Saturday, 24 August 2013

Vanity Trove - My customized trove

Dear Beautylicious, in my earlier post I did mentioned about the new Customizable Trove designed by Vanity Trove. I ordered mine last few weeks and surprisingly my parcel came within 3 days and that was super fast. (Thank you to Taqbin and Vanity Trove for the excellent service!!!). 
Vanity Trove sturdy box - Love!
 Well, without further due let’s move to the items I selected for my personal Customized Trove.

 1. CLARINS White Plus - Intensive Brightening Serum – 5 sachets
CLARINS - White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum
Why I selected this product: CLARINS, a well known Skin Care brand originated from Paris and was founded by Jacques Courtin Clarins in 1954. CLARINS is well known for their expertise in producing Skin Care extracting from more than 250 key plant with active ingredients. Last month, I was so keen to try CLARINS Shaping Facial Lift – Lipo-drain serum and has been using it for 1 month. So far, I’ve seen amazing result and I will share with you guys my experience about this product (I wanna use this product for another few weeks). So when I saw this CLARINS White Plus - Intensive Brightening Serum in my Trove sample selections, I can’t resist myself of getting it for myself. Perhaps with combination these two serum, the result is more visible? CLARINS White Plus - Intensive Brightening Serum is design for a flawless complexion and skin that glow with a youthful radiance.
2. ASTALIFT Whitening Lotion (35ml)
ASTALIFT Anti-Ageing Whitening Lotion

Why I selected this product: ASTALIFT is originated from Japan and it derives from two words "ASTA" in Japanese means "Tomorrow" and "LIFT" which refers to "Uplift" of one inner emotions. Created by FUJIFILM, ASTALIFT is an award-winning brand that offers carefully-researched skincare and supplement products with proven efficacy. ASTALIFT skincare range is varies and more focusing at "Anti-Ageing". ASTALIFT Whitening Lotion is from Anti-Ageing Whitening Care Range. Won the MAQUIA Award as the most voted whitening lotion in 2011, I am so determined to give this product a try. 



3. Heaven on Earth Essential Oil – Lavender (1.5ml)

Lavender Pure Essential Oil by Heaven on Earth
Why I selected this product: The usage of "Aromatheraphy" method has started  since 5,000 years ago. Our ancestors (The Egyptions, Chinese, Indians and Greeks) were already using the ingredients from nature to make their own herbal mixture to be used in their drug treatment, cosmetic beauty, health remedies, massage and religious ceremony rituals. Today, the Essential Oils that we see in market has develop and undergo few process and researches to cater our daily usage. Knowing for its various benefit, Heaven On Earth, founded by Miss H. B. Ho, decided to meet these demands by developing selections of pure essential oils associates with our daily needs. Heaven on Earth believes that aromatherapy is a more natural and complementary alternative to modern drugs frequently prescribed by most hospitals, hospices & clinics today. LAVENDER (Lavandula Augustifolia) essential oil is specially used for:-
- Promote Sleep
- Reduce Aches
- Reduce Anxiety
- Balanced & Tone Skin
- Soothes Insect bites

Skin Lab – Goat Milk soap (Full size)
Goat Milk Soap by Tilley - Skinlab
Why I selected this product: When I read Fiona Street-Love blog post about the benefit of Goat Milk Soap by Tilley - Skin Lab, I cannot resist myself to select this product and wanted to try this soap. Since that I have a dull, dark, uneven skin tone and dry skin, I think this is the best moment to see the result out of it. Furthermore it came in full size, so it can last more than month. I love it scent. its rich and heavily milk scented. 

Source: Vanity Trove
Liss Ultime L’Oreal Shampoo & Lliss Ultime L’Oreal Hair Mask (100ml & 75ml respectively)
L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Range

Why I selected this product: I love this hair range from L’Oreal. I love its scene and how it turned my hair to be softer and manageable. These are totally my favourite hair shampoo and masque thus far. With the quantity of 100ml and 75ml respectively, I can use them for 5 times. For me, although Its trial size, but Its totally worth the value. 

Further info about Liss Ultime L’Oreal Shampoo:-
Source: Vanity Trove
Further info about Lliss Ultime L’Oreal Hair Masque:-
Source: Vanity Trove

So Beautylicious, have you customize your Trove yet? You might find some products that you have been eyeing for quite sometimes. Do not wait any further. Head your fingers to and have your customizable Trove delivered to your door step. Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo