Friday, 25 October 2013

MURAD - Makes YOU Better Every Day!!!

Hola Beautylicious!! MURAD is not new in Beauty Market. When it was founded by Howard Murad, M.D,  the Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA in 1989, they are the pioneer and the innovator in the skincare industry. Their skincare are dermatological and emphasis the Inclusive Health. It is the revolutionary system care ever created.

Since it was launched sometimes ago in Malaysia, MURAD is now opening its door to cater the growing needs of its consumer by introducing their exclusive Murad Outlet. First outlet is in Damansara Uptown and now their second Outlet in Empire Subang. These outlets are integrated with the Revolutionary Water Principle and inclusive Health Approach!

Murad 2nd Exlusive Outlet - Empire Subang

The Registration Counter
The crowd at the events
The CEO of Murad Malaysia given a speech about MURAD. it appears that he's been using MURAD for 20 years! 

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Every Murad Outlet provides professional Murad Treatments combines a high concentration of active ingredients with the healing power of touch, providing results far more advanced compared to what we can achieve with homecare alone. 

The Treatment Room

The first step is a skin assessment by a certified Skin Health Therapist trained by Murad. That is why Murad has created 13 distinct product lines to address every skin concerns! Murad Skin care solutions are organized into easy-to-use three-steps regime 1. Cleanse | Tone, 2. Treat | Repair, 3. Hydrate | Protect.

Some of the product range by MURAD - created to address every skin concern!
The Beauty Assistant with patient explained to me about each and every product series by MURAD

My favorite series!! I love the foam cleanser - works very well to me!!
The transformation with Murad is possible because all Murad Products and Services are based from The Science of Cellular WaterTM, the world's most comprehensive approach to understanding health and aging. The key of this element revealed the ability of the cell membranes to hold water within cells as the fundamental marker of youthful good health, into a whole-body approach care.

Nevertheless, MURAD is also implementing the 3-Facets of Inclusive  Health approach that would help people to look, live and feel Better Every Day.

- Looking Better through topical care - is the facet that focuses on the skin, the body's largest organ and first line defense. The topical treatment includes esthetic facials, appropriate clinical skin care regimens and cosmetic medical services. Murad products were produced to support, protect and enhance the skin's barrier function from the environmental damage and dehydration.

- Living Better through Nutrition, Supplements and Exercise - This is the facet that focusing whole body health! Take dietary supplements, eating Water fruits and vegetables and making physical activity as part of life would prolonged our age!! Start loving your body Beautylicious!

- Feeling Better through Strategies for Stress Management - In our life we need to achieve the balance of the "yin & yang". Managing Stress, pursuing life passion, maintaining a healthy connection to yourself and surrounding, with positive social environment will eventually improves our mental and physical strength! Thus, you will achieve the absolute health in and out!

These are some of photos at the event:-

With some of the gorgeous bloggers on that day

Some of the products range inside the outlet

With MURAD Beauty Assistant - Shes very good!!




Self camwhore!! at the mirror!

With Jerine - Million Dollar Beauty Blogger =)

With Cute Tammy!! =)
Well Beautylicious, have you tried any MURAD product before? What do you think about MURAD? Do let me know and post in the comment section down below. 

Any further info about MURAD you may refer to the link <here>.

Until we meet again in my next post Beautylicious!! XOXO