Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Beauty of Fragrances – How it affects your life

We wear fragrance to smells good. We want to appear confident, presentable or maybe seductive depends on the occasions. But do you know that wearing perfume or fragrance is not only about smelling good?

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Everybody can wear fragrance. In fact, as a woman, we have tonnes of fragrance in the vanity. But wearing the Right fragrance for you is another thing. Each and every individual on this world carry different character and personality. From the right perfume that you choose, it is not only the scent and how well it adapt to your body heat and odour, somehow it is more personalise and it would become the trademark scent of yourself.

As a woman, of course we cannot limit ourselves to only one type of perfume. We choose our perfume for daily wear, for special occasion, for weekends and also for holidays. We wear it because it brings the mood, and it also creates the mood that we want to. It also would bring back the memory of a person that you’ve used encounter before especially someone that very dear to you.

Fragrance can be found in many form. In fact from our body odour, the scent is actually a fragrance. Certain people commented that they do not have body odour and that’s totally not true. Everybody have their own and it either too strong, middle or too mild. But when we excites sensually we call it pheromones; to attract your partner and that’s actually the fragrance that comes naturally from the body heat, sweat, body liquid and blood. 

Fragrance enhance the scent produce by our body. Image: Google
The element of floral, fruits, herbs, woods and mixtures of these elements in the fragrance is actually to enhance the scents that already develop in our body. That is why when we put same perfume to our body, the scents somehow differ to each and every of us. 

To be honest I am not a Fragrance Specialist myself. However, the knowledge that I gathered from the Chanel Coco Madoiselle recently really triggered my mind to share with you the beauty of fragrance discovery and how it would affect our everyday life.

The Right Perfume for me; Allure Sensuelle by Chanel. Image: Google

The Beauty of fragrances is very subjective. It can be mysterious, sensitive and secretive at the same time. This post is just to share my little thought of mind. I am in the midst of learning more about fragrance and I would definitely share with you Beautylicious my discovery in my next post. xoxo