Thursday, 27 June 2013

"Bloggers Massage Party" at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care - by Butterfly Project's

Hello Beautylicious!

Butterfly Project's is organising a "Bloggers Massage Party" at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care. This Party will be held on 6th July. Wow!! I love Body Massage. I love to be treated like a king or queen (king sounds impossible rite?). Anyway, I would love to participate the programme. I hope I can be part of the family. 

So, in order for me to join the PARTY, I need to share with you guys why why why and why we need a massage.

Body Care - Do you love to get your body “pampered”? The trends of having a Body Massage and Spa are no longer a “luxurious” activity. Nowadays people tends to do it as part for healthy lifestyle. Since that it will give benefits to our body inside out, there are so many types of body massage and spa in market to choose from.This is one way to care and love our skin and body that we looove so much!!. I love to get my body scrub to remove dirt and dead skin. I hate cellulite and I would love to have a great body. Lol. So by receiving these treatments, its a way to care our body and have a bodylicious. Yum Yum..

    Relaxation physically – Do you ever feel your body numb and bit heavy to perform duty at work? Have you ever encounter tiredness and sleepy although you sleep early night before. These are some of the symptom that your body need to be treated and massaged. Well, we need body massage to relax our muscle. It has suffered with excessive amino acid which caused stiff and strains from our hectic working life. Little bit of strokes at shoulder and head would reduce the pain and release the stiffness of the muscles there. Body massage is one way to relax the muscle, to loose it up and make it more ready for further activities. Due to our hectic life at work, sometime we have not enough time for some exercise. So by having a body massage, it is part of way to train our muscle.

     Relaxation mentally - After being pressured at work, it is best to treat your body sometimes with body massage or spa. The aromatherapy scent would relax your mind and body. This is the best time to escape from our daily life. Feel great when been treated like a queen. Not only that, some massage place would treat you with the aroma from flower tea. This aroma would relax your mind too. It appears that the aromas from different types of flower would treat some illness. The greatest of Aromatherapy effect!!!

    Maintain Health/To Cure Illness - Instead of depending on medications/drugs to treat some illness, there are also so called medical spas which are not new in market. Boasting Acupuncture, Cupping or "berbekam" and Ayurveda are some of the example of medical spa treatments. The method of these traditional treatments has been upgraded to customise with our lifestyle.

     Well babes, that part of the reasons (which I can think of now) as why we need a massage. I hope Butterfly Project Committee would consider to choose me. Until we meet again in my next post.

     Stay Beautylicious Babes, xoxo