Monday, 23 June 2014

Raising Eyebrows with Benefit

Having perfect and raising eyebrows is every woman dream. Having your eyebrows trim and shape would frame your face and would gives some character to the face. That is why recently, Benefit Cosmetics all the way from Sans Francisco presenting Mr. Jared Bailey to shared with us the perfect way to shape the eyebrows!

Jared was giving us a guidance how to create a perfect raising eyebrows
Close-up view - Jared carefully showed us the perfect way to plot your eyebrows!
To achieve the perfect eyebrows is not that hard especially if you know the technique and ways how to create it. Benefit Cosmetics with their intelligence invented few products that would assist you to create the perfect raising eyebrows!

Products used by Benefit Cosmetics to create the Raising Brows!!!
First, of course you need to measure and plot the starting point of your eyebrows. By using the Benefit Brow Zings, you would start to plot the starting point of your eyebrows. Then plot the arch and finally the end of it.

For better illustration guide, look below:-
Use the Brow Zings to plot your brows - I started with wax

Take note, the closer your eyebrows to the middle, it will give you the sharper nose illusion.

This how it looks like after you done the plotting
Then start draw the outer part of the plot and filling in with the brow zings - the powder.  
Then to tamed the naughty hair with gimme brows. It helps to keep the hair in place.

This is my final look. What do you think?
Can you imagine, only with these two products, you are able to create amazing eyebrows yourself!! The guidance to create this amazing tutorial was taught by Jared Baileys all the way from Sans Francisco. He is the Benefit Cosmetics Brows Expert and he travels around the globe to share his knowledge on how to achieve amazing brows with Benefit! Thank you Jared!!.

With Jared after the makeover
Benefit products featured above available at the Benefit Beauty counter, Parkson and Sephora. The price list for above featured products as follows:-

Brows Zings: RM115 (available in 3 shades)
Gimme Brows: RM85 (available in 2 shades)

If you wanna try Benefit Brows Bar (the famous iconic beauty bar), the price list for wax service as follows:-

Eyebrows: RM55
Upper Lips: RM35

For more info and stores location you may check them <here>.

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo!