Saturday, 27 July 2013

Vanity Trove - Customize your beauty box at your fingertips!

Hola Beautylicious,

Have you ever felt frustrated when the items you received in your beauty box do not match with your beauty profile and your needs? There are at times, we receive Items differ from other subscribers and we feel not fair with how the beauty box provider arrange the products for us. Then, afraid no more as Vanity Trove has launched new smart system in personalized beauty box for us called “ALL NEW Customizable Vanity Trove!”

Vanity Trove would recommend few products which BEST SUITED for us based on our BEAUTY PROFILE and PREFERENCES. Then we are able to PICK AND CHOOSE up to 8 beauty samples from a very wide array of beauty samples selection. Then, we will receive this exciting Trove within 7 working days. Sounds fun right?

How it work? It is really simple. Just follow few steps below.

 Head on to: You will need to complete your Beauty Profile by answering few questions! 

Step 1 : Complete your Beauty Profile
We need to complete the beauty profiles so that Vanity Trove would able to choose the best sample products for us to choose from. 

Step 2 : Choose up to 8 items
Feel free to select up to 8 items for your own personalized Vanity Trove for RM50 only

Step 3: Receive the personalized trove arrange by yourself
The parcel will be delivered to your door step within 7 working days – Yeay!!

Step 4 : Enjoy discovering the beauty products which suits you best
Indulge the beauty products selected by you!

Apart from personalizing the beauty trove, Vanity Trove has more to share with us! Since that Vanity Trove has partnership with more than 100 beauty brands worldwide, they have more to offer for us. This exciting discovery can be seen in your Beauty Profile.

Have you ever eyeing on certain products and brand for so long but didn’t had a chance to try it yourself? Wait no more as you may now add them to the Wishlist, Like the Brand and the Product in your customized beauty profile and you may have the chance to unlock more samples. Then, you will be able to select these items when it released!! Sounds more exciting aren’t? 

Vanity Trove would love to know more on what we feel and how it works about the products that we have used. Do share them in the Beauty Table and Write a Review about it. Furthermore, Vanity Trove is also expanding their beauty community over 7 countries within one Beauty Social Network. Get in touch with other subscribers and share with them the latest reviews, brands, products and chat over beauty world!  

I have selected mine. Do not wait anymore. Head to and enjoy the beauty discovery at the end of your fingertips!

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo