Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Samsung NX Mini my best Selfie Companion!!

I’ve been using this camera for almost four months now. To be honest this camera is my everyday companion. As a blogger, you need to find a perfect camera which you can use for macro shots. To capture moments, special effect, events and products! name it!

I just love how NX Mini change my selfie life completely!
Well, when you attend any beauty event one more favorite things you like to do is wefie with your beloved friends!

In regards to any events that I attended, my Samsung NX Mini is a must! Not only that, I also have tonnes of selfies taken with this owhsome Samsung NX Mini. If you check in my previous post <here> you would noticed that I have highlighted on few main features on this cute Samsung NX Mini. Not only that, I also elaborate one of the Selfie feature <here> which you may not find in other compact camera. 

Samsung NX Mini perfect as a #Selfie Camera because it was created to fulfill their customer’s satisfaction in capturing a #Selfie Perfect! When the display is rotated you would find that there are about three selections of mood for selfies for you to choose from.

Though this device have 3 selfies moods, however, you may capture your selfies in 5 ways!! Hows that?!! Sshhhh... let me tell you the secret.... hushhhhhhh...

1. Self Timer Shot
2. Smile Shot
3. Wink Shot
4. Self- Press the button and shot
5. Touch the screen and it auto shot

Three types of Selfie shots to choose from.

From the 5 ways selection above, my most favorite mood is the "Smile Shot". This mood made my selfies life easier!

How it works?

Its too easy!!

1. Flip the display. Once the display flipped. the camera will switch on by itself!
2. The camera is ready for a selfie mood.
3. Choose your desired mood - in this case "smile mood"
4. Then find your right angel and don't forget to say "cheeeeseeee"
5. The NX mini will automatically shot your selfie!! You dont have to press the button because the NX Mini does the job for you!

Wefie with beloved friends even better with NX Mini! - great way to share the moment together!
OOTD post in ladies - not a problem!

Taking Selfie while kayaking even better with smile shot. As long as you smile widely - this NX Mini definitely will take the awesome shots for you! 
After that of course you need to transfer the photos right? Selfie is not complete until you upload it to your Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #selfie!

You can also choose few ways to transfer the photos from the camera to your phone or tab device. With the WIFI technology, touch and transfer, it made my life even more easier!

Let me show you how easy it is. There are many ways to download the photos or video taken by NX Mini to the phone or laptop. In this post I am going to show you how I normally download the pictures and video from My Samsung NX Mini to my Samsung Note 8.0.

1.  From the mode setting, choose WIFI connection
2.  Then click at Mobile Link icon
3. Then select files from smartphone. This selection enable you to choose your desired pictures to be transferred browsed through phone. I feel more comfortable to choose my pictures through my Samsung Note 8.0 because of its bigger screen - better views for selection.
4. At the same time, don't forget to download the samsung smart camera apps from google play or iphone store. This apps would enable you to connect to your NX mini instantly.

Another faster way to connect your NX mini with your device is through Direct Link.

Direct Link button would enable instant connection from the NX Mini and connected devise. Once it connected, any photos or videos taken by NX Mini would automatically transferred to your device. This way would save more time and hence you have no more hassle to browse through and select your photos each at one time.

Both ways, the photos would then transferred to the devise and available at the gallery for views

So Beautylicious!! How easy is that with NX Mini? Told you it would make our life easier!!

The quality of the photos is amazingly superb HD. Its super clear and with varies smart shots to choose from, the NX Mini would assist you to capture amazing photos.

Food Shot

Macro Shot
Landscape Shot
Panoramic Shot
Parties and Indoor Shot
Night Shot
I have something to share with you. Its a recap on what happened on the first day when us 30 Manoah Bloggers were just got to tasted and feeeeel the beloved My Samsung NX Mini!! It is up in the You Tube now!!!

For about 3 months of using My Samsung NX Mini, I would say that this is my best camera companion so far. It completes my life and I managed to capture every moment I experience without fail. I feel so sad because the moment with NX Mini going to end soon. Wish I don't have to say goodbye with it.

Retails at RM1,399.00 for basic lens or RM1,699.00 for a complete lens kit, Samsung NX Mini is available at electronic stores near you!

Again have you decided, 

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo!