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Eye Lashes Extension Treatment by Pink Passion – I don’t feel fake at all!!

Hola Beautylicious. There is a quote saying that “Eyes are the Window to the Soul”. From the look of the Eyes it would reveal everything from your heart. However, Gorgeous Eyes are not hard to get with Pink Passion Eye Lashes Extension Treatment!!!.

I was contacted by Maggie Lim of Pink Passion to try myself the Eye Lashes Extension Treatment. Previously I heard lots about other people feedback about losing their natural lashes after the treatment. So I was bit uncertain to try it. However, after been reading lots of review from my blogger buddies, I was so tempted to try it. Well Why not right? It’s a chance once in a lifetime.

Pink Passion is located at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre, Petaling Jaya. If you are familiar with Kayu Aman Suria, Yup, it’s just around there. 

When I reached there I was welcomed by two lovely ladies, i.e. Ms Reinie and Ms. Hui San. After registered my name at the counter, I was ushered to the treatment room. There, I asked few questions related to the treatment. I was attended by Ms. Reinie.

Welcome Tea for guest

Front Desk / Counter

Guest Hall
The Treatment Room
I gathered that for the eye lashes extension, there are about three types of eye lashes differentiate by the length i.e. 8mm, 10mm and 12mm (the longest). Each pieces is band at one end with three pieces of silk eyelashes. Yup that’s right. The material used to produce the extension is SILK. The eyelashes look can be arranged depending on how thick and how fuller you want to be. Since that this is my first time, Ms. Reinie suggested me to try the 8mm first. Ms Reinie further added that there are some customer who wanted to have dramatic and fuller look, Pink Passion would add another layer of extension to reach the desired look.

I had mascara layer on so Ms Reinie removed it first. Then she analysed my lashes and commented the following:-

1.       My right eye lashes appears shorter than my left eye lashes.
2.       There are gaps in between my right eye lashes
3.       The composition of lashes at my both eyes are not even.

To my surprise, I never thought that my eyelashes are so “cacat”. Lol. This is because I frequently apply mascara to elongate my lashes and draw thick eyeliners to cover my imperfection. Sometimes, I did not follow the right procedure to remove the mascara from my lashes during cleansing routine. Not only that, I tends to rub my eyes too!! I know, it’s my bad. Well, nobody perfect right? 

Then Ms Reinie performed the treatment starting with my left lashes. She pasted a layer of white tape at my lower lashes to assist the application much easier. 

During the treatment process, I asked few questions to Ms Reinie and she responded patiently. (Lol ~ I can be too talkative sometimes).

These were my questions to her:-

1.       How long you’ve been working here?
-          I’ve been working here for 5 years.

2.       Wow, so that’s mean Pink Passion has been established for more than 5 years then?
            -          Yes.

3.       How long is the treatment process?
-         The treatment process would take around 45 minutes to one hour. Depends on the types of lashes and look preferred by customer.

4.       How long the lashes extension will stay?
-      Depending on how you take care of the lashes. Make sure you do not expose it to the heat. E.g. Not recommended to Sauna as this will melt the glue. Then, do not rub the eyes and the facial cleansing procedures need to be done in more delicate way especially eyes area. 
-     If you follow the procedures above, the lashes could stay more than a month. However, depending on where the lashes is stick, when the natural lashes grows, it would cause uneven lashes and affects the look as well. Hence, it is advisable to remove and re-apply the treatment.

5.       Can the lash extension be self-removed?
-    The extension cannot be self-removed at home. The removal procedure must be arranged at the saloon. For the removal process, Pink Passion would charge RM50.00 and it would take around 20 minutes to half an hour. There are some cases where customer removed themselves by plucking the eye lashes and as the results, their natural eye lashes never grows back!

6.       How long is period for the natural lashes to grow?
-        Natural lashes would reach its maturity period within 60 – 90 days. Then it will drop by itself. It then will be replaced by new baby lashes depending on its rotating period.

7.        What type of glue that you used to stick the extension?
-        This glue is specially made to stick the extension to the natural lashes and it would stay up to 1 month depending on how you take good care of it (go back to my earlier question 4 - lol). 

8.       How long to wait till the glue dries after the treatment?
-          You need to let the glue dries for at least 5 minutes. Keep closing your eyes.
      9.     Do you provide the lashes extension treatment to the lower lashes?
             -      No

After the treatment completed, I was left to rest with my eyes closed. Well, I didn’t really close my eyes as I still peeped at my watch to see the time. Lol. After 15 minutes, Ms Reinie came back and removed the white tape. Then, she asked me to open my eyes.

My first experience with extension lashes on:-

-       When I first opened my eyes, I feel my lashes bit tight. Maybe caused by the glue sticking the extension with my natural lashes. Then I feel like having a small roof sticking to my eye lid but to my surprised it’s not heavy at all. After a while, I can immediately adjust to it. When I touched it, yeah it’s a bit stiff and I feel like having a plastic layer attached to my eyelid.

How do I feel about the extension lashes personally?

-    To be honest, my eyelashes is now fuller than before. The gap that were seen earlier is much covered and Ms. Reinie and Ms Hui San did a good job to cover my imperfection. My lashes still look natural and I don’t feel fake at all!!

Are you ready to see Final Result?

The Final Result - Pardon my oily face yeaa...
Any difficulties I faced wearing the lashes extension?

-      Since that this is my first time wearing it, I still in the midst of adjusting myself with this new lashes. I need to change my norm habit dealing with my eyes to ensure the extensions would last longer.

-    I treat my eyes with more care now. No more rubbing my eyes and after washes my face, I will pat my face especially at my eyes area with towel slooowwlyyy... hurm - really take ages tho... 

Do’s and Don’ts when wearing eyelashes extension


-          Do flare them with natural or heavy eye make-up. Up to your choice.

-      Do remove your eye make-up with eye make-up remover and use the cotton bud carefully as it would not stick and attached to your extensions and damage it.

-     Do wash your face in circular motion especially at the eyes area. Avoid pitching the eye lashes

-     Do sleep facing up so that the eyelashes is not squeeze to the pillow and damage its natural curl.

-       Do check your eyelashes after the treatment to ensure your eyelashes are even or almost similar to avoid any imperfection.


-          Don’t rub your eyes. Because of the glue, the material is bit stiff so if you rub your eyes, you will feel slight pain. If you still rub, you may accidentally pluck your natural lashes and it may not grows back!

-          Don’t apply mascara at the eyelashes with extension – It will be difficult to remove it

-          Don’t use cotton pad when removing eye make-up as the cotton will stuck in between extensions and natural lashes caused the process to remove it may damage the extensions.

-          Don’t expose your eyes to the heat e.g. sauna as the heat would melt and defect the glue.

-          Don’t use eyelash curler to curl it as it would break the lashes – the extension and natural lashes caused it to be thicker and hard. With eyelash curler, it would then damage the bound and break.    

 My other photos:-

First Day : After the treatment! - Pardon my big forehead!

Do I look like Barbie Doll now?

3rd Day - still intact!!

This Morning!! Exactly 5 Days after the treatment.
Well Beautylicious, what do you think about my new eyelashes? Pretty or not? Aren’t you tempting to try it yourself? 

I have good news for you. I have a discount vouchers to be shared and given away for you Beautylicious who wanted to try and experience the beautiful eyelashes extension by Pink Passion. Now you can experience the same way I had. Just print out this voucher, bring it to the store, or if you want the original copy of the voucher, do drop me an email at =)

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We already at the end of my post. Stay Beautylicious and until we meet again in my next post! xoxo