Monday, 4 November 2013

My Travel Diary ~ The Lost World of Tambun [part 2] - The Lost World Hotel

Hola Beautylicious!! Are you ready for Part 2?

In this post, I am going to continue my story from Part 1 in my earlier post. In this post it will be about The Lost World Hotel!! Wallaaa...

After the Treasure Hunt activity we walked out from the main entrance of The Lost World of Tambun and headed to The Lost World Hotel. OMG.. I was covered with sweat and smell stink.. Well you can imagine how sticky and slimy I feel that day.

The hotel itself and the main entrance of The Lost World of Tambun is only about 5 minutes walk - well depending on foot attire u wear. I was wearing a sneaker that day so I tends to walked little bit faster. I was too tired running around was longed for shower!!    

After we reached, we queued for registrations! Each of us were allocated a shared room of two.  Can you guess who is my roomate? =)

At the registration counter

Woah ~ Ami took her best post!! =)
After we gathered our room keys, we walked to the 3rd floor and went to the designated room!! Thanks to the Kitty Love Magical Power ~ apparently me and Kay were roomies!!!

Me and gojes Kay - We are roomies
We went inside the room and we were so excited with the decorations and facilities provided!!!

We were allocated for a Double Single Bed Room

In a bathroom - Big mirror for us ladies to play dress up

Eh!! Apparently we were inside connecting room - guess who at the next door???
Well, me and Kay wish for more magical power from the Kitty Love and we were given connecting room. Who's the girls next door?.. Its Laura and Nala... Woahh!!!

The toiletries!!!

List of toiletries provided - perfect!!!
the wardrobe - occupied with safe and robe for you to utilise

I booked my bed d.. Do I look like a model ere? hahahaha ~ soo tired

After went thru all the items inside the room, we immediately change to swimsuit and were excited to had our own time experience the Water Park!!!

Blue tag - entry for The Lost World Water Park
Well Beautylicious, what do you think about the accommodation provided by this Hotel?.. really cool huh?.. 

Fred not. The lost of World Hotel is having *60% - 65%  off to the following guest:-

1/ HSBC - up to 60% off
2/ Maybank Card - up to 60% off
3/ MBF Card - up to 60% off
4/ Citibank Card - up to 65% off

*Terms and condition apply

For more info do check them out <here>

After we change to our swimsuit, we headed to the Water Theme Park and had our chance to experience ourself the excitement...  However since that the water park close at 6, we were unable to rent the float.. huhuhu... so we ended up floating (cuz I do not know how to swim) at the Jungle Wave Pool and play water slides at children pool... hahahaha... yet we still had fun tho...

Then we headed back to our hotel room and got ourself ready for the Hot Spring & Spa session... nyum nyum.... read more at Part III - my Travel diary... 

Well Beautylicious, until we meet again in my next post.. xoxo