Monday, 8 September 2014

[Beautylicious Review]: Mary Quant Smoo Make Cake Powder

This will be my 3rd review of Mary Quant product. In this post I am going to talk more on the Mary Quant Smoo Make Foundation Powder.

This a powder foundation that would gives you a smooth and velvety finishing. I made my first encounter with the product when I went for Mary Quant workshop few months back and I am totally in love with it. I feel so blessed to be able to have in-situ approach to this product again.

There are about 8 shades to choose from. This is perfect for us as normally in Asia, (with multi-racial and skin colours) it is crucial to find the right shades for you. 

Product swatches with my finger

The natural shades is about 1 shades lighter than my original skin tone
The shades that I use for review is in shades 40 - Natural. As you can see the shades is a bit lighter from my original skin tone. But trust me that the shades would eventually blend to my original skin tone after it blend with natural oil from your skin.

The Smoo Make Foundation Powder and its casing
When applying a face powder, I prefer to use brush as a applicator. The coverage is more smooth, light yet flawless!! See how it absorb the oil from the face!!
I prefer to use face brushes when apply my face powder
However, if you are looking for a better result, apply this product by using the "Mary Quant Smoo Puff" or "Mary Quant Smoo Puff (L)" for a impeccable finishing. This tool is sell separately for RM15.00 and RM24.00 respectively 

Mary Quant Smoo Puff

Mary Quant Smoo Puff (L)

The powder is sell separately without the container. The Face Compact can be purchased separately for RM49.00. The face compact is design for reusable usage where you can store your Mary Quant eyeshadows or blusher for easy touch up. The container is cute and perfect to store in your clutch!.

Mary Quant Face Compact - Look at the cute Daisy design!!!


As I mentioned earlier, the application with brushes would give lighter coverage to the face. I love how light the texture of the product and yet gives you a flawless and natural finish.

Final look - can you see how smooth and flawless my face look?
So what do you think with the finishing product? I am seriously love how this product rocks! Retails at RM108.00 this product is available at The Muse Watson at Sunway Pyramid.

Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo