Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fashion Culture Brings the Greek Goddess in me

Ladies and accessories can never be separated. Accessories completes the look. It brings the colours and character to the plain the outfit. As for me, the type and design of the accessories that we wear represents the identity of ours. With my high interest towards fashion and beauty, I am so excited to share with you what I gathered from Fashion Culture.

What is Fashion Culture? It is a Fashion Box filled with "Theme" accessories and beauty products (either came in samples, deluxe or full sizes) specially curated by the FC Team!. Its a fashion surprise that came in a box!

Fashion Culture Box offers THREE uniquely different themes monthly in its fashion box subscription, where subscribers of the boxes will receive fashion and beauty items, specially curated by the FC Team. 

The boxes are sent out middle of every month and subscribers will receive them right at their doorstep. 

Fashion Culture offers an experience to remember with its tagline: "Look. Touch. Feel. And Experiment with Style".

I chosen the "Greek Goddess" theme and so excited to share with you whats in the box!

In the box consist of 3 main attractions as follows:-

1/ The Theme accessories

- The accessories found in the box is the  statement necklace, earrings and cuff. Perfect for Greek Goddess Theme!

The Greek Goddess accessories inspired

2/ The Beauty Products

i) Essence Black mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara - The fiber brush would covers every single hair with carbon black pigment for intense colour ad sensational volume.

Not 1 but 2 the Full Size of Black Mania Mascara - by Essence
Look how blackest the formula
ii) Kanebo Impress Cream Foundation - Experience a foundation with comforting texture just like skincare creams, that deliver luster and clarity over the surface. Contains skincare ingredients.
2 sets of samples - Kanebo Impress Powder Foundation

3/ The FC magazine

- Its a mini magazine filled with beauty advise, fashion scope and cover story.

For the July 2014, Fashion Culture featured 3 more theme for you to choose from:-

So are you ready to be the Rocker Queen or somebody who are in love story or special box for ramadhan month - the hijab box.

Get more info about Fashion Culture <here>

Are you ready to see how Fashion Culture turn me into the Greek Goddes?

Don't you think I look like a Greek princess that about to go to bed? lol 

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo