Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Eat Spa Love - Getaway to The Lost World of Tambun with the Butterfly Project!

Dear Beautylicious. How are you guys doing? I know its been a while since my last post yaa.. Well, few things happened in my life few weeks ago and it really affects me in and out. So thank god I am now recovering and try to put everything on track. So, in this post I would love to share with you guys something exciting coming up in September 2013.

EAT SPA LOVE ~ Aren’t you tempted enough? Well, Butterfly Project is organizing a Blogger Getaway – to this marveleous place called The Lost World of Tambun, located in Ipoh Perak. OMG!! That’s so exciting. Basically, 30 bloggers will be invited for this getaway for 2 days (From 22 – 23 September 2013). The activities are:-

 The Getaway Project :

- 2-Hour ETS Gold Coach train ride to Ipoh from KL Sentral
- 2D1N stay in Exotic Room with Lunch, Dinner & Halal breakfast
- Entry to the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park
- Entry to the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa by Night

Wow!!!! But first, the usual ritual I need to list down my reason as why, why and why I need this getaway. Before I proceed further, I would like to congrats Butterfly Project SWAT team who managed to convinced Sunway Corporation Group and arrange this GETAWAY to The Lost World of Tambun for their butterflies. Wow – this is a big opportunity for us blogger. Should not put aside!!! Butterfly SWAT TEAM ROCK!!!

      Now, Why I need this outing? Here are my reasons :-)  

     I need a vacation – OMG I seriously need a break in my life. After what happened to me in few weeks back, yup I really need this!!! I wanna enjoy to the fullest with my butterfly colleagues. If I am selected to this outing, this will be my second outing with Butterfly members. I would love to know and mingle more with the Butterflies!!! It is fun to gossip, chatting and sharing with Butterflies who speak in same language. Absolutely!!! Chat more about Beauty Stuff, more Beauty Stuff, Spa etc etc... Furthermore I just got to know that my 6 months advance Krabi plan in coming October is now cancelled. Huhuhu... Thats hurt and my flight ticket burn - totally!!! so sad.. =,( 

2.    I never ride on a ETS train before – Yup that’s rite! I never take a ETS train before. So if I am selected, I got a chance to travel with Electrical Train Services (i.e. ETS) train. Do you know that ever since the double railway tracks were completed sometime in 2012, the ETS train was put in operation for traveler from KL – Ipoh. With the top speed of 156kmh, the journey from KL – Ipoh is only about 2 Hrs (for express service). Wow!! Awesome Possum!!

ETS Train
Spacious Coach. Wow!! - every coach equipped with monitor for passengers to enjoy watching movie during the 2 hrs journey

 3.   Ipoh, Perak (a must place to visit) “Ipoh mali, Ipoh, Ipoh Mali”. I knew this song sounds familiar eii? For those who originated from Ipoh definitely know this song. Ipoh is not only a heritage attraction place. It is also a food heaven. Have u heard of Nasi Ganja? OMG – that’s seriously addictive. Nasi Ganja basically is like a “Nasi Kandar” type. But its addictive and Yummy!!!

The famous Nasi Ganja Ipoh

As you are aware, most of the hills around Ipoh are surrounded by limestones hills. So, one of the main Ipoh attraction is Limestone Cave Temple. The Temple is located inside the cave. Inside you may gather few unique shapes of mineral forms known as stalagmites and stalactites. The growing stalactites and stalagmites meet each other and form solid pillars inside the cave. Furthermore the presence of impurities gives colours to it and forms such unique arts for us to appreciate. 

4.     The Lost World of Tambun – Yezzaa!!! The main attraction is here!!! Save it for the last. This place has more to offer and yes it’s a must place to go if you travel to Ipoh. It’s a place to chill with your family and friends, far from your KL hectic life. I have heard about this place sometimes ago but never have the chance to go. The Lost World of Tambun is more than a theme park. It consist of Theme Park (with few selections of activities to choose from), Hotel and Spa and actually is a branch of Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, it’s the first water theme park in Ipoh!.  

The Lost World of Tambun attracted their visitors with more selections of theme park, hotspring/spa, and more!

The Main Entrance of The Lost World of Tambun
     This place located at Sunway City Ipoh (at the hills of the limestone hills).

The map how to get to The Lost World of Tambun

OMG - Look how big the place is. I believe 1 day is not enough to explore this place. =)

 These are the main attraction here (which I yearning for!!!):-

i. The Lost World Water Park & Amusement Park - With more than 10 parks to play and explore!!.
OMG - look at these few layers 0f tube raiders - so adventurous!!! This is the longest tube riders in malaysia. with 4 different slides to choose frpom - Its a total family attraction!! I wanna play this so badly!
OMG - I cant wait to try the fun and excitement here at their Amusement Park & Water Park!

ii. The Lost World Hot Spring & Spa - This is my favourite!! I love Hotspring & Spa - I want to chill and relax to the MAX here if I got the chance to join this GETAWAY =) Below are the places that attracts me and I really wanna try out!.
Crystal Pool - specially designed with crystal tiles that glimmers reflecting the sunlight by day and by night the Crystal Pool will be bathed in colorful lights which would make a dip in this pool interesting and relaxing. I would love to try this!
The Main Hotspring - Who would not love having your chillax time at its hotspring. This is totally like heaven!
The Lost World Steam Cave is great because it acts as a sauna, promoting detoxification leaving the skin clean and refreshed, whilst encourages blood circulation. This is de-stress best medicine! =)
The Foot Spa is a unique pool of reflexology pebbles fitted to the floor. Wow - another must try place to go! Its time for Foot therapy baby..  

Well Beautylicious, I have listed above as why I really need this getaway. Look at the selections above. What not to love yeah?.. For further info you may refer to the following link below:-

1. The lost World of Tambun - http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/
2. KTMB ETS Train - http://www.ktmb.com.my/

Ok Beautylicious, please pray for me so that the SWAT Team and Sunway Corporation would consider me to join this GETAWAY.. finger cross.. =) until we meet again in next post! xoxo

Disclaimer: All the photos were taken from google image, The Lost World of Tambun Website, and The Butterfly Project facebook page. Do stalk them for further info. =)