Friday, 8 November 2013

ALOHA ~ with Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project!!!

Hello Beautylicious!!! In this post I am going to share with you why I wanna go to the Luou Party with Kinohimitsu and the Butterflies Project?!!

1/ I wanna stay Pretty, Fabulous, Beautylicious and Healthy with Kinohimitsu!!! This health and beauty award winning brand is an awesome brand originally from Japan and they want us to have freedom to live. How? From Beauty, Healthy and Detox – with these 3 simple ways, we can achieve better in our life. Stay Beautylicious, Keep life healthy without toxin in our body by detox it!!!
2/ Its Year-end Butterflies Party!!! ~ Yoohoo!!!  Who would want to miss this!!! I gathered that this PARTY is going to be their year-end project as there will be no outing event in December. I joined them sometimes ago in June this year and I love to be part of this community. They gave me chances to attend events from high and low street. From them I develop my confidence, my knowledge, and I make friends more than I ever imagine!!! I love how this community keep us growing – “from cute and tiny Caterpillar into the Beautiful Blooming Butterflies!!!” I am flying up high!!!!!
3/ Its Luou Party!!!.. OMG – I love the theme!!! I never been to any Hawaiian Party neither Hawaii Island so I am so into this party!!! I am going to find all the materials needed and I’m going to dress-to-kill for this party!!! Bring it on Baby!!! =)
What I am going to wear to this party? Well, I went Google to get some ideas and I love the sea shell bra.. Have u watch Lady Gaga “Applause” video clip? She patched her bom-bom with large sea shell!!! It’s so damn sexy weii.. Anyway – should I wear like that too? Hahahaha… Do comment and share your thought in the comment section down below.

I wan her sea shell bra - Image: google

I really hope I’ll get selected to this Party. After all, it’s a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!! Who would want to miss that!!! I seriously can’t wait!!! Until we meet again in my next post Beautylicious.. Stay Pretty and Fabulous and keep hula hula….. xoxo

 "Hula ~ Hula ~ Hula OoooOooOOOoo Luou OOoOooOOo Luou"