Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Revolutionary Artisan Brushes by MUFE

It took 7 years of research, hardship, endless discussions and development to build this technology. It has taken most of the Scientist and beauty consultant specialist time to combine all the ideas to produce not only 10, but 76 types (including Kabuki Brush which was in retail much earlier) of Revolutionary Artisan Brushes (RAB) all the way from Paris, exclusively by MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Recently I had in-situ experience with these brushes and I was so amazed how these brushes works. Make Up For Ever Malaysia flew in Ms Erika Saenz, the MUFE Regional Educational Manager all the way from Philippine to share with us the awesomeness of this brushes.

Ms. Erika Saenz shared with us the newly improved technology of the RAB 
What so special about this brushes? Why it took them 7 years to produce such? Well, the RAB was created in such way for perfections, define, durable and artistic at the same time. The bristles were made by varies type of engineered fibers to create almost perfect brushes not only closer to the natural hair, in fact better!! Can you imagine that each and every brushes were handcrafted and hence you would find that each and every type of these brushes is non identical to each other. Whichever brushes that you own is personalized and hence it would be only yours - truly.

Every RAB portion is divided into four sections:-

A.   Bristles
The bristles were made by Engineered Bi-Colour Fibers. They came in three types:-

1/ Straight – perfect for liquid product for better pick-up. Not only that, the application of the product is  more tense.

Straight type Bristles
2/ Wavy – perfect for powder, soft touch and subtle finish.

Wavy type bristles
3/ Straight & Wavy – this type of bristles is perfect to create either both of the above depending on the needs.

Combination of Straight & Wavy Bristles
To identify the types of bristle, it stated at the wood handle. Each and every line of fiber was planted into its ferrule according to its shape.

B.   The Gun Metal Ferrule

The gun metal ferrule was created to hold the bristles at its best. The grip was carefully done to avoid the bristles to loose. Then the bristle would last up to 10 years!! (i.e. disclaimer: this is depending how hardcore user you are) 

C.   The Dark Brown Wenge-Inspired Wood Handle

The brown handle wood is made by beech wood. It is a type of wood which is durable and also can stand with water damage and heat. The handle shape was created for a perfect hold. Gives you an extra control of the brush while applying the product on the surface.

D.   Beveled Tips

Slight angled tips at the end of the wood handle.  For multiple usage eg. you may use this angled tips to mix two different foundations shades, or you also can use it to pat your eye lashes.

To see how effective these brushes works on the products, she did a demo and made a comparison for the application between fingers and brushes. She also shared with us some tips the perfect ways to use the RAB.

The RAB is divided into 4 different codes and these codes represents it's unique usage for our face/body parts.

Code no 1XX - FACE Brushes
- These brushes designed for FACE. Consist of 7 different types for foundation, 8 types for Powder, 4 types for Concealer & 11 types for Blusher.

Code no at 2XX - EYES Brushes
- These brushes designed for eyes. Consist of 4 types for eyebrows/Eyelashes, 7 types for Eyeliner and 24 types for Eyeshadow.

Code no 3XX - LIPS Brushes
- These brushes designed for lips. Consist of 4 different types to choose from.

Code no 4XX - ARTISTIC Brushes
- These brushes consist of 8 different brushes for artistic effect. These unique brushes was designed and mainly use for body art/paint. The design of the bristles was created in a unique way to achieve desire effect on the body surface.

I asked Stanley (the former MUFE Educational Manager, Malaysia), why Dany created 76 brushes? Stanley said, "we human are unique and carry our own personality in our own way. Dany realised that and thus the 76 unique brushes were created in such way to cater everybody's need. In regardless whether you are in professional make-up line or just a normal user, for every part and inch of your body, there is a specific brush for it and all of this you can get at the  MAKE UP FOR EVER!"

The New Revolutionary Artisan Brushes available in all Sephora outlet in Malaysia. The price range varies from RM75 up to RM235 per piece depending on it's type and usage. You wont be able to view all brushes in Sephora i.e. Code 4XX. Sephora only carries selected brushes that use for domestic customer. However, if you are interested to view all 76 brushes, do check them at the MUFE Pro Boutique at Starhill Gallery, Level 2.

More info on the brushes do check them at www.makeupforever.com

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo