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Beautylicious Review: Nars Contour Blusher

To be honest I never own a Contour Blusher. When I was asked to do a review and demo about this product, I was struggling to find the perfect method to do the shading and contouring on my face. The more I spent on the internet to learn how the contouring mechanism works, the more I realised that this product is unlike typical contouring foundation and cream in market.

Typical way of contouring. Image: Google

Typical ways of contouring is by using darker shades of foundation at the hollow of your cheek, side of the nose, jaw line and temple. Then proceed with the lighter shades at the forehead, tip of the nose, under eyes, cheek bone, upper lips and little bit at chin to create brighter part at these area. But these steps only can be done with liquid foundation or concealer but not with contouring blusher.

3 shades of Nars Contour Blusher

A duo of contouring blush shades to create natural-looking dimension for the face with a lightweight luminous finish. A deeper shade enhances definition while a lighter shade illuminates the high points of the face.

Nars Contour Blusher have three (3) shades in total. They are Olympia, Paloma and Gienah. These shade consists of the blusher itself and the highlighter. They can be purchased at Nars Beauty Boutique at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur at the price of RM135.00 each. I was given the shade of Olympia. This is the lightest shades among all three above. 

These are the comparison of shades for Nars Contour Blusher.

So, how to apply it?

Different people has their own ways and method how to apply this product. The result would differ from each and every person too. Well, the way how I apply this product is as follows:-

Prep your face and get ready for the fun!
Let start with prepping my face with the face serum, moisturiser, cc cream, concealer and foundation powder. To be honest I am not a huge fan of foundation so I usually skip this step.

The trick to apply contouring blusher is not to apply it directly at the hollow of your cheeks. Reason being, the shades that I received is about similar to my skin tone. That is why I try to create the shading and contouring my face in other methods. 

Try to locate your cheek bone and side cheek bone with finger for precision before apply the blusher with brush.

First, locate your higher cheek bone, then blush the main shade from the side of the cheek bone upwards towards the temple. The trick is to create the contour at this part. The consistency of the Nars Contour Blusher is not that highly pigmented but you can develop the intensity of it layer by layer. Depending on how darker you want it to be, keep brush it.

Apply the "rose" shade.

Locate your brush; the contour blusher to apply at the side cheek bone, stoke it upward towards your temple
After the first step - the contour shades can be develop layer by layer. I applied 5 layers to achieve this look.

Second, once you are satisfied with the result, then move to the lighter shade and apply it at the higher part of your cheek bone. This to create the 3D effect and shading to it. 

Nest Step - to apply the highlighter

Apply the highlight at the top of the cheek bone to lighten this area.

Result after applied both both contouring blusher and highlight
Alright Beautylicious, this is how I apply the contouring blusher to my face. If you want to add some colour, gently blush thru some of the red shades on top of it and my choice is Nars Orgasm Blusher.

Orgasm Blusher by Nars

Apply the Orgasm blusher at the top of your cheek bone.


Lets see the outcome, before and after:-

The Result; Before and after the application
My Verdict

At beginning I apply it at the hollow of the cheek and of course I was unable to create the intensity that I can get with the liquid foundation. The named given to this product as a contouring blusher is not wrong. Of course you need to apply it as a blusher but the main concern here is, how to apply it? Overall I am ok with the result. The intensity can be built layer by layer and of course it gives us more time to create and determine how darker you want it to be.

Well Beautylicious, how do you apply your contouring blusher? Do share and comment with me at the comment section below. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo

Stay Beautiful with Mary Quant

Since Mary Quant Cosmetics was officially launched in 1966, the products has underwent many transformation process. Coincide with her motto - "freedom and individual" and that how is her brand logo, Black Daisy was created. Similar like how she invented the miniskirts, her concepts also run to create fun and pop of colours in her cosmetic products.

When I heard Mary Quant, in my mind I imagine striking colours, vivid, diversity and unique. The Mary Quant concept is simple. Its Freedom from Within. And of course individualistic. The diversity and diversify of her concepts runs through the products created and form many colours in the product created. More selection to choose from. It is something unique unlike typical make-up approach.

Last weekend I had my chance to learn and experience the beautiful Mary Quant cosmetic through it’s Beauty Workshop. Ms Takagi San, all the way from Japan was there to assist and gave us guidance to apply step by step Mary Quant products.

Me and Shivani babe - Our bare face. 
The first step begin with prep with either OIL ZAP or Moisture ZAP.

The difference between these two is, Oil Zap mean for those with oily skin where Moisture Zap would be perfect for dry skin.

Oil Zap - For Oily Skin
Oil Zap texture
Oil Zap – Oil Control Makeup Base 20g (RM119.00)
This product would provides a dry, matte finish as if you applied powder. It prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum. Also, it renders skin with a fine texture by covering  up annoying pores.

Moisture Zap - For dry skin

The texture for moisture zap

Moisture Zap – Moisture infusion Makeup Base 30g (RM129.00)
This product prevents dry skin with high moisturizing properties like a beauty serum, assists the make-up to last longer. It creates a soft tautness and provides improved coverage. Not only that, it enhance blood circulation, maintaining bright skin and the skin would look naturally smooth, firm and fine lines and pores concealed.

Since that I have a very skin, thus I used Moisture Zap to moisture and prep my face. Then move on to the next product:-

Mary Quant Eye Gloss

The texture for eye gloss
Can u see the sparkle effect - it helps to brighten and highlight the under eye. 
Eye Gloss – Moisturising Eye Foundation 8.5g (RM79.00)
This is a treatment eye foundation. It is created for delicate and dry-prone eye area. It covers dark circles and dullness, and makes eye colours come out brightly.

After prepping my face, I proceeded with the next product:-

Some of the Smoo Make powder foundation shades
From left: Tan and Bronze Shade

Smoo Make – Powder Foundation 10g (RM108.00).
With 8 shades to choose from, this powder foundation works wonder to my skin. It is highly moisturizing powder foundation controls the light and creates the ideal skin colour, texture and three-dimensional appearance. This foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin, creating radiant, firm and smooth skin.

The shade that I choose was 0-60; Tan. Surprisingly it appears abit light on pallet but once apply on the face, it settle and blend nicely with the skin tone. After applied the foundation powder, I applied the next product:-

The Loose Face Powder in 04 - Sheer Gold Shade
Loose Face Powder - Finishing Face Powder 27g (RM109.00)
With 4 shades to choose from, this product would make your skin appear brighter and fine textured. The velvery corpuscular powder makes pores and fine lines less noticeable. Skin would appear soft and even-toned. This product would also prevents make-up from dulling or running, provides a long lasting beautiful finish.

The shade choosen for me was 04-Sheer Gold. This was because I wanted my skin to sparkle and glossy like gold goddess. 

Then its time to shape the eyebrows. Usually I skip this step because I avoid my eyebrow to look too strong and intense. But Mary Quant brow line colours selection are not usual;-

Brow liner - 3 shades to choose from
Brow Line - Eyebrow Pencil (RM59.00)
Came in three shades and none with hasrh black. The special colouring formula ensures the eyebrow pencil adheres to the skin gently with the suitable firmness. This enable us to draw easily the delicate eyebrow hair one by one. This product is waterproof, resist perspiration and maintains a beautiful finish. 

The colour that I chosen was 02-Chestnut Brown to match with my hair.

After this step, then we moved to the next step, eye shadow. Since that summer is approaching (info: in Malaysia we have summer through out the year), Ms. Takagi San taught us to use the summer pallet. It a selection of variance colours i.e. shimmery white, bright yellow, golden dust and bright green.

Eye Opener - Powder Eye Shadow (RM49.00 each)
With 57 shades to choose from, the colours would comes out bright adheres well. The textures are so velvety and smooth. You may build up the consistency of the colour on the skin with applying it layer by layer.  

Selected shades for this make-over

M-01: Metallic White (RM49.00)
Y-05: Yellow Gold (RM49.00)
O-06: Orange Gold (RM49.00)
YG-02: Grass Green (RM49.00)

Then to apply Blusher to the cheek for Rosy Glow finish.

Top: Coral and baby Pink (below) 

Blush Baby - Power Cheek Blush
With 14 shades to choose from, the selection are divers from contouring colours, highlights and main colours to gives you more attractive finish. The texture and so soft, velvety and smooth like pearls.

The shades choosen for my makeover was 08: Baby Pink and 13: Coral.

Then we moved to the next product; eye liner.

Some selection of red shades to choose from - for lips
Ebony Black Eye liner

Out Line - Colour Pencil (RM59.00)
With 19 shades to choose from, this pencil colours works wonder on your face canvas.  It has superb drawing drawing ease. It special texture has been formulated that allows you to draw softly around your eyes and create firm lines around the lips The usage is so unique until you may use the red colour pencil as your eyeliner as well to create soft line to your eyes. In addition of the basic range, they also created more than 20 shades of colours with more vibrant, vivid and sparkles shades. This product is waterproof and you would not to be worry to wear this product underwater. 

I've chosen the basic Ebony Black for this makeover.

Then next product is; mascara. Mascara by Mary Quant are so unique and colourful. With 7 shades to choose from, you might wanna have all the colours in your vanity. I did my earlier review about this amazing product and you may wanna check it <here>.

Selections of shades: Ivy Green (top), Barbwire grey (middle) and laurel green (below)
From left; Lac Rose, Brighton Blue and Bohemian Purple
Action Lashing - Lengthening Mascara (RM109.00)
This original two-sided Coil and Chip brush, features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives its elasticity, creating the sharp and spectacular long lashes. It has anti colour-fading effects and waterproofing effects that has been enhanced, enable to maintain the beautiful upward-curling eyelashes and thus preventing smudging on the lower lid.

For this beauty makeover I chosen shade 03: Ivy Green to compliment the overall look.

See how longer my lashes now? and its green!!!

The Final Look - after applied the eyes products

And Last but not least product; Lipstick and lip gloss.

From Left; V03: Faithfulness, R-01: Scintillation and 06: Rosy Shine

The shades applied to skin
Lipstick - Moisture Rich Lipstick (RM109.00)
With 36 shades to choose from (20 shades in Malaysia), the colours selection was insprired by Mary Quant herself. She said "every girl have their own favourite colours. I have 36". Mary Quant believes that every girl has their colour that would make them beautiful. The lipstick texture are so moisturising and the colour is so pigmented. You may apply layer by layer to develop the concistency of the colours. Shades chosen for the makeover was R-01: Scintillation and V-03: Faithfullness. Then move to the last step, lip gloss:-

Colourshine For Lips - Lip Gloss 2ml (RM99.00)
With 8 Shades to choose from, its smooth textures adheres securely to the lips. It also would add volume for pouty lips. The shades chosen for my makeover was 06: Rosy Shines.

Want to see my final look?

Our Final look with the model. 

Me with Ms. Takagi San - sensei!!!
With fellow Bloggers
After the workshop, we had our lunch at Village Park and it was so hot. But my make-up still intact!! how cool is that?
What do you think about the overall makeover and product by Mary Quant. Do share your thought in the comment section below. 

Mary Quant product can be found at The Muse Watson, Sunway Pyramid. For more selections of colours and products that they have, you may want to refer to <here>.

Thank you Manoah and Mary Quant Malaysia for the invitation. Until we meet again in my next post Beautylicious. xoxo

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Beauty of Fragrances – How it affects your life

We wear fragrance to smells good. We want to appear confident, presentable or maybe seductive depends on the occasions. But do you know that wearing perfume or fragrance is not only about smelling good?

Image: Google
Everybody can wear fragrance. In fact, as a woman, we have tonnes of fragrance in the vanity. But wearing the Right fragrance for you is another thing. Each and every individual on this world carry different character and personality. From the right perfume that you choose, it is not only the scent and how well it adapt to your body heat and odour, somehow it is more personalise and it would become the trademark scent of yourself.

As a woman, of course we cannot limit ourselves to only one type of perfume. We choose our perfume for daily wear, for special occasion, for weekends and also for holidays. We wear it because it brings the mood, and it also creates the mood that we want to. It also would bring back the memory of a person that you’ve used encounter before especially someone that very dear to you.

Fragrance can be found in many form. In fact from our body odour, the scent is actually a fragrance. Certain people commented that they do not have body odour and that’s totally not true. Everybody have their own and it either too strong, middle or too mild. But when we excites sensually we call it pheromones; to attract your partner and that’s actually the fragrance that comes naturally from the body heat, sweat, body liquid and blood. 

Fragrance enhance the scent produce by our body. Image: Google
The element of floral, fruits, herbs, woods and mixtures of these elements in the fragrance is actually to enhance the scents that already develop in our body. That is why when we put same perfume to our body, the scents somehow differ to each and every of us. 

To be honest I am not a Fragrance Specialist myself. However, the knowledge that I gathered from the Chanel Coco Madoiselle recently really triggered my mind to share with you the beauty of fragrance discovery and how it would affect our everyday life.

The Right Perfume for me; Allure Sensuelle by Chanel. Image: Google

The Beauty of fragrances is very subjective. It can be mysterious, sensitive and secretive at the same time. This post is just to share my little thought of mind. I am in the midst of learning more about fragrance and I would definitely share with you Beautylicious my discovery in my next post. xoxo 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

We Love Asia Next Generation is coming near YOU!!!

Hola Yooo Beautylicious!!! Its been awhile since my last concert and getaway with my fellow friends.. Well, We Love Asia Next Generation is now coming near us. Its the BIGGEST INDOOR MUSIC FESTIVAL evaaa!!! Its Happening this 3rd of MAY 2014 (SATURDAY)!!!!

Featuring many fantastic DJ's like Bl3nd, Coone, D.O.D and many more.. Wanna know whos' playing and how the timetable looks like? see below:-

Wondering how the Bl3nd really blend their music? Check this video yaawww!!!

Below is the ticket price and how to purchase your entry to this another phenomenon INDOOR MUSIC FESTIVAL!!

Ticket Price :-

EARLY BIRD - RM69 (07 March - 13 March) (SOLD OUT!!!)


*ALERT MYTICKET will charge +RM3 tax add on for every ticket purchase.* 

Purchase your ticket at :-
Rockconner - KLCC, The Garden, The Curve & One Utama.
Sovo - Amcorp Mall PJ.

For more info please contact - 017 292 6621. or


The Venue for this OWHSOME music festival is now change at the ICON TOWER!! Where? refer to the below address:-

Platinum 21, Menara Icon, 
No. 1 Jalan 1/68F, Off Jalan Tun Razak, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur, 

Alright Beautylicious!!! Do not miss your chance to this another music phenomenon!!!! I'll be going to this music festival and if you happen to go there, do say hye to me!!!

Again, Early Bird ticket is SOLD OUT ! Now is Pre Sale ticket RM89 (LIMITED). You can grab your ticket at ROCKCONNER OUTLET KLCC, One Utama, The Curve & The Garden. For online ticket you can visit

Until we meet again in my next post!!! XOXO