozzie-A-Gogo – When I saw this cute container I thought it was a lip balm. But it actually is an insect repellent stick! This product is handmade and is for external use only. This product contains citronella + lemongrass essential oil, beeswax, olive oil and soybean oil. Well, good for camping outing yeah?

-          TT Mask – Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask – The secret of this remarkable energy mask is in the root of the orchid, giving anti ageing benefits, and leaving the skin beautifully soft and radiant!! Tips: make sure it’s cold before you apply it for cool sensation feelings and you would enjoy it to max!!!

-           Johnson baby Body Lotion - Oxygen Fresh Gel Lotion - enriched with Ocean Minerals, Coralline extract & aqua moisture essence for an oxygenating fresh feeling! This gel lotion would gives the soothing feeling to your skin and its smell would makes you fresh all day long! 

-           Rilakkuma Biscutie – Aww this biscuit was made by MAMA Tammy’s friend. It was soo cute to be eaten!!! So I ended up did not eat it!! Till to-date. Lol!

Well Beautylicious, what do you think about the contents? It full of varieties and it covers most of the essential needs for survival, right? Well – I would say it’s the BEST SURVIVAL TRAVEL KIT I ever had!! I love it sooooooo much! Then we Butterflies entered an Instagram Contest which we had to upload the best photo on the Survival Travel Kit (depends on our creativity) and the best 12 Butterflies would win something!!! What’s something? I will reveal it in my Part 3 post!! So keep the vibe first yeahh!!

- After 2 hours journey we finally arrived at the Ipoh Station! Look at the station itself. It is so historical preserve by the Ipoh tourism to ensure its originality. Designed by Arthur Benison Hubback, this heritage building was built and completed in 1935 making it as the second concrete station ever constructed in Malaysia. This building was initially meant for hospital. However, due to delay in construction sometimes in 1917 due to lack of materials and World War II, this building then transformed into Railway Station. To-date, this building is one of the tourist attractions in Ipoh and due to the design; it is also known as Taj Mahal for local.

Ipoh Railway Station - current. Image Credit: Google

Ipoh Railway Station in its earlier construction. Image Credit: Google
 After we reach, we were greeted by these howt guys from The Lost World of Tambun! We feel so welcomed! Then we pulled our luggage and bags, follow these two guys to our next transportation! We had our ride on the bus courtesy by Ipoh Tourism Department! We were given cold towel from The Lost World of Tambun for us to freshen-up! The towel smells good and we were totally ready to rock the Tambun!!

Welcome Beautylicioous!!!

Yeayyy!!! We were so excited with the Journey!!

11.00 am
- We finally at the main entrance of The Lost World of Tambun!!! Look at the Cat Monument!! So Cute!! Me and Kay had the opportunity kissed one of them for Feng Shui!! Hahahaha… We were then welcome by The Lost World of Tambun Team. Then we had another group photos at the entrance!!

Dear Kitty of LOVE - let me have some magical power!!!

Then, The Lost of World of Tambun Community ushered us in. We were treated like a VIP that day!! We had our easy access and entered inside the perimeter!! We were informed that we were going to have our lunch at the Kepura Cave. 

The Ticketing Counter

We had our VIP excess that day!!

While walking to the Kepura cave, I had my chance capture some of the photos within the perimeter. I was totally amazed with the decorations and monuments. Let the photos do the talking here:-

11.15 am
-  We reached at the Kepura Cave and were welcomed by The Lost World of Tambun Personnel. They were so happy to have us and were extremely excited to show us around! Kepura Cave is one of the limestone caves that are still active in Ipoh. When I first entered the cave I was totally amazed with its few unique shapes of mineral forms known as stalagmites and stalactites.  I was informed that these minerals are still growing. The decorations were kept in minimal to preserve its beauty. The cave was lighted with dim and spot light to enhance the unique and attraction of these mineral shapes.

Due to its exclusive ambience, it is the best place to organize private function, company meeting or group conference. This cave can fit up to 100 pax or approx ten tables. Inside here you are unable to get any phone reception. So, you are free with everyday hectic gadget life. Imagine ~ just you and the cave! That day we were treated with Ipoh most famous Chicken Rice. 

My dish that day - Yummy!!!
We were mentioned that The Lost of World Tambun Team  had arranged lots of activities for us there. We Butterflies were too thrilled to be on board and were looking forward for the surprises ahead.  

12.15 pm
- After we had our lunch, we were on tour with Adventure Express. They showed us around what are the main attractions within the The Lost World of Tambun vicinity. We noticed few water rides at the Water Park, i.e. Adventure River which was awarded by Malaysian Book of Record as the longest Man Made River ever made – for 600 meters, The Cliff Racer  that would injects a boost of adrenaline and Tube Raiders, the longest inflatable tube ride in Malaysia! 

We also met the Siberian Tiger at Tiger Valley. Meet Sultan, Raima, Jazz and Azian and catch them and their handler play in the Tiger Valley.   

The Lost World of Tambun consist of its 7 main elements which are must explore within its vicinity which are:-

1/ The Water Park
2/ The Amusement Park
3/ Lost World Hot Springs and Spa
4/ The Tiger Valley,
5/ Lost World Petting Zoo
6/ The Lost World Tin Valley
7/ Lost World Team Building Park

While travelling on the Adventure Express I noticed few more attractions and one of it that attracts me is the “Needle of Tambun” aka “Pencil Hill”. It rises vertically from the ground at the southern end of the Lost World. Is it a unique limestone pinnacle that was miraculously preserved while the surrounding limestone dissolved several thousands of years ago! The fact that the hard limestone beds or strata are in vertical position allowing it to stay balanced and defy gravity at its 8 meters high!.  Wallaweh!! I feel like in the The Lord of The Ring scene!!!

12.45 pm
- After the ride, we were ushered at the Petting Zoo and had our chance to explore inside it. The Petting Zoo allows us to touch, feel, feed and play with the animals. It gives an extra personal encounter so that visitors have a closer perspective with these animals. The animals here are very friendly and well trained! Meet Ruby the Raccoon, Nia the Phyton and Wira, the green Macaw! We visited the house aviary which feed over 500 birds from 18 species. Imagine a house full with birds and they are friendly too!!! I fed pigeons and peacocks too! As long as you have the grains, the pigeons will come to you and stay on your head! You also can allow the peacock to perch on your arms and feed it too!! The Zoo assistance would be very happy to help you!

I met Awang the cockatoos and I love him so much!. He can say his own name!!! While Wira the Macaw will dance with you!! I fed them with sunflower seeds after they performed their talent!!. I was really enjoyed playing with them both!

The Petting area is built within a large area of 100,000 square feet framed by the lush rainforest backdrop of Monkey Valley. It allocates new attraction houses with a combination of domestic and wild animals that are docile enough to be handled by children.

1.30 pm
- After explored at the Petting Zoo, we were brought to stop awhile at the Lost World Team Building Park to see the series of unique high rope elements designed to showcase the special limestone environment of the Lost World of Tambun. There are few activities that you can do here which would challenge mentally and physically!! Conquer these limestone hills and defeat them all!! It’s all in your hands.

Lost World Team Building provides few activities for us to explore on:-

~ 13 High Rope Course – Hang yourself on this 13 high rope course challenges and enjoy the beauty of the natural environment of a spectacular jungled-clad cliff amidst the soothing sounds of a 60 feet waterfall!
~ Leap of Faith aka Para Jump – Experience Malaysia’s first and highest Lead of Faith aka Para Jump. From the height of 65 feet, you shall feel the adrenaline rush run thru the body! 
~ Wild Woosey – This activity encourage us to trust our partner as we have to lean against each other while traveling along the elevated rope
~ Via Feratta With natural Abseil – Rock Climbing activity has never be so much fun when you have the chance to climb over unique limestone hill!
~ Zip Line – Enjoy the thrill of flying at adrenaline as you zip across along 120 meter long cable over Tasik Cermin.   

Besides the Team Building activity, we can also explore the deep limestone rainforest thru Jungle Trekking activity. Have a close exposure towards its unique Flora and Fauna which preserves for 400 millions years for our sight today! We also would have the chance to delve deeper into three caves i.e. Gua Datok, Gua Anak Datok and Six Mile Tunnel. If you like an outdoor experience, stay close to nature and have a Camp overnight!! 

2.00 pm
- Our next stop was at Lost World Tin Valley where it was created in Lost World of Tambun to have their guest flash back to the past, at the time where the “dulang washer” persistently works to feed their family. The Tin Mining activity in Peninsular Malaysia was first practiced for hundred years by “Orang Asli” and Malays. Then it was followed by Siamese and Mandailings, then by the Chinese Immigrants who were mostly Hakkas. In mid-19th Century, the Kinta valley was one of the most active area for mining activity.      

We Butterflies had our chance to experience ourselves how the “dulang washing” works. Our facilitator, Mr. Robert taught us how to control and balance the “dulang” for best washing result.  After few rotate movements, the sand (which is lighter) will wash away and leaves the heavy dark grey silver. I was fail in my first trial. I thought it was easy but its not!! Well, practice makes perfect right and I managed to do it in my second attempt!! YES!!

2.30 pm
- After the long tour (actually approx 2 hours) we had a quick coffee break at the Dulang Tea House located near Tin Valley. The main attraction here is the Telur Ayam Kampung, Biskut Lutot, roti bakar and special brewed Kopi Kampung. Aahhh!! So nice had these dishes. It really made me remembered my childhood times at my mom’s hometown in Kedah. Especially the Kopi Kampung and Biskut Lutot! This CafĂ© was decorated with 60’s ambience; it’s so classic and located at the limestone hills. It has “Basikal Tua” and “Old Television version” that is still working!! Totally awesome tho!

While having the coffee break, we Butterflies were informed that they have allocated another activity for us!! It’s Treasure Hunt!! For this activity, we had to capture a group photos at the selected venue accordance to its clue. We were divided into 6 groups and our clue finding journey begun. It was tiring but from this activity we got to know each other better and had to work as a Team!! 

Our Treasure Hunt activity ends at 3.30 pm and we were ushered to our next venue,  The Lost World Hotel!!. Aaahh ~ finally after the long day activity!! 

Me and my treasure hunt group!! We didnt win that day but its ok!! We got to know each better and we rock the day!!!

Well Beautylicious, I shall share with you my next experience with the Lost World Hotel in my Part 2 post. Keep Beautylicious and xoxo!

Most of the photos here were taken from The Butterfly Project. Thank you Henry for the awesome photos. Do check and support them <here>

More info about The Lost World of Tambun? check them out <here>

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