Sunday, 3 August 2014

[Beautylicious Review] : Brow Lash Ex Mascara and Liquid Liner (2 in 1) by BCL

It was LOVE at the first time of usage. Thats' what I can say about this product. It is a Brow Lash Ex Mascara and Liquid Liner (2 in 1) by BCL.

Mascara is always a huge thing in cosmetic. It change your looks instantly. From SMALLER eyes to LARGER eyes. From TIMID look to the DRAMATIC look. Or from DECENT look to the WILD look. Create however looks you want and with the perfect mascara, you will know exactly what I was saying. Enough with the mumbling. Lets head straight to the product.

BCL or Beauty Creative Lab is a makeup brand from Japan. It is where the Beauty and Passion comes to Life. Based on the four famous makeup looks from four big cities in Japan, Harajuku, Akihabara, Shibuya and Yokohama, BCL has created few lines of products to created the desired looks.

Brow Lash Ex Mascara and Liquid Liner (2 in 1) by BCL.

This is one of the new product which recently launched in Malaysia market.  In this post I am not going to do a review on the liquid liner because I haven't use it yet. Instead, I am going to share with you my thought on the mascara. Just Because ---- I love it too much and I cannot wait to show you why.


I want to show you ma Beautylicious the result before I proceed to why owh why I love this product.

Tadaa ---

With Natural Light - can you see the HUGE difference?
Again - this time with Flash.

See mamma mia - my lashes appears longer, more voluminous and looks like I was wearing false lashes
My Verdict:

So, what element in this product that able to create such lashes?

1. I noticed the formula contain micro-fibres element that would enhance the volumn  and added length to the lashes. 
2. The design of it's wand that would also helps to create the curls and volumn while application
3. The formula was design for no clump despite for how many times of application. To achieve the look tht I showed above, I applied four times!! 
4. It is 24hr waterproof formulated proven!! It is an oil based cosmetic and hence to remove it you need an oil makeup remover.  
5. The right technique and ways how to apply the mascara would help to enhance the lashes as well.

Tips and Technique:

Recently, I attended BCL Workshop and I learnt new tips how to apply mascara that would enhance your lashes.

1. Curl your lashes - Usually I skip this step because I'm scared of eyelash curler.. 
2. Then brush your lashes inwards for 3 times. Then leave for 30 second.
3. Then only you brush the lashes outwards 
4. While brushing the lashes outward, try to create the curl.
5. And the result will be stunning!!!

To explain further, I found this diagram by and the steps by step how to apply is very easy to follow. 

Technique and ways how to create such volumn and thicker lashes. Photo Source: My Beauty Department

This product retails at RM69.90, you may purchase it at SASA or some of the Watson branch. For some of you, this product can be a bit pricey but considering this product is a 2 in 1 (mascara and liquid liner in one go) - I think this product is still affordable!. Well, the product can be bit pricey because it proven for its quality, right?  

This mascara is definitely will become one of my best companion for everyday look. As for the liquid liner - I will do the review about it soon.

Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo

Kiss me Kiss me Kiss Me Kiss Me - xoxo