Monday, 7 October 2013

High Tea with Ms Rosy – Fairy-tale is no longer a fantasy!

Hello Beautylicious!! We meet again in this post. How are you? Remember in my previous post I mentioned about Ms Rosy is now in town and she is on tour sharing her beauty secret of Rosy Fairness? Recently, I was so lucky to be part of the event “High Tea with Ms Rosy” organised by Loreal Professionnel Malaysia and The Butterfly Project! We were hinted that we butterflies will feel the “Paris Sensation” there. With its theme “Pink”, Butterflies were asked to dress in pink too. Furthermore, it’s Ms Rosy's favourite colour.  So, I am so excited to share with you Beautylicious what I gathered throughout the event. 

The “High Tea with Ms Rosy” event was held at Angelic Tea & Scone House located at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas. When I first arrived at the entrance, I was welcomed by The Butterfly SWAT Team, Mama San Tammy and Ms. Howt of the year– Ms. Illy. At the registration, I was informed that Ms Rosy and Team has prepared lots of fun activities for us Butterflies. OMG – I was extremely happy and my heart pumped with excitement!!! Ms Rosy was waiting patiently at the door too. We had our chance to take photo together with her before entering the café.

The Angelic Café occupied ground and first floor of Block H, Plaza Damas building. When I first entered the café I noticed few sections specially arranged for us at the ground floor. They had “Caricature” section and “DIY” section. Sounds fun right? The “Caricature” section was performed by Dwen, the artist of the day. He did a good job in transforming our real face into caricature mood. =)

The “DIY” section was arranged for us butterflies to create our own headband and hairclips. It was our chance to show our creativity and inner talent to create head piece. We were provided with lots materials. Talk about roses, pink gems, pearls, feathers and beads – anything that we can used to show our hand crafted piece. 

I further advised that the main event is at the first floor. With 4” pink heels, I patiently climbed the staircase and when I reached at the first floor, I was stunned with astonishment!!

The café was decorated in such a beautiful way beyond my imagination. I feel so magical and I did imagine myself in the “Alice and Wonderland” scene. So “English” with few portraits on the wall, small and cute monuments and statues including its cutlery. It was so stunning. This was my first time coming to this Café and I was so in love. Not only that, the decoration was done by Ms Maggie herself. She wanted her guest to feel home and embrace the beautiful English style. So angelic and poetic.  

I had my chance to mingle with  Butterflies, chit chatting, photographing, laughing and gossiping around. Then I went thru LOREAL beauty sections which were make-up section, hair-do makeover section and also the manicure section. 

Make-up Section: Ms Rosy Team displayed latest LOREAL make-up latest selections! We Butterflies had our chance to try and play with all the products featured. My favourite would be the Loreal Lip Stain because of its long lasting and moisture power. I love how it transform my lips to lippylicious!!! Loreal engaged a make-up artist to help and transform us to be the angelic beauty. =)

Hair-do Section: At the hair-do section, Butterflies were having a hair-do make-over and transformed themselves to angelic Goddes! I had my chance to change my dull and plain hair to bouncy curl. My green hair is more visible!! 

Manicure Section: Ms Rosy and Team also displayed LOREAL Nail Polishes selection which were flew direct from PARIS for us Butterflies to choose and play with. =) The selection of colours is varies and much pigmented. I also love the smoothness and easy application of the brush. It make my life easier.

The event then started with a welcome note by Ms Rosy Team, and they were so happy to have us there for the event. She then introduced the members of LOREAL and highlighted the purpose of having the High Tea Session with Ms Rosy. The presentation about who is Ms Rosy and her secret was conducted by Ms. Ashley, Ms Rosy assistance. I had so much info about Ms Rosy and I was so excited when I got to know about her secret. As mentioned in my earlier post, Ms Rosy is just like us – a lady who want to look beautiful and achieve the Rosy Fairness Beauty. How to achieve it? Well you can achieve them <here>. =)

After the presentation, we were served with Tea and vegetarian food. The tea was served in crafted beautiful cup. The Tea never taste like a normal Tea anymore! This Café also served high quality scones and croissants prepared by the Owner, Ms. Maggie!! The food were prepared in such a delicate way. I never a fan of vegetarian food but this Café change my mind about vegetarian food entirely.. Nyum nyum!!

Something special happened that day too. It was a Birthday for one of the Butterflies; Farisha Nadia!. She willing to allocated some time to spent with Ms Rosy on her Birthday.. =) So cute right?! 

I seriously had my fun at the event. I feel so magical and enchanted throughout the event. I also got to know about Ms Rosy secret which I am currently following her routine. I am in my third weeks of using the “White Perfect” Range by Loreal PARIS and the results are amazing!! I will share with you Beautylicious the results soon. Do post your comments below if you want me to make a review about it!!

If you would love to know more about Ms Rosy and Loreal PARIS, do check them out <here>
Don’t you think the café is fascinating? Want to experience like how I did? Check them out!!

Angelic Tea & Scones House
H-01, Plaza Damas,
No. 65, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas,
Sri Hartamas
50489 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012-613 6128
(Call 11am – 6pm daily, including selected public holidays)

Special Thanks to The Butterflies Project Team for inviting me to be part of the program. I love you all sooooo much!!! Do check and support them <here> =) Most of the photos posted here were captured by The Butterfly Project Paparazzi Team - Bravo!!!

Well Beautylicious, what do you think about the event? Do share with me in the comment section down below and I would love to know about yours too!! Share with me your secret of #ROSYFAIRNESS! Fairy-tale is no longer a FANTASY!! - Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo