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Bag Of Love - NUXE Special Bag - Worth every penny!

Dear Beautylicious, are you hunger for new post? You love something luxury yet nature to be pampered with? Alright, delay no further as in this post I would like to share with you guys what I received in my BagOfLove NUXE Special Edition. Mimi mentioned that this Bag is a limited edition bag with all full size products and total retails at RM544.00. However, big thank you to BagOfLove with her special collaboration with NUXE, this special edition bag is only cost at RM199.90 and there were only 35 units available. As usual I cannot resist of not getting one for myself and let’s move to the content inside this bag.

BagOfLove NUXE Special Edition
The Nuxe Special Edition BagOfLove came in white colour with quilted design. The bag measured approx 25cm long x 10cm width x 15cm tall. It’s roomy and looks more like a travel size make-up bag and come with mirror embedded inside with Nuxe logo on top. It looks so exclusive tho!

As mentioned earlier, all Items featured in this bag are full size products and they are:-

All the full size products featured in this bag.
Welcome note with product description
Little bit introduction about NUXE. NUXE are actually one of the premium brand originated in Paris and was founded by Aliza Jabes' in 1989. The brand of NUXE is a combination of "N" from Nature and "uxe" mean Luxury in french. The whole story began when Aliza purchased a laboratory due to her passion thru aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Aliza Jabes' is passionate with the infinite power of plants thru her father taught, a research pharmacist. She remembered and was guided by 5 basic beauty truth which are:-
  • Nature as my inspiration. As an inexhaustible source of effectiveness and creativity, it is key to my vision of cosmetics.
  • Innovation as a motor. Since its creation, NUXE has had its very own R&D laboratory. Today, there are 32 patents in submission and others are being studied.
  • Evaluation as standard. A product is only launched if its safety and effectiveness are proven through rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.
  • Accessibility as a major focus. The most effective treatments are not always the most expensive. I therefore strive to offer consumers high-performance products at the right price.
  • Sensoriality as a foundation. In order to blend effectiveness and regularity of use, I am very conscious of creating delightful textures, delicate fragrances and enchanting names.
With that, NUXE has become the natural origin cosmetology brand that combines performance and pleasure.

Today, the Laboratoire NUXE is the no.3 skin cosmetics* brand in pharmacies and parapharmacies.
It has more than 5,000 points of sale in France and is distributed in 58 countries throughout the world. NUXE has become an incontrovertible brand.

That's little bit introduction about NUXE. Lets move to each and every product featured shall we?

       Refreshing Moisturing Mist, 100ml, retails at RM60
"A light and fine mist that soothes, softhens and moisturises with instanly fresh sensation. Ideal for setting make-up" 
Direction: Hold product 40 cm (12" - 16") away from face, close eyes and spray evenly.

      Micellar Cleansing Water, 200ml, Retails at RM88
"Removes make-up and cleanses in a single step". 
Direction: Apply with cotton pad. No need to rinse
      24 Hrs Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask, 50ml, Retails at RM108
"A Source of well-being and instant freshness, this mask quenches the thirst of the driest skin types (8 plant Milks, Aloe Vera Sap, Salicornia). Enriched with Almond and Orange White Flowers. It intensely soothes the skin for an immediate "SOS rescue" effect on skin discomfort"
Direction: Leave on the face and eye contour area for 10 minutes, then gently massage any excess product in with fingertips .

      Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Usage Dry Oil, 100ml, RM148
"Nourishes, Repairs, Softhens with 6 precious Oils and vitamin E - Face, body, hair. A unique and cult product, Huile Prodigieuse® was the first multi-usage dry oil in the French pharmacy market. With 98.1% ingredients of its natural origin, it works to nourish, repair and soften the face, body and hair"

 Direction: Spray and apply to face, body and hair - which ever preferable part of yours!
      Reve De Miel Ultra Comfortable Body Cream, 200ml, Retails at RM140 
"Lipid-Replenishes. Soothes, Repairs with Honey, Sunflower and Plant Oils"
Direction: Pump and apply to your preferred part of your skin
      My verdict about this Bag

     Overall I am very excited and still learning about the products featured. Since that most of the products can be categorised as "basic" needs, hence the user is not limited to age range and skin type. When I checked further I noticed that this range is design for Sensitive and Dry Skin. However, with its nature content with no paraben and artificial/chemical ingredients, it should works well to all skin type.

      My favourite product from this Bag

The most interesting products that catch my interest is the Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Usage Dry Oil. With the spray type applicator, the dream of having soft and soothes skin, shining hair and hydrated face is no longer a fantasy. I read a lot of positive reviews about this oil and can’t wait to have myself transformed with it. I did received the sample size earlier in the lilac box (2nd box) but the tips of the bottle is too small and not so friendly user. But since that it’s only about 10ml it is convenient for me to dump it in my purse and carry around.

Another product that catches my eyes is the Micellar Cleansing Water. When I read the direction instruction, I was bit confused. To gather further info, I contacted Mimi and she explained that this cleanser works well without water. This product was design for French as sometimes they do not use water to cleanse their face because its too cold. Yup - I experienced it. Without heater, the water is too cold like ice water! However, Mimi advised me to cleanse again with normal cleanser after use this product as our humid "hot and cold" weather require us to be more consistent to take good care of our precious face!

Refer to the link below if you would love to know more about BagOfLove and NUXE:-


Well Beautylicious, what do you think about this bag? Do share your thought in the comment section down below.  Until we meet again in my next post. Xoxo

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The bag was personally purchased by myself and my review would not affect my judgements on the products featured.