Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Samsung NX Mini my best Selfie Companion!!

I’ve been using this camera for almost four months now. To be honest this camera is my everyday companion. As a blogger, you need to find a perfect camera which you can use for macro shots. To capture moments, special effect, events and products! name it!

I just love how NX Mini change my selfie life completely!
Well, when you attend any beauty event one more favorite things you like to do is wefie with your beloved friends!

In regards to any events that I attended, my Samsung NX Mini is a must! Not only that, I also have tonnes of selfies taken with this owhsome Samsung NX Mini. If you check in my previous post <here> you would noticed that I have highlighted on few main features on this cute Samsung NX Mini. Not only that, I also elaborate one of the Selfie feature <here> which you may not find in other compact camera. 

Samsung NX Mini perfect as a #Selfie Camera because it was created to fulfill their customer’s satisfaction in capturing a #Selfie Perfect! When the display is rotated you would find that there are about three selections of mood for selfies for you to choose from.

Though this device have 3 selfies moods, however, you may capture your selfies in 5 ways!! Hows that?!! Sshhhh... let me tell you the secret.... hushhhhhhh...

1. Self Timer Shot
2. Smile Shot
3. Wink Shot
4. Self- Press the button and shot
5. Touch the screen and it auto shot

Three types of Selfie shots to choose from.

From the 5 ways selection above, my most favorite mood is the "Smile Shot". This mood made my selfies life easier!

How it works?

Its too easy!!

1. Flip the display. Once the display flipped. the camera will switch on by itself!
2. The camera is ready for a selfie mood.
3. Choose your desired mood - in this case "smile mood"
4. Then find your right angel and don't forget to say "cheeeeseeee"
5. The NX mini will automatically shot your selfie!! You dont have to press the button because the NX Mini does the job for you!

Wefie with beloved friends even better with NX Mini! - great way to share the moment together!
OOTD post in ladies - not a problem!

Taking Selfie while kayaking even better with smile shot. As long as you smile widely - this NX Mini definitely will take the awesome shots for you! 
After that of course you need to transfer the photos right? Selfie is not complete until you upload it to your Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #selfie!

You can also choose few ways to transfer the photos from the camera to your phone or tab device. With the WIFI technology, touch and transfer, it made my life even more easier!

Let me show you how easy it is. There are many ways to download the photos or video taken by NX Mini to the phone or laptop. In this post I am going to show you how I normally download the pictures and video from My Samsung NX Mini to my Samsung Note 8.0.

1.  From the mode setting, choose WIFI connection
2.  Then click at Mobile Link icon
3. Then select files from smartphone. This selection enable you to choose your desired pictures to be transferred browsed through phone. I feel more comfortable to choose my pictures through my Samsung Note 8.0 because of its bigger screen - better views for selection.
4. At the same time, don't forget to download the samsung smart camera apps from google play or iphone store. This apps would enable you to connect to your NX mini instantly.

Another faster way to connect your NX mini with your device is through Direct Link.

Direct Link button would enable instant connection from the NX Mini and connected devise. Once it connected, any photos or videos taken by NX Mini would automatically transferred to your device. This way would save more time and hence you have no more hassle to browse through and select your photos each at one time.

Both ways, the photos would then transferred to the devise and available at the gallery for views

So Beautylicious!! How easy is that with NX Mini? Told you it would make our life easier!!

The quality of the photos is amazingly superb HD. Its super clear and with varies smart shots to choose from, the NX Mini would assist you to capture amazing photos.

Food Shot

Macro Shot
Landscape Shot
Panoramic Shot
Parties and Indoor Shot
Night Shot
I have something to share with you. Its a recap on what happened on the first day when us 30 Manoah Bloggers were just got to tasted and feeeeel the beloved My Samsung NX Mini!! It is up in the You Tube now!!!

For about 3 months of using My Samsung NX Mini, I would say that this is my best camera companion so far. It completes my life and I managed to capture every moment I experience without fail. I feel so sad because the moment with NX Mini going to end soon. Wish I don't have to say goodbye with it.

Retails at RM1,399.00 for basic lens or RM1,699.00 for a complete lens kit, Samsung NX Mini is available at electronic stores near you!

Again have you decided, 

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

[Beautylicious Review] : Brow Lash Ex Mascara and Liquid Liner (2 in 1) by BCL

It was LOVE at the first time of usage. Thats' what I can say about this product. It is a Brow Lash Ex Mascara and Liquid Liner (2 in 1) by BCL.

Mascara is always a huge thing in cosmetic. It change your looks instantly. From SMALLER eyes to LARGER eyes. From TIMID look to the DRAMATIC look. Or from DECENT look to the WILD look. Create however looks you want and with the perfect mascara, you will know exactly what I was saying. Enough with the mumbling. Lets head straight to the product.

BCL or Beauty Creative Lab is a makeup brand from Japan. It is where the Beauty and Passion comes to Life. Based on the four famous makeup looks from four big cities in Japan, Harajuku, Akihabara, Shibuya and Yokohama, BCL has created few lines of products to created the desired looks.

Brow Lash Ex Mascara and Liquid Liner (2 in 1) by BCL.

This is one of the new product which recently launched in Malaysia market.  In this post I am not going to do a review on the liquid liner because I haven't use it yet. Instead, I am going to share with you my thought on the mascara. Just Because ---- I love it too much and I cannot wait to show you why.


I want to show you ma Beautylicious the result before I proceed to why owh why I love this product.

Tadaa ---

With Natural Light - can you see the HUGE difference?
Again - this time with Flash.

See mamma mia - my lashes appears longer, more voluminous and looks like I was wearing false lashes
My Verdict:

So, what element in this product that able to create such lashes?

1. I noticed the formula contain micro-fibres element that would enhance the volumn  and added length to the lashes. 
2. The design of it's wand that would also helps to create the curls and volumn while application
3. The formula was design for no clump despite for how many times of application. To achieve the look tht I showed above, I applied four times!! 
4. It is 24hr waterproof formulated proven!! It is an oil based cosmetic and hence to remove it you need an oil makeup remover.  
5. The right technique and ways how to apply the mascara would help to enhance the lashes as well.

Tips and Technique:

Recently, I attended BCL Workshop and I learnt new tips how to apply mascara that would enhance your lashes.

1. Curl your lashes - Usually I skip this step because I'm scared of eyelash curler.. 
2. Then brush your lashes inwards for 3 times. Then leave for 30 second.
3. Then only you brush the lashes outwards 
4. While brushing the lashes outward, try to create the curl.
5. And the result will be stunning!!!

To explain further, I found this diagram by and the steps by step how to apply is very easy to follow. 

Technique and ways how to create such volumn and thicker lashes. Photo Source: My Beauty Department

This product retails at RM69.90, you may purchase it at SASA or some of the Watson branch. For some of you, this product can be a bit pricey but considering this product is a 2 in 1 (mascara and liquid liner in one go) - I think this product is still affordable!. Well, the product can be bit pricey because it proven for its quality, right?  

This mascara is definitely will become one of my best companion for everyday look. As for the liquid liner - I will do the review about it soon.

Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo

Kiss me Kiss me Kiss Me Kiss Me - xoxo

Saturday, 2 August 2014

DIY Cosmetics with Natural Wellbeing

When I watch on YouTube how to create your own Cosmetic, I never thought that I would have the chance to learn and create mine, myself. To be honest to find the materials and ingredients here in Malaysia is not that easy to get and also it is quite expensive especially if you buy it at the craft store.

Well, recently I had my chance to create my own cosmetics through Natural Wellbeing workshop class. For RM180.00 per session you are provided with the materials, the containers and final cosmetic products created by yourself. My class session was conducted at Publika.

Our Trainer that day Ms. Angle has been in this cosmetic industry for more than 10 years. For the past 4 years shes' been using the DIY cosmetic created by herself. Now, she is not so able to wear the commercial cosmetics found in the retails. She added that some cosmetic products found in market contain some chemicals that would cause harmful toxic to our body in the long run. Well, we might not going to get it now, but maybe when we gets older. Her mission is to create DIY Cosmetic which is close to nature and also to perform wellbeing aspect in our life. These homemade products would last at least for 8 months (depending on how hygienic of the usage and preparation) as it does not contain any addictive, preservative and chemical to preserve its condition. 

The Class commence with the introduction of the materials and ingredients that will be used for the session. The formula to create the DIY Cosmetics is also was enclosed together for guidance.

Look at these Utensils. I feel like we were in a cooking class.

The utensils used need to be sterile with 70% diluted alcohol.
Of course first step is to always sterile the utensils with 70% alcohol. Alcohol is used widely by surgeon to kill germs and harmful bacteria. This also to avoid the development of fungus and thus the product can last longer.

In the class, I learnt some tips and procedures and I was so eager to be hands on on almost everything!!

Can you see how excited I was?!!! - Photo Credit: Natural Wellbeing
Distributed the final product evenly for all the participants. - photo credit: Natural Wellbeing
From the Workshop, we learn how to create our own:-

i/ Body Powder
ii/ Face Powder
iii/ Eye Shadows
iv/ Lip Gloss
v/ Lipstick
vi/ Eyebrows Powder

Some of the Final Products here:-

Eye Shadows
Look at these beautiful colours - its so glittering... catching ma eyes..

Lip Gloss - smells like strawberry and this is one of my favorite!
Lipstick - apparently the colour intensity is not that strong and turn out like a lip balm. 
The lipstick - final swatches

From the workshop that I attended, I noticed the benefits of creating your own Cosmetics:-

1/ It is good to know what type of ingredients and materials used in your cosmetics. Then you would know what is the purpose and benefit of each and every ingredient contain in the product.

2/ You may adjust the colour and the ingredients to create how intense and pigmented the colours you want it to be. Based on your preference.

3/ Extra knowledge about the ingredients would benefit you especially when you purchase the cosmetics products in market and you would know what the ingredients are contain in the product. It is a great method to prevent allergies (if you have any).

4/ It is a great way to create your own business (if you want to create homemade cosmetics) and become the new entrepreneur.

For the long run, creating your own cosmetic is also one of the great way to get our body close to the mother nature as the ingredient is safer and does not contain any harmful chemical to your body. If you are a beauty junkie like me, I am strongly suggest you attend this class and learn more about the DIY Cosmetics. 

Me and Shive with our Final Product - Love it!! Photo Credit: Natural Wellbeing
With the Participants - We really had lots of fun that day! Photo Credit: Natural Wellbeing
This type of workshop is not only limited to DIY Cosmetics. You are also able to create your own beauty SPA products at home, your own beauty soap (which contain good and benefit herbs for your skin and body) and all the details about these workshops you may get it <here>. After the class and you decided to create your own at home? Not to worry cause Natural Wellbeing also sell the ingredients in small amount (for your usage) at a very affordable price.

So Beautylicious, what do you think about DIY Cosmetics. Would you create one yourself?

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo