Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Cellulite no more with the Face Factors

Hello Beautylicious. There are various ways to reduce fat and cellulite. At the age at 3 series I noticed dramatic changes to my body. I would like to be honest here that I am not that fabulous as I used too - Ouchh!..

Anyway put aside this age predicament as I have something more interesting to share with you!! The Face Factors has the "treatment" to eliminate this worry. Recently I was offered to try one of their best treatments called "Cryo Massage". This treatment is the latest technology in removing fat from your body.

Face Factors Clinic
The reception counter

The guest waiting lounge
How it works? Well it involves special massage that destroys your fat cells while you relax. Its like an alternative ways of removing fat from area of your body where sometimes exercise and diet may not give any results.

Me in treatment room - waiting for the treatment. 
I was attended by two lovely ladies called Ms. Mary and Ms. Joyce. I had myself measured to see the difference before and after treatment. For this treatment, two beauticians will attended to you to speed up the process. Mary would focus at my concerned area where the cellulite and fats need to be "treated" and Joyce gave me the relax massage at the other part of my body. The "Cryo Massage" techniques are more into pinching, rubbing, pushing and soothing the concerned area. I feel my skin was rolled like a cookie dough (if you can imagine how big my spare tyres there ~ OMG).  Of course before the treatment you can always advise your beautician the level of pain that you can bear. Guess what, the more pain you can bear, the better result you can see.  To be honest this was my first time to have two beauticians to gave me the massage at one time (p/s: I need to bear two pain points at the same time - Ouch!!).

Me was attended by Ms Mary and Joyce ~ feel like heaven!!
The product used for this treatment is originated from Spain. The lotion itself, once applied to the skin, would give you the cooling feeling sensation and after a while it will absorbs to skin and you would gradually feel the heat at the area. Well, its a good sign that the formula in the lotion is burning the fats. Well it's like a chemical reaction towards fat cells.

The product used for the Cryo Massage. 

This product smells like green apple - so yummy!!!
The overall process took around 1 hour and a half. The "Cryo Massage" itself was around 1 hour and after that your body will be wrapped into heat blanket to speed up the fat burning process. This process took around 30 minutes.

My body wrapped in heat blanket to speed-up the overall fat burning process

Are you ready to see the results? Well, I am so embarrass to show you the ugly truth of my body but sharing is caring, so why not!

First half massage only at the back area. My thigh (left: after the massage treatment, and right: before the massage treatment
See the difference? My right thigh appears more slimmer and muscular compared to the left. This result was after complete massage (back and front of the body)
I was totally amazed with the result. Although the whole process caused me some pain that I barely bear, but as you can see its totally works. Of course with few times treatment, the result would be more convincing.

The Face Factors is located at Block D3-G4-2, Publika. They can be contacted at 03-6205 3508. They also have few types of treatment that you may interested to try for, such as:-

Few treatments offered in this clinic

After you see the result aren't you excited to try it yourself. The treatment itself is worth at RM320++. However, they are having a promotion for first timer as it's now cost at RM150!!. Great bargain yeahhh for first trial!!!.

Give them a call and book your session today. Until we meet again in my next post. Xoxo