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Keep Wink Wink with KOJI and Dolly Wink – The Butterfly Project

Hola Beautylicious!!! Have you ever dream of having big and beautiful eyes, long with curly lashes!! Then we can keep wink wink with puppy eyes look whole day long!!Well, if you are a fan of eyelashes and Gyaru make-up look, then this post is for you!! (*.*)

Tsubasa Masukawa: Dolly Wink Ambassador; pict: google
Recently, I was invited by The Butterfly Project Community to attend the media launch for Koji-Honpo new launched products. The event was held at Little Pantry, IOI Mall.

Koji-Honpo (Dolly Wink) History

KOJI is renowned as Japan's false eyelash pioneer. They were the very first company to manufacture and sell false eyelashes, called tsuke-matsuge in Japan.

Company Overview

"Since they began selling fake eyelashes for the first time in Japan in 1947, KOJI HONPO has always pioneered the development of fake eyelashes. The company offers wide-ranging products, from products for beginners to products for professionals. In addition, they also offer other products such as "Eye Talk" for making double-fold eyelids, eyeliners and eyebrow liners, as well as items necessary for fake eyelashes, including scissors and tweezers. In 2013, the company will participate in the Japan Expo held in Paris, so that fashion-conscious women around the world can try out their fake eyelashes. The company is therefore expected to expand its share in the global market in the future.

At the event, I gathered that Koji falsies were inspired by Geisha. It appears that, in order to have long, fuller and curlier lashes, Geisha knitted their own falsies with their own hair. Wow!! I further advised that every falsies produced by Koji are all handmade. It is carefully made and produced with care to preserve its quality. That explained why Koji falsie a bit pricey here in Malaysia.

Beautiful Geisha; Vintage Photo - Image Credit: Google
Koji Representative (we call her sensei) commenced the event with products introduction and review. For over 60 years in market, Koji products have gone thru few changes, innovations and improvements to accommodate with our current lifestyle. Dolly Series was created by Tsubasa Masukawa to match with her lifestyle as a celebrity. As an icon in Japan, her featured Dolly Wink products range became so essential to every girl in Japan. With its fine quality and almost natural look, the Gyaru and Kawaii style is no longer a fantasy! Their products is sold 16 millions since 2005!! Wallaweh!!
I had my great moment at the event by went thru all the products featured on the shelves. How I wish all these gems belongs to me – Alone!! ~ Lol

Shelves displaying all Koji / Dolly Wink products!
Look at their selections of products to choose from. OMG - you would never have enough with these babies. =)

We were given a chance to try and test some of their products. I was extremely happy to play with it. I went there with bare faced and went home with colourful face. Lol 

I tried, tested and played with the products in the small basket and I totally love their products. These are some of the products that I tried and applied at the event:-

1/ Cream white eye shadowthe cream texture is so creamy with little bit combination of stardust and glittering.
2/ Liquid eyeliner (deep black)I totally love this eyeliner. I draw bit to my back hand and surprisingly it stayed for 2 days. I applied to my eyelid and had it removed with make-up remover.
3/ Eyelash Curler by Koji - This product gave marvelous look to my lashes. I love how it turned my lashes to be more curlier and fuller. It did a good job and as a result I have bigger eyes. 
4/ Black Mascara (black)I got to know that this is a limited edition. The fibre textures elongate my natural lashes and make it fuller and longer.
5/ White eyelinerFor highlight. I used it at the inner corner of my eyes to enlighten my eyes.
6/ Eyebrows mascaraFirst time encounter with this type of product. It came with spoolie brush for easier application. I brushed it to my eyebrows and it matched with my light brown hair! ~ Totally Love  - I am the new born “Mat Salleh”. 

My Final Make-up Look
Sensei then introduced us their new products which only will be officially launched in November this year, i.e. Lash Concierge. With 8 different types to choose from, Lash Concirge range was created to be used on daily basis. You can wear them either for work or for school and it will gives you more natural look. 

Image Credit: Google

Selections of lashes too choose from - Image Credit: Google

Do you notice the percentage at the packaging? The percentage is actually represents the percentage of natural look you can achieve with this lashes. Which means, “the higher the percentage is, the more natural look it can be”. So, not to worry for being caught for wearing the falsies as your colleagues and friends would never notice that you are wearing one and it can only be achieved with Lash Concierge Range by Koji.

Percentage to define how natural look you can achieve with this lashes - Image Credit: Google
Sensei further explained that each of their lashes came with tester as well. The tester produced is very limited and it is also handmade!! So, customer can have their sweet time to try the lashes on instead of imagine how the lashes would look after wearing them. Very creative and innovative right? 

These testers are handmade!

Gorgeous Kay trying out the Lash Conceirge tester.
Do you know that Koji has extended Lash Concierge collection? Do check them out <here>

Besides, Koji also developed phone apps and its called TSUKEMA CAMERA. This apps featured all their Dolly Wink lashes and we can play with them by trying to mix and match to our eyes. You may download it from your apps store now and its available for Androids and IPhones.

Beautiful Sharon trying the gadget. Feel like a small kid again!! =)
After the trial, review and make-up session, Sensei called up for volunteers to try their new Concierge falsies (i.e. which only will be officially in market in November this year). I was so eager to be one of the volunteers and picked Falsies No. 5 from the Concierge Range. Falsie No. 5 is a half lashes. Its abit fuller and the end and would gives cat eye look. This falsie is so compatible with winged eyeliner – My fav!!

Lash Concierge No. 5 - Doll Cat - Image Credit: Google

During the demonstration session, we were taught to (1) how to take-out the lashes from its packaging. Then the procedures on (2) how to soften the new lashes before apply it to the eye lid. After that (3) the technique to measure and (4) cut the falsies according to our eyes shape. (5) How to apply the glue and (6) how to stick the falsies. Well yeah - There are 6 steps to follow.

Check out their video how to apply false eyelashes <here>

Image Credit: The Butterfly Project

Image Credit: The Butterfly Project

And this is my final look. See the difference before and after? Can u see my kitty eyes? Meoww!!

My Final Look with Lash Concierge. Image Credit: The Butterfly Project

At the end of the event we were given a goody bag with lots and lots of stuff inside. Koji are so generous and I cant wait to share with you what I received!!

Freebies!!! - Nyum Nyum..
a/ Curving Eyelash Curler – This product is one of their best seller in Japan. With its Flat Edge, Curvier Frame (U Shape) and 38mm size longer, the application is much easier. 100 ladies in Japan has tested this Curler and its suitable to any eyes shape. Not only that, the shape gives a perfect pressure and the lashes is separated and curl wider. It also came with its cute container for storage. Really handy when comes to travel.

Curving Eyelash Curler by Koji - Best Seller in Japan
It came with its own customized casing!! I love it!

Look wider and curlier your lashes can be!! Only with Koji eyelash curler!!

b/ Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner – I was so excited to see this product inside my goodie bag as I just Love it. As I mentioned above, the consistency of the liquid is just right and it does stay for 24 hrs!

I love their Liquid Eyeliner - My new Fav!!
c/ Koji Eye Talk “Clear” – It is a water-soluble adhesive used at the upper eyelid to create double lid. With its transparent formula, it would not run or smudge, leaving the eyes perfectly defined. Totally recommended for beginner as the transparent liquid and any mistakes done wont not be too visible yeahh?. Let EYES do the talking!! This is good news for single eyelid. As I’m born with double lid, I’m not going to use this product. But its good to arrange a giveaway yeah?

How to apply Koji Eye Talk “Clear”? I googled and managed to find the guide in illustrations which I think would at least gives us a clear picture how to use it. =)

The guide how to use and apply the Koji Eyetalk "Clear".
d/ Dolly Wink 10 Sweet Cat – Wow – Actually I did not really go thru all the products given but when I was writing this post, then only I realised that I was given this Sweet Cat Falsies. Didn’t I mentioned earlier I love Cat Eye look? This Falsies is just too perfect for me to again recreate the look. I’m so super duper happy!!

I feel so lucky to receive this falsies as it featured inside this commercial!! Look how cuute Tsubasa Matsukawa. <I wanna be like her!!>

e/ Lash Concierge 01 Pure Smile – Yeayy, I am a fan of half lashes (fyi: in states they call it demi lashes) and I was really happ to see this product inside my goodie bag. Lets smile wide and bright!!!

To be honest, I am not a fan of falsie to begin with. However, after attended this event, I fall in love with all the falsies including other products featured by Koji. I can’t wait to try them all. 

Well Beautylicious, what do you think about Koji-Honpo products? Do let me know in the comment section down below. I would love to know your thought.If you are keen with Lash Concierge range by Koji-Honpo, do check them out this coming November in stores!! =)

If you would like to know more about Koji-Honpo or Dolly Wink, do check it out at their facebook page <here>

Special thanks to The Butterfly Project for inviting me to be part of the program. Do check and support them <here>

Until we meet again in my next post. Stay Wink Wink Beautylicious!!! - xoxo