Monday, 20 January 2014

Akiyo Jewelry: Create your story with Akiyo like never before

Hola Beautylicious. Women can never have enough with accessories. It can complete your look and would also add more spice to your whole appearance. Akiyo Jewelry would never fail to give the best options when comes to accessories.

Akiyo are well known for its beautiful charm bracelet piece. Every piece comes with its own story. Akiyo is invited us to curated our own bracelet and create our own story with it. Last month I was invited by Akiyo Jewelry with collaboration with The Butterfly Project to attend their newly launch Pearl Bracelet range. Thank you the Butterfly Project SWAT Team!!!

Source: Akiyo

     Akiyo, which means “Bright, Clear, Sparkle”, is created to bring everyone a unique & meaningful     jewelry that celebrating every special moment of your LIFE. Our Signature symbol, The Four-            Leaf Clover, each leaf represents a meaning of LIFE: Faith, Hope, Love & Luck. 

    AKIYO’s collection is inspired by the Europe & Japan continent accessories design idea, unifies           with the life concept way, experience joyful, interesting, happy and unique esthetic interest. At the       same time, the brand also can transmit in well love and the friendship shares all joy. Akiyo                  bringing a whole new experience in jewelry, delicate and sleek looks that are functional, practical 
   and well made.

For decades, the beauty of Pearl Jewelry never fade. It's are synonym with sentiment value, status and pride. All this while, Pearls with its beauty of its own designed for its characteristic to be shown. Nowadays, Pearls Jewelry designs are no limit. It can be mix and match with other gems or element to create more individualistic appearance to its owner.

Source: Akiyo

In Akiyo Jewelry, the designer would always find ways to create Pearls piece with some additional characteristic in their design. Their design are unique and fun. With their contemporary design, addition of swarovski element and charms, it would also bring pearls jewelry to another level. Their focus are not limited to mature lady only, It is also would attract teenagers.

Source: Akiyo

Source: Akiyo

The pearls used for Akiyo Jewelry are freshwater pearls and they are carefully cultured and selected for its best grade. It explains how beautiful each and every pearls used for their design. There are about three colours of selection which are lavender (beautiful light purple) , peach or pink and white colour. It is easier to wear as it designed to fit most of Asian's wrist. With stretch band, it is much easier to wear especially for those who are always on the go.

Pearl Jewelry in Akiyo is retail at a range from RM75 to RM220 depending on design which are affordable. Not only that, the bracelets can be customize depending on your wrist size. 

When I was at the event, I had in-situ approach with some of the design displayed. I totally love the selections and could not have enough of them. Here are some of the photos at the event.

Akiyo Jewelry Best Seller range - Charm Bracelets with its variety to choose from.
Selections of charms to choose from!! 

Akiyo Pearls Jewelry range - They are extremely cute right? The charms adding more personal touch to it.
Few selections of bracelet from pearls and gemstone range.

Few of pearls jewelry design at Akiyo

More of Pearl Jewelry Design

Pearls necklaces

Few of Bracelet design 

Few of Bracelet designs with cuter charms

Necklace with Gemstones.

acrylic beads design - made into neclaces. 
Such a cute and fun bracelet design from acrylic beads

Selections of necklaces with pearls pendant

Mandy introducing us their best seller chain bracelet.
Each and every Akiyo collection comes with Jewelry pouch that would prevent it from tarnish.

Selections of our first charm with Akiyo

Me with the Akiyo founder, Mandy

Me with fellow Bloggers friend at the Akiyo Event. 
Well Beautylicious. What do you think about the bracelet selections? Check more about them <here>They are now available at the following stores.  

Retail Shops:
1. Mid Valley - Robinsons G flr
2. No. 24M(1st Floor,Jln SS21/39,Damansara Uptown PJ
3. 3rd Flr,Fahrenheit 88 Bukit Bintang

Whatcha waiting for? head to the stores and have a great in-situ experience with them. You might create your own story with Akiyo. Until we meet again in my next post! xoxo