Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My Travel Diary ~ The Lost World of Tambun [Part 3] - Hot Spring & Spa

Hola Beautylicious - we meet again. Now we already at my Final Post for my Travel Diary - The Lost World of Tambun. In this post I am going to continue my story what we had that night, i.e. The Lost World Hot Spring & Spa...

Drum rolls..... Well, this post going to be long too.. so keep reading till the end yeahh...

After experienced the The Lost World of Tambun at day time, its time to experience at night time. Since that The Water Park and Amusement Park close at 6.00 pm, the Hot Spring & Spa still open until 11.00 pm. It is recommended to go Hot Springg at night as it can be little bit hotter during day time. (each pool temperature is about 40 degree!!)

After reached at our hotel room, we got ourself ready for the night session - Hot Spring & Spa and also Dinner... I had myself ready with this cute bikini top from Cotton on. So flowery and so summer alike!! Then cover it with my leopard printed scarf - feel more mother nature.. 

I am so ready to rock Hot Spring & Spa session!!!
We walked to the Hot Spring & Spa entrance. The entrance is located little bit further to left (adjacent to the open) and not at the main entrance. We reached at the entrance and were welcomed by colourful lights.

The main entrance

The walkway - covered with roof heading to the lost world hotspring spa
Welcome Note for us
For Hot Spring & Spa we were given with pink tag.
We reached at the main dinner hall. We noticed few beauty booth are ready for us to experience ourself. These beauty booth provided by the Cristal Spa. We decided to have our dinner first before experience ourself the greatest of the Cristal Spa touch.

The Dining Hall - Our dinner was provided by designated chef of The Lost World of Tambun

Part of the menus of the day ~ looks delicious right?.. yummy...

We keep eating - nom nom nom...
9.30 pm
After we had our dinner we went thru all the beauty booth prepared for us by Cristal Spa. Cristal Spa is a place to experience true indulgence with its stress-easing pampering with warm welcome ambience and calming music at nominal charge. Their massage hut; Sapphire, Topaz or Amethyst would excite us to encounter a new state of mind. We can choose few range of treatments i.e. Aromatheraphy Massage, Traditional Malay Massage or Head & Shoulder Massage for relaxing and wellbeing.

Cristal Spa at Hot Spring & Spa
Indulge and experience the choice of your treatment at their private massage hut - exclusive for you!
We had our chance try the Head & Shoulder Massage - So relaxing!!! owhh lala...
Beside massage, we also tried ourself the Coffee Body Scrub. I love coffee for drink but to indulge it with my body its more tempting!! It smells great!!

From left: Coffee Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Coffee Mask
First, the beauty assistance scrub my arm with Coffee Dead Sea Salt. After that she clean my arms and proceed with the Coffee Mask. She leave it until it dried for 15 minutes.
Applied the Coffee Mask after scrub.
The result: My right hands appears more brighter than my left arm. Not only that, my skin feels more soft and smells coffee... I wish I can apply this to my whole body!!! I have to come here again in future and have this treatment!!

There are Fortune Telling Booth too. I had my chance confronted the lady and she gave me lots of advise. My Fortune?? I rather keep it as a secret.....
While having these treatment, we were entertained by the Akapella band.  They are very talented and entertaining. Just request any songs and they will play for you. I can't stop dancing when they performed bara-bara, gangnam style, hindi song all with Akapella way. Its very energetic weii!! 

The Akapella Band

10.00 pm
After tried all the beauty booth, we decided to try the Hot Spring pool. There are few pools inside the perimeter covering the area of 80,000 sq ft of The Lost World of Tambun vicinity. We were told that Cristal Pool was dedicated for our usage.

That night we shoo all the unrelated guest who entered this perimeter - hahahahaha
Each Hot Spring pool is about 40 degrees. We camwhore by the Cristal pool - well we tried our best to keep our stomach from protruding!!! hahahaha
Time for us to play inside the water. From left; Me, Laura, Kay, Nala and Sabrina
Had the hot water splashed behind my back - feel like heaven!!!
In here, there are few pools to choose from. With its naturally heated water filled with mineral-rich, we had our journey into:-

1/ Infinity Pool - This pool can accomodate up to 300 patrons at one time! There are bar counter nearby where you can order your favourite drinks while having your relaxing time inside water too!

The Infinity Pool. Image: TLWT

2/ Lost World Steam Cave - This place is one of the main attraction here. It provides a rejuvenating natural steam bath. Caution: Do not stay inside there more than 5 minutes!!!

The Steam Cave. Image: TLWT
3/ Foot Spa - Lets pamper your feet with thousands pebbles along the path which came in different shapes and sizes would give your feet a great workout!! The hot water would sooth your pain away!!

Foot Spa. Image: TLWT

4/ Top of the World Pool - This pool located at the most top of The World of Tambun. Well, thats how its name derived. This Jacuzzi pool is the place for you to indulge your body in the steamy water tub with pulsating jets. It provides hydrotherapy massage for your muscles and joints to help away your stress, aches and pains.

Top of the World Pool. Image: TLWT

5/ The Geyser of Tambun - This is thermal hot springs water eruption. It erupt every hour to the height of 40 feet with its dramatic lighting and sound effects!! Woah!!

The Geyser. Image: TLWT

6/ Cristal Pool - This is the great place to relax, recharge, rest and witness the true beauty of the crystal tiles and its light-refracting qualities. The pool water would change its colour follow the colour of light when it change. Thanks to the crystal tiles reflection effect!

The colour of the pool tends to change its colour due to the colour light change. The beauty of the crystal tile effect.
7/ Sapphira's Lair - This place is a great place to spend with the family and friends. From this pool, you will be entertained by the Akapella Band - exclusively for your eyes. The absolute place to chill and relax and the same time enjoy the sounds of Akapella music.

The Saphira's Lair. Image: TLWT

8/ Saphira's Baby Pool - This place is an extension for the Saphira's Lair to provide safe play environment for infant and toddlers.

Sappira's Baby Pool. Image: TLWT

The Lost World Hot Spring and Spa close at 11.00 pm. Of course due to time constrain I was not able to experienced the whole pools. However, if I were given a chance, I definitely would come back and try all the facilities provided. I would feel close to mother nature and it would helps to keep my body healthy too!!

After we tried most of the pool, we went back to the dining hall. We actually quite hungry after played the hot pool. We had our chance talked and mingle with the The Lost World of Tambun representative.

12.00 pm
We went back to the hotel room and had pillow fight that night... hahahahaha...

Well Beautylicious, what do you think about my journey in The Lost of World Tambun?.. I hope  it excite you as how it excited me when I was there.. This place is way beyond my imagination. To be honest I was never a fan of water theme park. However, after I experienced myself this great place, it has change the way how I look at it. This is the suitable place for you and family or friends for chill, relax, hangout, and enjoy the holiday.

If you need further info about this place, do check them out <here>.
Most of the photos here were taken from The Butterfly Project Community. Thank you to Henry Lee, Our Photographer of that day. Do support and like their page <here>

I would like to say million thanks to The Butterfly Project Community for giving me the opportunity to be part of the program. Without your consideration, I wont be the blooming Butterfly today.

Besides, million thanks to The Lost World of Tambun Community and Representatives who welcome us and provide us all the materials and info for us to include in our blog. It was a great experience ever...

For the rest of Butterflies whom were together with me in this journey, I love you all. We are like a BIG family now and I really appreciate your kind helps, friendliness and hospitality. Muahhh... 

I bought this kitty statue for myself. =)
Alright Beautylicious, sorry if I am bit emotional here.. hahahaha... Its suppose too be a fun post. I had a great experience there and its time for you to have yours too!!! Until we meet again in my next post. xoxo